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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. In all my long years of beinga Sunni, before I saw the light of Islam and started following Ahlyl bayt, I never once ever heard a Sunni say Ali Madad
  2. This is of course an excellent point! Some people save money their entire lives and sell everything they have to make hajj MashaAllah. I was not upset when these sisters treated me like a monkey in a cage. I understood it was curiosity and wonder. I do tend to be irritated when it helps in USA and it happens with so called educated people. To give an example of the simplicity of some people that go for the Hajj....We were traveling to another Muslim country after Hajj, not coming back to the states yet. And the brother sitting next to my exhusband, picked up the cream cheese container given to him for his bread, and put it in the tea. ( I asked my husband why he did that) he asked the man, he repilied that the airline gave him these things to eat, and it was best to eat all of them without waste. He did not understand it went on the bread, so he put it in the tea (like cream) I did read Malcolm X's book and thought his description of hajj was beautiful mashaAllah.
  3. umm, I feel the need to clarify since I was not that clear before, I should have written American of European descent.
  4. Thanks, I know...I didn't get mad or flip out, it was just very funny that she would ask me that in Mecca, when I was making wudhu. heehee
  5. WAIT!! I can beat this one! I was in Mecca for hajj, I was in the bathroom to make wudhu, and when I took off my hijab to make wudhu, it was apparent I was European, and a woman asked me if I was Muslim. I just looked at her, I was in shock and I said "naam" then she calle over her friends and they all chatted about it while I made wudhu. In THAT place, and at THAT time...... how could i not be Muslim? LOOOOL
  6. Wa alaikum salam, sigh loudly....roll your eyes and walk away shaking your head but thats just me, I'm the rude one that respondds to Hi from a muslim with wa alaikum hi with a big ol smile on my face, so you have to take what I say with a grain of salt or...something LOL
  7. According to Syed Mohammed Qazwini, we should reply with salams and even a better salam to non muslims. Because we are showing that we have the best manners. Allahu alim! I have never heard any other learned person give this response, but I saw his point.
  8. YES. They really can be. A few years ago we were living in a heavily populated area ( I mean with "muslims" from a certain arab country) and my daughter was told that she was not muslim repeatedly by the Arab kids at school and in the neighborhood. She wore hijab she prayed she ate halal.... The problem, the thing that made her non muslim in their eyes, she didn't speak arabic! Also her mom is white american, so that was another strike!
  9. Really? I have had it happen to me, too many times to count. in fact, you can say that when I get a heartfelt reply (from a stranger) it is a surprise. especially if there is a smile involved! I think we can only speak of our own experiences and we can not assume to know what ALWAYS happens. Everyone's experiences are different esp in the U.S.
  10. Freezing is a great way of saving bananas that have gotten ripe too fast (before you can eat them all) Just peel them and stick them in a ziplock bag. Frozen bananas are great in a smoothie, and they do make great ice cream. But I have NEVER thawed out a frozen banana...Just stick them in a food processor or blender with the other ingredients.
  11. Uh, Who says its not haram? Can you give us a few examples then?
  12. We give respect where respect is needed. We do not give undue adulation. As for being disrespectful in this instant.... no one was being disrespectful to Aisha, we were talking about people following her when she is not the one to be followed! So the disrespect is to the Aisha followers :-D
  13. Wa 'alaikum As-salam. Ramadhan Mubarak! All of our programs are in English, except the Arabic Grammer class:-) And of course we recite Quran and Du'a in Arabic. The community here is really Blessed.

  14. How do you know what Aisha did? if all the Prophets other wives, and his daughter A.S. DID pluck an you had evience to that, would you still say it is haram? I wasn't aware that "ahlul sunnah" were following Aisha's sunnah!
  15. What a beautiful explanation! This is an excellent way to look at it, Does this mean I can still play Jewel Quest solitare? B)
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