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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam,

    coming to UMAA?

  2. WHOA!...thats not right! Didn`t he have lice or anything?
  3. Im part i think...like my mom usually cooks veggies for herself, (even though shes not a vegetarian) sshh :P, && cooks meat for me && my dad but we usually take her food too. lol. But for now i think ill stick to eating both.
  4. Ya ya im back though now =]

  5. Salam

    You've been MIA for a while! Glad to see you back =)

  6. ^Okay here is your Zuljenah :P. Well this is one of the zuljenahs. I didn't take the pictures, my friend did from her phone. I wish i took pictures but i was running around with my friends and cousins since we were handing out flyers and if anyone wanted to know what is going on we would tell them so yea.
  7. Sure why not? I remember when i was little, i would take keys and hit them on my back pretending to do zanjeer matam. *sigh* good old days. My whole family both my moms and dads do it so thats a really big influence. Every muharram i wish i was a guy, not just because of zanjeer zani but like the whole matam too, like when guys do it in the jaloos and stuff its so beautiful, yea that sounds weird but yea. And then theres the whole way of how men act during muharram i mean c`mon during majlis's all the women are soo loud jeez.
  8. Nope, my mom wants me to though. When i get older a'course.
  9. Too young. My parents want me to get married when im like 16 thats in 3 years or 18 thats in 5 years..
  10. ur back!!! ^_^ finally...u better keep posting, at least once a week if not more

  11. Yea don't worry we`ve all been through it.
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