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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salams thanx 4 the post, im visiting family that ive never met b4. So i have no idea what to expect, ive never met my cousins although we have only chated thru msn.. Im worried about the stop in LA, lol i watch that American show here about the airports there and how rude they are and people miss flights becuz its double booked and so onnnnnnnnn..im paranoid maybe, but ill be on my own and i dont wanna get hasseld with my hijab. Inshallah i wont have any problems. So its warm there in thoses months, i hate the hot weather its summer here now and its tooooo hot, i was hoping its not summer there at that time. Im only staying 4weeks so im hoping to enjoy my first trip to the states. In Detroit are there many women in hijab? and is it common in LA to see hijab? Im sorry i sound like a weirdo but i hate the fact ill be travelling on my own. Inshallah Kheir WS thanx sis Naddine
  2. Salaamz to all Im from Australia and will be travellling to the states in the next couple of months. I will be going to Detroit but my travel agent told me i need to get off @ LA then get another flight to Detroit...it got me worried :unsure: . This might sound stupid but is it safe for a muslim girl with hijab :Hijabi: to travel there on her own? Sorry but im A little worried about getting hasseld. Im not sure what type of atmosphere it is there in LA about the issues of muslims flying around, here in Australia its getting really hard for muslim girls wearing hijab . I was born here and never been to the states i have no idea what to expect so anyone thats from LA & Detroit that reads this post plz reply to me, also what is the weather in Detroit during the months of may and june? I hope to hear from you all, Inshallah kheir. Take care and Inshallah all the best. WS naddine :)
  3. Salaams to all Allah SWT forgives our sins when we repent. We have no right to judge others on their mistakes. May Allah forgive this sister Inshallah, and may you make the right choice for the both of you. All the best brother. WS ND
  4. Salaam to all, Im a convert to Islam Alhamdillah, i also wear the hijab. Though before i converted i thought hijab was about covering the womens hair,and other parts of the body can be flaunted, untill i studied islam and found the right path in life. Hijab is pure and beautiful only when worn correctly with the right dress code of a muslim women,examples... No body figure to be flaunted, neither a face painted with so much make-up, and such words that are un lady like or disrespectful come out of mouths of muslim girls with hijab. I have seen and heard many of these examples. hijab means purity and beauty of muslim women, it shows signs of innocence ,peacefulness, respect and morals.It very sad in the world today to see the hijab being disgraced and abused, or used to show innocence of the outside of one, its like a fashion statement..although Allah SWT sees it all.. where u go, & what u do, but to many women that doesnt count as long as they look pious and innocent to the rest of the islamic communities. Alhamdillah there are many muslim women that wear the hijab with pride, respect and look beautiful and so pure with the correct dress code for muslim women, you can see a pious women by the way she presents herself and her hijab. I'm a pure australian, pale white skin, blue eyes etc...i visit my family in QLD once a year because they cant except my way of life its difficult but Allah swt is over me and has given me the strength and iman to help me in difficult times. I wish i was born to a muslim family and i didnt have to grow up with haram in my life, its a disgrace. It makes me feel shame when i see my younger sisters walk on the beach half naked and men catching their jaws with tongues out of control, Alcohol and pork , boyfriends, and everything else you can think of thats against islam. Without boring u much longer, my point is we have this one chance in our life to make it to jannah(paradise) to live the most amazing beautiful life, we have the most pure book of all (koran), with Allah (swt), Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), and AhluBayt (as), who are our leaders in this life, Please sisters wake up and realise this life is our test, and to pass we need to live the correct way of the teachings in islam. Insallah forgive me if i have offeneded any1 while writting this post reply, its not my intentions, plz take no offense. Inshallah Kheir. All the best to all muslims Inshallah we all meet in Jannah. WS Nd
  5. Salaam Alaikoum brothers & sisters Inshallah all are doing well..? From sunni to shia, i have experienced many different treatments as where i pray and how i pray, Alhamdillah my priority are my deeds i owe to Allah (swt) and Ahul-al-bayt (as). Im curious of what my muslim brothers and sisters think of praying in different mosques that are from different school of thoughts, although its all bayt Allah (swt). To me it's ok, although i have made to feel very uncomfortable at times in places i once upon a time spent so much time there, now that i am from a different school of thought i feel very unwelcomed. Thats a big shame to me, as a revert to islam its very disapointing. So plz to all muslims dont make others from different school of thoughts making salat at your local mosque feel uncomfortable and unwelcomed, im just speakn from experience. Plz no offense to anyone reading this post. May you forgive me if i have offended you. Inshallah kheir. Wa Alaikoum Assalaam
  6. salaam Alaikoum brothers & sisters assalamu `ala-l Husain wa `ala Ali ibn-il Husain wa `ala awlad il Husain wa `ala ashab il Husain... Anybody know where i can download this nadbeyat? i have no idea what its called or where 2 find it, it wud be much appriciated, all the best inshallah brothers & sisters in islam Wa'alaikoum assalaam
  7. Salaam Alaikoum Brothers & Sisters, Plz be patient with me as i am New to this chat room, I have recently converted to shia Although i have been muslim for 4years alhamdillah..I am reading and learning so much more each & everyday, this is my 2nd year to experience Ashura and to me it was touching, emotional and has dramatically changed me as i mentioned i wasnt Shia although i became muslim over the last 4years, i studied different School Of Thoughts and Alhamdillah Ahul_al_Bayt are who i Choose to follow...Crazingly boring you while your reading this im truely sorry..I need your help finding some Nadbeyat Ashura to Download plz if any1 knows where i can find these it will be very much apprieciated. A few nadbeyat were redcited during Ashura with BR.Hasanian Rajablie @ Hurstville, they recite and beat the chest plz any info where i can get these.. Thankyou Inshallah all the best to all Muslim Brothers & Sisters WS Sister ..ND
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