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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. "I used to teach sex ed when I was a middle school teacher. I found that a lot of students were unaware of the reproductive process. I think it's a good thing" I was very aware of it by this age accept i thought Muslim had to have sex with their clothes on other wise it was dirty.
  2. You wanna know here some links http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/specials...youngarabworld/ This is the biggest dease And, controversially, not in the house. The decision of the MBC television programme to withdraw the programme being broadcast from Amwaj Island came after protests against the Arabian version of the popular reality television show. Demonstrators in the kingdom numbered between 200 and 1,000 people, depending on which side you talk to. Twenty years on from 1984 and the state steps in. But what is all the fuss about? Did Big Brother really offend Arab cultural and religious
  3. Why is there so much on here about free masons why don't we ask the freemasons what they think. here http://www.ugle.org.uk/ http://freemasonry.org/ http://www.thefreemason.com/default.asp?cookiecheck=yes&
  4. Well the good thing is that Islam in making a comeback in the Arab world meaning that there should be less discrimination.
  5. I don't trust these Iranian film maker there to anti-regimist and anti-Islam to Anti-islamist but anti-islam.
  6. i demand compelte obedance in my house hold. LOL No i don't mind most people should not express the same view as me because other wise it would be a boaring realtionship. Although i would draw the line at being a neo-nazi or a Muslim hater. " My parents are from Iran and I was born and raised in America...but married to an Iranian from Iran. My husband disagrees with the Islamic regime in Iran...and I was always pretty negative towards it but very indifferent when it came to expressing my view. But we both talk about the regime and since I can see his point, I now accept the fact that the Isla
  7. Horoscope don't really perdict the future most of there advice is more common sense than forseeing the future for example they will say someone might come to you with a problem don't shove them off listen to them and provide a caring heart. that not predicting the future.
  8. I would like to point out that there are more Sufi Muslim in the world then there are radical whabbai extermists.
  9. George Galloway ex-wife Is a Muslim his daughter is a Muslim it a little more than poltics to him.
  10. I see and are these group Sunni or Shia
  11. "Rather, God created the first Adamic man 6000 years ago. So much for Islam being Abrahamic." Man has existed before Abraham we may be an abrhamic faith but we know that man older because in the Qu'ran it makes clear suggestion that man in older that 6000 years. "The 6 days are 6 twenty-four literal days which summarize the restoration after God made the earth desolate and waste in Gen. 1.2 because of earth's earliest ages of sin from fallen Lucifer, fallen angels and demons." Rigth lucifer lives on pleasent earth right! Beacause the earth is center of the universe right like there no other p
  12. "Seriously, I would be embarrased to celebrate anything this former lapdog of Saddam said, even if he was supporting my position. One of George's endearing shennanigans Are you still sure you need more idiots like George speaking for your cause?" Firstly Saddam biggest lap dog was Donald Rumfeild and Ronald Reagean. Galloway was the only Politicans to condem the Gassing of the Kurds in 1987 by Saddam not etheir the British or US goverment did that at the time. He condem the war against Iran the Iraqis where fighting. P.s. it was hailrous becasue that women was trying to out samrt him and he la
  13. "I suppose we're supposed to swallow with a straight face the canard that Muslims are not guilty of the same? That Muslims are absolute paragons of virtue when it comes to accepting and encouraging critical examination of their faith, be it by themselves or by anyone else?" Yes we Muslim are good and examing our faith why do you think there is a Sunni sect of Islam a Shia Sec of Islam and many other. In fact what did you think Sufism was all about?
  14. Ok let the Christians reject rational thought. I mean the world is 6,000 years old what where you thinking and the world created in 6 days laugable. Christ was a Jew not a Christian in his world he couldn't go to hell nor could his Jewish people but the Chrisitan who where not Jews can. Weird....
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