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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salams, "Al Taymies and Al adawies"... Who does this refer too?
  2. Thank you for your reply, and bare with me a moment with my numerical calculations. So I have a total of 13 years in question. knowing that iv always prayed minimum 2 months each year minus the total days of menstruation i get 7.8 years after calculation. now knowing iv also prayed more than that each year, being 4-5 months per year...i used the lesser (4) and i get 5.7 years after calculation. So am i correct in making up the 5.7 years? Ws
  3. Asalamu Alaykum everyone, Iv been trying to get some help in figuring out exactly how much Salah i owe so i can begin making them up, per my Ma3rja, a girls prayer does not become obligatory on her until she sees her first blood, or by latest 13 years old. when i was 14 and a half i began praying, and from then until last year i was constantly praying on and off. I truly began to learn about the religion 2 years ago, to better myself, and the beginning of this year (2014) i began maintaining my prayers constantly. now i would like to begin making up what i owe. I have read a few threads but none address people who have always prayed on and off. for example i know for a fact iv always prayed during Ramadan and the month of muharram, and i can def, recall always trying to stick to it, which would last 2 or 3 months after each. i also was told i have to factor in the days of a menstrual cycle each month and subtract that from however much i owe...but i don't know how to possibly calculate this! please any calculated help would be of great assistance! Ws Shiagirl22
  4. Yes please if you could that would help
  5. Salam, I was wondering if anyone had come across any information on who the real parents of Lady Maryam (a.s) were? I know Nabih Zakariyah was her caretaker, but who was her actual mother and father? any info? Ws
  6. Salam, I have searched high and low for the English text of Dua Gibrael but to no avail. does anyone know where I might be able to find it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. May Allah swt reward you all for your efforts. Ws
  7. Salam, If im not mistaken the Flag of Imam Mahdi A.S. will be the same flag which Rasoolallah sawws carried which is the white flag. The Black flags represent the army from Khorasan, and in most places iv read Al Yamani will be yellow, however I don't have the exact hadith where it states this, but if you browse the Imam Mahdi forum and look through the topics with similar titles im sure youll find it. Ws
  8. Salam, if been researching the family tree of prophets according to Islam, and in some trees it highlights Adnan a descendent of Ishmail a.s as one of the prophets. I was always under the impression that Muhammad sawws was the only Prophet who is a descendent from Ishmail a.s, and that Adnan was the descendent. Which prophet Muhammad sawws could directly draw his lineage from. Any clue? Ws
  9. Salam sister, I thought we were able to read the Quran as long as we don't touch the words, and as long as our hands are washed prehand?
  10. as far as im aware of, I think once the intention is made , it needs to be finalized with two witnesses present. of course her dowry and all the details have to be given to each within their right according to the marriage contract. Im not 100% sure but as far as I know that's what iv heard. Ws
  11. hey! lol this is a sisters convo. jk... well it says 40 consecutive days...and a girl gets her cycle every anywhere between 21-27 days.
  12. salam all, Iv read in quite a few places that one must be Tahir while reciting this dua... however being a sister how can that be possible If we get a menstrual cycle in between that time? Ws
  13. Salam all, ok, first let me start by saying that The narrations I have heard about the Incident with Lady Fatima (asws) and the door are confusing me. each time I read a hadith whether its here on SC or from a Ma3rja website, there's difference of opinion. However it seems to be a General Consensus by both Sunni and Shia scholars that YES.. Omar and Abu Baker led a group to surround the house of Fatima and Ali, to demand Bayah from Ali, Talha, Zubayir, Salman...etc. YES Omar threatened Fatima from outside the house to burn the house regardless of who was in it... but then you get to the parts of the story where everyone seems to have a difference of opinion. so here's a few questions I have 1. If Omar Kicked the door in on Fatima, causing her miscarriage and death... isn't it ISLAMIC LAW that the murderer be punished? even if abu baker and Omar denied it, would our beloved Imam Ali(as) being the rightful Imam, wouldn't he have taken matters into his own hands upholding Islamic law? 2. Iv read a hadith that states Imam Ali didn't know about the punctured rib until he was washing Lady Fatima (asws) body after her death. my question is, how long do the Narrations state was the time period between her death and the Incident? 3.after Imam Ali (asws) discovered the broken rib... why was Omar not dealt with? 4. If it was common knowledge that Omar's attack on Fatima's house is what led to her miscarriage... how could the people of Medina still follow the man who would now be known as the Murderer of Nisat Al Alameen and her unborn child? 5. and lastly I have read some narrorations which say Imam Ali was in the house at the time of the Incident.... im sorry but I refuse to believe this. That the Lion Of Allah, the Lion of Rasulallah not only allowed Fatima to answer the door while he hid in a corner...but then stood by and allowed anyone to threaten to kill Fatima and her children let alone take physical action...and not slay them all where they stood.and don't get me wrong... I DO believe this happened. I DO believe what iv read... why else would a girl in her early 20's suddenly just die... it doesn't happen that way. plus you have a chain of hadith from all the 11 imams talking about the "Martyrdom of Sayida Fatima" but what im not understanding an where I get tongue tied is...when they came and threatened to dig up the graves to find Sayida Fatimas body...he was ready to kill them all... saying in laymens terms "The prophet asked me to have patience, but not to this extent"..... what prevented him from doing the same when they attacked her? im just a nobody...a lover of ahlul bayt of whom my eyes have never seen....and just hearing that story has me enraged, overcome with grief and sadness, and I cant understand for the life of me how this murderer was allowed to live to see another day? ws
  14. http://www.activistpost.com/2013/11/pole-shift-it-has-started.html np, Ws
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