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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  2. Aslam o Alikom, many happy returns of the day. Happy Birhthday to you!!

    Ya Ali Madad!!

  3. Happy bbbirthday :) hope yu have an awesome special brother Kadhim. May the Almighty grant you and your family a properous life in this world and the hereafter inshallah! My salams :)

    Fee amanillah

  4. SAlaams, You are right that no one was married to the prophet while Sayyida Khadija (SA) was alive but you are wrong about SUrah Tahrim. Do not shia brother assume the tafsir. It is talking about Ai'isha but not in thte way you are talking about. It is talking about when Zainab was spending the time with the Prophet and was serving him a honey drink. Out of jealousy or whatever A'isha an Hafsa daughters of the First Two Khalifas, wives of the Rasool, planned that when the Prophet comes, tell him that his breath smells like a certain tree which smells terrible. he said that he would never eat the drink again. Then it says, Why o Prophet do you make unlawful the thin I make lawful on you? Then the surah goes on and tells them off. THis is in Sunni tafasir such as Durr Manthur by Imam Jalalu deen Suyuti. But overall, do not assume the tafsir as they can do the same against us and make arguments with no basis. Sorry I know you meant well. Iltemase Dua, Wasalam
  5. Salaams, OMG, OOpps, Astaghfirullah.... I meant legitimately not the opposite. IT WAS RIGHTFULLY HERS!! SORRY!! I feel so bad..... And i didn't see that it was for Sunnis only.
  6. Salaams You really want it frank..... Yes Yes No Yes
  7. Salaams, the two alleged daughters who married uthman were not the Prophet's daughters but Khadija's nieces who she looks after them. There is only Fatima (SA) as a daughter and Ibrahim who died early in life.
  8. Salaams, Shi'a ulama discuss a variety of issues including spirituality, death, laws, ethics and the such. Just because you haven't seen it, doesn't mean you have to dismiss it. (LOL, have stronger 'ilm al-ghaib)
  9. (salam) Verse of inheritance Allah (swt) declares in Surah Naml 027.016: And Solomon was David's heir. He said: "O ye people! We have been taught the speech of birds, and on us has been bestowed (a little) of all things: this is indeed Grace manifest (from Allah.)" Al-Qur'an, Surah 27, Ayah 16, translated by Yusufali The books of Ahl'ul Sunnah prove that Prophet Sulayman (as) inherited his father's worldly possessions As evidence we shall rely on the following authentic Sunni sources: 1. Tafseer Khazan Volume 5 page 112, Surah Naml 2. Tafseer Durre Manthur Volume 5 page 193 Surah Naml 3. Tafseer Rul al Ma'ani Part 19Page 170 Surah Naml 4. Tafseer Mazhari Part 16, Volume 7 page 100 Surah Naml 5. Tafseer Muraghee Part 19 page 127 Surah Naml 6. Tafseer Jauhar Volume 13 page 135 Surah Naml 7. Tafseer Gharab al Qur'an Part 18 page 88 8. Tafseer Kashaf Volume 3 page 140 9. Tafseer Mu'allim al Tanzeel under the commentary of Khazan Volume 5 page 112 10. Tafseer Fathooath al Ilayha Volume 3 page 202 11. Al Bidayah wa al Nihaya Volume 5 page 290 12. Tareekh Abu'l Fida Volume 1 page24 Prophet Sulayman (as) inherited one thousand horses from his father We read in Surah Sa'd verses 30-31: To David We gave Solomon (for a son),how excellent in Our service! Ever did he turn (to Us)! Behold, there were brought before him, at eventide coursers of the highest breeding, and swift of foot; Al-Qur'an, Surah Sa'd, Ayah 30 & 31, translated by Yusufali These horses were inheritance, and as proof we shall cite the following classical Sunni sources: 1. Tafseer Ruh al Ma'ani Part 23 Surah Sad page 183 2. Tafseer Gharab al Qur'an Part 23, Surah Sad page 90 3. Tafseer Khazan Part 23, Volume 6 page 45 4. Tafseer Kashaf Volume 2 page 284 5. Hayat al Haywaan page 314, Dhikr al Jawad 6. Tafseer Mazhari Volume 8 page 145 Surah Sad In Surah Maryam, Allah (swt) refers to the supplication of Prophet Zakariya: Saying: My Lord! Lo! the bones of me wax feeble and my head is shining with grey hair, and I have never been unblest in prayer to Thee, my Lord. Now I fear (what) my relatives (and colleagues) (will do) after me: but my wife is barren: so give me an heir as from Thyself,- Who shall inherit of me and inherit (also) of the house of Jacob. And make him, my Lord, acceptable (unto Thee). [Al-Qur'an, Surah 19, verses 4 – 6] http://www.witness-pioneer.org/vil/hadeeth/bukhari/index.htm
  10. (salam) "Mauweyah invited Ayesha for dinner, and he got a ditch dug in the ground, filling it up with sharp knives and swords, with their blades facing upwards. According to Alama Ibn Khaldoon, Mauweyah masked that ditch with lanky pieces of wood, and spread a carpet on top of it all to camouflage it. He placed a wooden chair over it for Ayesha to sit. No sooner Ayesha sat on the chair, the whole set up retrieved and she fell in the pit, injuring herself from head to toe, and breaking a lot of bones. To hide his felony, Mauweyah got the ditched filled up with lime. That is how he murdered Ayesha; she was sixty four years old when Mauweyah murdered her towards the end of 57 Hijri. This proves, with out a doubt, that Mauweyah was an enemy of Prophet Mohammed (p), and he proved his enmity towards the Prophet (p) by murdering his (p) wife. The only reason that Mauweyah performed this heinous act was that Ayesha stopped him from making fun of Islam from the pulpit of Masjid-e-Nabvi.. This is why no one knows the exact location of Ayesha’s grave in Medina." He killed the Mother of the Believers Ayesha in cold blood after ordering the killing of her brother Muhammad bin Abu Bakar. He was also responsible for the killings of many other companions of the Prophet (p) including Hajar bin Adi and Ammar Yasir. Following the death of Muhammad bin 'Abu Bakr the people of Egypt gave bayya to Muaweyah. It was following this (event) that Ummul Mu'mineen Ayesha would curse Muaweyah and Amr bin Aas after every Salaat. Tadhkira ul Khawass page 62 Sunni References: Musharriful Mahbubin by Hazrat Khuwaja Mehboob Qasim Chishti Mushrrafi Qadri Pages 216-218 Kokab wa Rifi Fazal-e-Ali Karam Allah Wajhu, Page 484, By Syed Mohammed Subh-e-Kashaf AlTirmidhi, Urdu translation by Syed Sharif Hussein Sherwani Sabzawari, Published by Aloom AlMuhammed, number B12 Shadbagh, Lahore, 1st January 1963. Habib Alseer Rabiyah AlAbrar, Volume 1, Alama JarulAllah Zamik (530 Hijri), Hadoiqa Sanai, by Hakim Sanai (Died 525 Hijri, at Ghazni), Page 65-67, Namoos Islam, by Agha Hashim Sialkoti, Published Lahore, 1939 - Pages 66-67 Tazkarah Tul-Aikram Tarikh-e-Khulafa Arab-Wa-Islam by Syed Shah Mohamed Kabir Abu Alalaiyi Dana Puri, Published Le Kishwar Press, Lakhnow, April 1924/ 1346 H Sipah e Sahaba and other Wahabi scum have introduced Muaweyah as a companion of the Prophet using narrations fabricated by Muaweyah and his filthy descendants. One very clever move by the Wahabis was to declare Muaweyah a scribe (katib e Wahi) who wrote down the revelations of Allah's Messenger. All praise be to Allah swt, the leading Sunni scholars realising this conspiracy of the Wahabis, have declared all hadith praising Muaweyah as fabricated. Not a single hadith in praise of Muaweyah is Sahih (authentic) Many classical Sunni scholars whilst listing those individuals honored as writer of the revelation did not count Mu'awiya. For evidence see the following texts: Fathul Bari page 450 Volume 2 Irshad Saneed Volume 9 page 22 Umdhathul Qari Volume 9 page 307 Nasa al Kafiya page 170 Iqd al Fareed Volume 2 page 197 al Isaba Volume 3 page 413 Sorry to break it to you, but these are listed in Sunni sources and many at that. What would you respond to this? What I cannot understand about many of you Ahl Sunnah is that you believe in Mu'awiyah bin Abu Sufyan although his many actions disprove this. EVen if you believe in the Three, Mu'awiyah blatantly ignored Allah's rules on earth. HIS gov't , his la'nat his actions. Wasalaam
  11. I want to see any thing because my comp doesn't have anything on them yet. I need help with ahadith or their errors at the time of the Prophet (SAWW)
  12. WHY NO RESPONSE!!! Fine then anything against them!!
  13. Salaams, I request some sources for the Prophet speaking against the Two. Inshallah, this will be so. I need anything against them by the Prophet. Pretty vague I know but I can't specify anymore, Wasalaam
  14. I know that much, but the guy says that and this. He is just out of whack.
  15. (salam) I have a class where sunnis are many and there is one sunni who is ignoring all the others regarding Allah (SWT) and his sittin gon the arsh. Do you have any ahadith from books of Ahl Sunnah regarding Allah being everywhere. Also what can I use to argue that the six days in which Allah created the creation is not a limitation of his? Wasalaam
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