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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. wa laikum as salam 1. rabba nag firli 2. alhumdulilah 3.
  2. In hell might be the people who are not forgiven either by the person they oppressed or killed unjustly.
  3. Topic is marifat or understanding. In my opinion no path is completely understood and neither is any way of life completely understood. Every way has something to share and learn from. We should not disrespect our parents but respect their values and culture. Life is like climbing a mountain. Everyone walks on a different path but many can make it to the top.
  4. The spies are stealing information and ask why do we beat them when they are first to defy.
  5. India wants to destabilize Pakistan. It wants to put our women at risk and enter our borders. Israel wants to destabilize Pakistan and ruin our science and technology. Russia wants to seek revenge of the afghan war. Russia has formed an alliance with India. USA has fallen. Bangladesh is sending spies everywhere with the help of India. Britain wants to destroy the Pakistani army and air force. Canada is jealous of Muslims. The Commonwealth is losing its power. At this time Muslims should not fight each other. The Muslim countries are Iran Iraq and Pakistan.
  6. Magic the use of spells. All psychotic illnesses are due to magic and sorcery done on an individual.
  7. Instability caused by mutual enemy which is India Israel Russia USA Bangladesh Britain and Canada
  8. Buddhism means everything is opposite of what you think it is. And Islam is submission to how things were.
  9. Sorcery using words to manipulate reality and to damage an individual done at certain periodic times of the day to weaken an individuals spirit circle.
  10. Koonday are halva puri to be made before dawn by registered jaffri Muslims only on 22 Rajab.
  11. Questions to be implored what is tasawwuf what are the allowed methods of purifying ourselves. Is sufism sorcery and how. What is magic. And where do hallucinations and illusions come from. Last how do we identify our enemy.
  12. Tasawuff and tarqiya is not a part of Islam. In Islam wayfarying is a personal and individual effort and that is why chisti Sufi is haram for shias to follow and hence kufar. Zikr should be done individually only.
  13. Ya Ali madad means help me. You should recite naad e Ali. Help from Allah then the messenger then Ali but strictly through intention and not tarqiya or tasawuff.
  14. She is right and a Muslim not an atheist .
  15. Hard heartedness is not your fault someone wants you to be this way curse your enemies openly and also the enemies of rasoollah muhamad mustafa peace be upon him and you will be fine.
  16. yes aliens exist, it is what you preceive.
  17. quran tarjamai sai parho....usai parh ker kia tumhe yakeen nahi hota kai islam aik sacha mazab hai? pehle apnai dil mai yakeen paida karo kai islam kai ilawa koi aur mazab sacha nahi hai, khud research karo aur sub kitabo ko parho, injeel, zaboor, guru grant, gita, and quran sub per nazar dalo and dekho hai sachaye kis mai hai... aur hamare imam zahir nahi hotai kiyonkai woh ghaibat mai hai....unka zahoor Allah kai hukum sai ho ga, bilkul jaise hazrat isa(as) Allah kai humuk sai ghayab ho gaye thai, aur who Allah kai humuk sai wapis ayaigai....magar hamarai imam aik momin ki madaad ko atai hai gab woh unhai sachai dil sai pukarta hai
  18. ^because they are not perfect...The 14 masomeen, don't do tark e awla either..
  19. All prophets are infallible in the sense that they don't sin and they don't make mistakes. Sometimes they go along the route "which is less preferred" For example, saying bismillah before a meal is recommended It is an advisory command Saying bismillah is the path which is preferred So for a person not saying bismillah, it is not a mistake and not a sin, but if a prophet doesn't say bismillah, God doesn't like it, that they don't take the path which is best preferred.. and this is when god may get mad... For hazrat Adam, to refrain from eating the apple was an advisory command, not a legislative command, just like bismillah is an advisory command....he chose the path "less preferred and kept away from the preferred path" this is called tark e awla... he was sent down to earth as a punished from taking the path less preferred, and it was mashiaat e elahi....it was god's plan all along...
  20. Salam, i just read your conversion story. I am happy for you brother.

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    2. Malik AlAshtar

      Malik AlAshtar

      Salam 'alaykum. Brother i was actually very fascinated after reading about you conversion, on a thread.

      I have to see we all should consider ourselves very lucky for being a Muslim and then having the shadow of AhlalBayt upon us.

    3. KRizvi


      Salaam! I would love to read your conversion story, could you please send me the link to the thread?

    4. Ali Musaaa :)

      Ali Musaaa :)

      Wa alaykum salaam,

      Sorry I was slow to reply to your message. It doesn't inform me when I recieve comments here for some reason. Anyway, here is the link: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/234993769-my-journey-to-islam/

      Enjoy :)

  21. Dear brother, your story had me in tears. Mashallah, I am glad that you have found the right path. May Allah(swt) reward you for the good you do.
  22. Just imagine how the ahlulbayt will feel about your sin. Your sins are sent to Imam Mehdi(As) each week. How will he feel knowing that you are doing this?? When you feel like it, think of Imam az zamman(as).
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