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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. whats the point, they're like we won't help them but lets just be 'sad' for them.
  2. (bismillah) (salam), Sorry in advance, if this matter has been previously mentioned. I was listening today on the news about the recent attacks on the gaza strip, and the broadcaster was openly saying "America is supplying Israel". Then he went on to say that George Bush will only stop this supply if Hamas stops its attacks first, as Israel are only being supplied for 'self-defence' Isn't it a bit obvious that Israel are not abiding by this; they are on the offensive and have openly said that they will not stop attacking. The death toll in the gaza strip is around 400 compared to Israel, which I think is around 5-10. The palestinians are using HOME-MADE weapons i.e. rockets while Israel are using tanks, fighter jets and the latest planes etc etc this doesn't sound like mere self defence it is clear that the intension is attack and destruction. This is the plan of the USA which is hidden by the curtain which is so easily labelled as 'helping the war on terror'. They are the ones who first kicked the palestinians out to give the Jews somewhere to own after the nazi war, and now are backing them to kill of their main rivals, muslims. Their ultimate plan is to be the superpower of the world. I know this sounds so fictional, but it is true, and the only force which will stop it is the twelth imam (atfs). :yaali: The fact of the matter is: no matter how much we keep saying it, Hamas will always be seen as a terrorist group because it is against Israel, therefore ultimately against the USA. If anyone is against the USA, then they will be manipulated as much as possible by the media to look as bad as possible. In this case the terrorists are Israel. They are the ones who are terrorising the palestinians and killing hundreds of innocent people- isn't this the definition of a terrorist organisation, which the USA keep banging on about?? We haven't heard anything from bush yet -_- , he is just remaining quiet (as usual), while so may innocent people are dying. There is no doubt that he would condemn this, if it was the other way round; so why can't it be seen that he is such a hypocrite now? The USA will never be blamed for this becuase they can't get their name tarnished anymore, after the mess they have made in Iraq, and Afghanistan so they will always be seen to be doing the right thing, when it is obviously not! George bush has set up this field and is now watching how his plan will work. Israel are puppets of USA, and will only realise their real purpose when they will demand something back from Israel. I feel very strongly about this matter, and therefore I hope I have not offended anyone personally, except for george bush and israel obviously! :Hijabi:
  3. Wow the website is so clear and user-friendly I am inshallah wanting to go for ziarat this Friday and am busy compiling information, the site is great.
  4. LOOL! Thankyou veryyy muchh :D LOL @ the wii... man it's tough work right :| It actually tires you out LOL.. ahh wow spaiin though.. gosh its so annoying when you leave the country.. and you come back and its like RAINING 24/7 >.

  5. what summer!!? lol! we went on holiday to espana whcih was cool...congrats on ur half-gcse's! keep it up for next year inshallah you'll get all A*'s. mummy got us a nintendo Wii for my graduation and my bro's gcse results so I'm busy 'keeping fit' ! aww you're a summer-born baby; happy bday make the most of it because by 21 you stop looking forwa

  6. ahh omgoshh long time indeed! Wasalaamss sis :D ah.. im still doing gcse's this year though.. i only did half of them this year, in year 10 :$ but alhamdd the results were good :D whatss been up with youuu.. how are things going? hope your enjoying the 'summer' :P

  7. salams!! long time no speak!! how were the results....congrats! you've officially passed a major academic stepping stone in life! keep it up! xx

  8. Mabrook mabrook!! May Allah (s.w.t) hasten our Imam's reapperance, ameen.
  9. hey at least you didn't receive a proposal from someone who looks like an uncle-ji! ok they don't personally know me but stillll eww (tauba tauba) I don't know why but whenever I get a proposal I always find something I don't like...maybe I'm just too fussy :lol: but hey I have to be if I'm going to spend the rest of my life with the guy! At the end of the day you know yourself best and only you can make the decision of who will suit you best..more important is the guys charcter, is he honest? religious? etc etc...its not haraam if you reject him based on his age alone...if you don't feel right you don't feel right ;)
  10. salam, there are always going to be odd ones who are like that but I suppose its not OK for us just to generalise and say all men are so, you get them everywhere, in every community...just smile and nod...smile and nod! don't waste time with such people as there are so many more better human beings out there :)
  11. I'm not saying mutah is haraam I'm saying that there are circumstances where mutah should be carried out....I know people who are carrying out mutah just to fulfil their desires and then the man is just leaving the women....In my opinion this is entirely wrong and I would most definitely discourage it to youngsters....in other circumstances such as, the man is going away and does not know of his return and does not want the woman to be tied with the contract of marriage therefore they can carry out mutah. To be honest I need to read up on it more as in how/why the Imams did it etc Ma'salam
  12. Salam, first of all your english is good even though it isn't your first language! :lol: But I think it is easier to commit haram acts in the west as compared to, say, if you were in Iran, for example if you walk down the road over here in London you are exposed to haram everywhere like pictures of naked women on billboards etc...ok you don't have to look at it but still you wouldn't even be exposed to such ugliness in Iran. There are many other examples but my point is that it is much more easier to "be good" if one was living in an Islamic environment (they don't know of anything else; they are surrounded by purity) than if they were living here in the west...in my opinion this is why it is much of of a challenge and test in places such as these... :)
  13. we have to realise though, that the circumstances and sitauations at the time of the Imams was very different to how they are now. In those days there were many women who were poor/widowed.orphaned etc etc and Imams would therefore help them by doing temporary mutah....at least thats what I thought, these days I feel that mutah IS done too much and is promoted too much, I don't feel it is appropriate in this day and age. :unsure: also because they would go to war and getting married would not be fair as there wasn't a guarantee they would return and would therefore carry out mutah....
  14. yeh sounds like speed dating...I can hear an auntie's voice in my head twisting it up into something horribly wrong leaving no respect for either the girl or the guy. I guess it would be ok if the girl went with someone rather than going alone? To be honest it doesn't sound like the 'respectable' way of doing things but then again its just my opinion...please don't take offence.. :unsure:
  15. I know people who use 'snow' and 'fair and lovely' for years but I have yet to see difference in their complexion ! :blink: ....its all in the mind people...a book is not judged by its book cover although.. first impressions last forever...ok now I'm confused the statement are contradictory!
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