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  1. What about those who do not have the ability to read or write. They have no ability to understand Islam and the role of Ahlulbait - They exist in jungles and villages, in midst of ignorance, and have no money to escape their plight, let alone reaching the doors of Islam. Do you believe these will end up in Hell?
  2. Allah (SWT) and our Aiemah (A) know best - We can only speculate based on out thinking. The day of judgement is 50,000 years long. ALSO the Punishments in Barzakh and on the day of Judgement are there to purify the sinners. Is anything difficult and out of reach of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Sin committed by Hur wiped out, in matter of hours. Also an examples of a loose woman amongst the Israeli whom no person would give gusl and bury in the grave of believers - A prophet ordered to attend to her mayiet (kaneez??) of Allah. Allah knows best. BUT how can we say adamantly that what we say will be exe
  3. This is addresses to all ppl on this thread Prophet (sawws) said, Jews will be divided into 71 factions, Christian into 72 factions and Muslims into 73 factions. In Muslims all but one shall enter paradise. - AND read what Imam Ali (A) says, One who sincerely strives for the truth and dies as a kafir does not deserve Hell. I conclude Allah being Rahman and Rahim will not subject all mankind (who are not on truth) to Hell. It is stupid and illogical to believe otherwise. Yes the only truth is that one faction Prophet (sawws) has pointed to, But ppl like Adil NawSharwan and Hatim Tai and other w
  4. Thanks, Br. Al-Muntadhar and SD2 I read the commentary by S V Mir Ahmed Ali. It states that Isteghfar and Zanb has more than one meaning. Any examples and explanations?
  5. I know and I believe Prophets and Imams are sinless BUT can some one explain Al- fath verse 2
  6. Why is it, that you need proof to accept something while you do not need proof to reject it? Don't let the ego, 'know all' within you to over power your judgement. Do you reject the existence of Jinn mentioned in Holy Qu'ran? Regarding the video clip, it is difficult to believe some one could put up such an act. It does not sound fake at all. Secondly, When any person is faced with any problem whatsoever just call upon Ali ibn abi Talib عليه السلام. Say Ya ali madad - and you will find help from ghaib. Everything that exist (rivers, mountain, earth, air) has lot of respects for Ali ibn abi
  7. First, Do you need a link for something so obvious. Israel is not functioning as a viable state. It’s more like a pirate establishment violating every civilized norm. It has no respect for UN or world at large. Here - http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/269241
  8. Ayietullah Khameini is wise he knows best - He is wali-e-faqih. BTW - would you have said the same against our Imam Ali Zainul Abideen (A) when he decided to remain silent during the massacre of medina some times after the incident of Kerballah? Wise move they know from the mistake of Israel in Lebanon - How the Israeli oppression turned the unarmed peaceful Shia people into martyrdom loving, formidable force that today shakes the foundation of well armed Zionist regime. Actually Iran will not get directly involved -This will be a like for like. You play the devils game from the dack door a
  9. GCC agreement is for foreign invasion. This here is an internal problem and does not qualify for Saudi interference. Taking this into consideration, if Bahrain was invaded by United States would these chickens implement GCC agreement? Shows the cowards are only good for suppressing the weak, unarmed civilians. The Bahraini Monarch has no right to call for the Saudi or any foreign troops to suppress the Bahraini citizens. -- This is like Ghadafi trying to holding on to power whether the Libyans like it or not - BTW who does the land (Bahrain) belong to ? the monarch or the people? Are
  10. Sura 2 - Al-Baqara (MADINA) : Verse 124 When Ibrahim (A) was made an Imam - He asked, Allah about his progeny. Allah (swt) said , "My covenant does not reach the unjust. Even one single sin is a zulm on oneself (unjust) - Therefore being without sin = infallible. In the linage of prophet Ibrahim (a) the only Imam we see are the 12 imams. Since the covenant only reaches the just - one can safely say Imam (a) were (sinless) infallible. Also remember Ali (A) had to overtake Abubakr and take the ayiet and deliver / announce to the Kufar of Mecca BECAUSE Allah instructed the the ayiet should onl
  11. Prophet (sawws) was created 14,000 years before Adam - He witnessed the creation of Adam (A). Prophet (saw) has said, he was a prophet while Adam (A) was between water and clay. One cannot be a prophet if he does not have ilm. To have in-depth ilm and yet one is unable to read or right does not sound logical. Why would Allah give the ilm to prophet (sawws) and keep him illiterate - for what reason? unless some one comes up with a logical answer, it would be foolish and illogical to believe prophet sawws) was illiterate. Beside Sayied ul Ambiah is supposed to have higher qualities than other a
  12. Try this as well if you have time. http://www.answering-ansar.org/wahabis/en/index.php but take it slow you dont have to defeat them in a day - Or you could bring them here to shia chat - the people here will slaughter them. - :!!!:
  13. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2011/02/05/AR2011020501596.html What a stupid traitor Ahmed Aboul Gheit. – Iran did not silence the opposition it crushed the traitors who were kind of agents of the western soft war. Where as the Egyptian uprising is against western domination. Egypt has not voiced anti west rhetoric so openly (no American Flags or western flags burnt and no ‘death to America and west’ echoed, but if they are betrayed which they surely will be the backlash will be more severe. This will be Iran repeated. Iran was betrayed and backstabbed during Musaddig an
  14. Don't want to spoil your fun - but ............................ Have you heard, ' a foolish friend is worst than a wise enemy'. Brothers - this type of behaviour creates problems for all Muslimeen (the Shias as well as Sunni) It helps our enemy divide us and rule over us. - You are actually helping the Enemies of Islam (US and Israel and others) dominate Islam. Do you want to stand accused on the day og judgement of harming the cause of Islam? Imam Khomeini (who was a wali faqih) said one who creates fasaat between Shia - Sunni is neither a Shia nor a Sunni (he is an enemy of both) Sayied Al
  15. Muntazer – You can read the hadith in Kitab ul Irshad - in the last part about Imam Mahdi (A) - And it not any ordinary eclipse that normally occur. Two eclipses occur in a month often that not any thing new But eclipse of the sun only occurs at the end of the month WHILE eclipse of the moon occurs in the middle of the month. The two eclipses predicted in the hadith above are different. i.e. eclipse of the sun will take place in the middle of the month While the eclipse of the moon will occur at the end of the month. (Both eclipses will have changed place) This has never happened since Adam
  16. Prophet (sawws) migrated from Mecca to Medina. Ali (A) migrated from Medina (hejaz) to Kufa (iraq). And Allah (swt) is scattering us believers to all part of the world so that we can carry the message of Islam to all corners of the earth. -------------------- The message of the reciter is probably about Dajaal and his Jannah. The atheistic west is the Dajaal - And Muslims come to this west in search of better life in the west (the Dajaal’s jannah.) You can see that life in west is really a hell for us - We are loosing our faith and our youth are turning to evil ways of life. If we stay here se
  17. Every Muharrum we hear how Imam Husain (A) sacrificed everything he had for the sake/pleasure/will of Allah. If we are waiting for Imam Mahdi (A) do we have the love, faithfulness, and steadfastness of the ashaab e Husan (A). Because like the kufians we might end up calling our Imam Mahdi (A) and when he go back on our words and break our resolve to help him. If we have that faith and determination why cant we attract the misguided population towards true Islam. Our faith should manifest in our amaal - and people just looking at us should want to enter the fold of Islam. We need to become re
  18. Goodbye freedom in US; Welcome authoritarian / totalitarian rule. Words of Imam khomeini; "Socialism now belongs to the dust bins of history, and capitalism is going the same way." US economy in taters, unemployment on the increase, cities bankrupt and US freedom Vanishing so quickly, - All because of Israel, Israeli lobby and Israeli greed. ----------------- Also look at the far sightedness of our Ulemah. Masha_Allah
  19. Brother, when Prophet (sawws) left Mecca for Medina, he ordered all the believers not to come out, Abu bakr's leaving the house and following prophet (sawws) was disobedience. One should never dis-obey the orders of prophet (sawws). Besides If he had so much affection for prophet (sawws) and wanted to be helpful, Why did he start crying in the cave? One doesn't go out to help a friend and when faced with enemy, starts crying. Either you are brave or a coward. Its stupid to go out being brave and end up crying because of fear (fear is a sign of cowardice) And WHY CRY when the danger is so clo
  20. In that case you are more learned than those who have spent, a large part of their lives studying, and in researching Islam. You don’t need them. Surprisingly, we do not hear such rebellion challenging the teachings in the scientific and other academic fields round the world – But people who have hardly read one or two books in Islam appear supper clever when it comes to Islam. This is more like the young people who believe they know what’s good for them more than their parents and elders. Please do grow up.
  21. Funny you call others a moron - Haven’t you watched the clip? Do you always comments in contradiction of what you witness first hand? LOL - You should be in the genesis book of records
  22. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/terrorism-in-the-uk/8099344/Yemen-bomb-plot-key-questions-raised.html Seem like another 9-ll type of lie Most likely the bomb was devised by the western agents affiliated to Israel or Israel to promote Israeli plots. This seem more like trying to curtail Shias in Yemen. They will never learn.
  23. Have you seen how the Sunni people (not meant as insult – Just an observation - to compare) stand on the political and religious platform of the world. This is because they do not have the concept of taqleed as we have in Shias. Muslim world before the Shias, lost India to British and before that they lost Kashmir to Moguls as result of that jealousy, today large part of Kashmir is in the hands of India. India also succeeded in dividing Pakistan (east Pakistan is now Bangladesh). And Palestinian is now Jewish controlled Israel. Arabs had the wear the dunce cap of Yom-Kippur war (cape of Sha
  24. US soldier disciplined for hostage death? I find this extremely distasteful. One British person accidently killed and the soldier is disciplined BUT hundreds of thousands of muslims innocent civilians are killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan no person is ever descipilined!!! Is Muslim life so cheep?
  25. Most Muslims during the times of Imam (A) did not care about truth. the reason why there was a struggle between those who considered Ali(A) as righteous and others who tilted towards the other khalifs. Imam Ali (A) did not abandon the Muslims. Muhammad (SAWWS) is the mercy upon the whole of mankind and so are the Shias (true followers of prophet (SAWWS) and the Aiema(A)). Why do you expect the Shias to turn away from this course?
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