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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Look at the posts of Roya, Azizi, Nazneen, Zareen, Waiting and Ex-Muslim you will get the answer. Khuda hafiz. (salam) can you reference a link please, I haven't been here for a while. thanks in advance.
  2. (salam) the video card works for sure, so thats not the prob. Everything turns on like the fans and all, but nothing on the screen. It doesn't have on board video. My friend took it to a tech guy, lets see his diagnosis. If it doesn't work i guess its fried.
  3. (salam) I have a friend who has a dual processor asus motherboard is its not working. Here it is: http://usa.asus.com/products/mb/socketa/a7...-d/overview.htm we have tried a million times to figure out whats wrong and still nothing. The prob is that nothing shows up on the screen. and everything seems to be in place perfectly. Any suggestions?
  4. Salam alaikum, Thanks for the clarification. I visited the one at Ann Harbour. The atmosphere there was so amazing. The construction itself is so capturing, especially the law department. Yeah your job depends more on your capabilities and a bit of luck than the universities you go to. W'salam (salam) believe it or not but dearborn has gotten a lot of popularity lately. My personal opinion is that its a school full of greedy professors, atleast within the engineering dept. even if your 20th on the waiting list, you'll get into the class.
  5. University of Michigan - Dearborn
  6. (salam) I hate him so much! He has no style at all. Bret lee is a million times more better then him. All Shoaib does is throw the ball as fast as he can and hopes it goes in the right direction.
  7. Aamir


    (salam) LOL your right.
  8. Home right now, not the prettiest place on earth, but detroits been good to me.
  9. :) Thank you Talib Bhaiiiiiiiii!! Wow, Ziyarat?? That's nice :) InshAllah my husband and I should go, oneday!! (salam) Congrats sis? when did you get married? I've been gone for too long, its hard to catch up after 4-5 months.
  10. (salam) haha, good one. Can someone make a video so that people who don't want to come or live too far can still see what happened? When did you get a car? link me to the pics, i know you posted them somewhere.
  11. Aamir

    a BIG problem

    (salam) Sounds like a virus, I'd heard of one that shows the probs you've described. try a virus scan.
  12. Aamir

    Dell Inspiron 5100

    (salam) compaq's are nice, but if you want cheap parts for your laptop, like swapable drives then go for a dell. Try the small business section on dell, you can get a latitude there, they're really nice esp if you get the pentium M processor (i think its called that). You save battery power with that processor. When buying a laptop you should look at what your going to use it for. If your just going to use it as a toy like surfing with a wireless ethernet card and writing papers, just save some cash and buy something within the 500-1000$ range. If you have other plans, go for the more hi
  13. you remind me of decarte. just don't get trapped in the cartesian circle :P
  14. (salam) wow i didn't believe i would get so many responses. Thanks everyone for your advice. I never knew that apples and bananas help make a headache go away, is that just a myth? I now feel alright, i'm just sleepy in the morning now, it sucks to have to get up for sahari(sp?) and not have time to go back to sleep. Man i feel old! no time for anything anymore. :(
  15. Thanks everyone for you replies. I didn't start drinking coffee until i started my job so i had no idea i had become such an addict until monday. i have a small headache right now but its getting better by the day. so true. I hate school
  16. i am talking about regular customers not business. i thought redhat made linux....why r they seperate? i can buy microsoft. i can buy linux or redhat? what is the main competitor of microft? there is 1 linux, and many distributions. redhat linux is a distribution. What redhat does is takes the linux kernel and addes stuff onto it like a GUI and other applications and distributes it with the name Red Hat Linux. If you want a distro of linux go to linuxiso.org. Its all free and you get a really good download speed. My guess of who is the main competitor with microsoft is probably apple
  17. (salam) I don't know why, but i'm getting really bad headaches these days. It might be because i went from a ton of caffeine per day to zero since i can't drink coffee in the office anymore. Is there anything i can do to minimize the headaches?
  18. and arabs can't park, seriously, what is so difficult in parking inbetween 2 lines? I dread parking at an arab restaurant, i sometimes end up parking in a sub-division instead.
  19. no such thing as hindu shia, first you must be muslim to be shia. No offense.
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