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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You are wrong. Period. Full stop. The End.
  2. You missed my point by a lightyear!! My point has nothing to do with race, as you so eloquently stated, Islam isn't a race. Kaffir means Non-Muslim So what exactly do you disagree with? I used the example of race to demonstrate my point, plainly put for you, a Kaffir is a Non-Muslim. Maybe it's Un-PC but that's what it means, granted it may be offensive but that wholly depends on the context in which it is used surely? Even if it is a derogatory term, what has it got to do with the OP?? Just because some Muslims also partake in prejudiced behaviour it is alright for that sister to have abuse hurled at her??
  3. Although I understand your perspective, I disagree with everything you have said in the strongest possible terms (aside maybe from point two) my point was made directly to the person who made sweeping statements about the way in which Muslim's speak about Non-Muslims. Which is was such a generalisation, can I ask one of our more learned members... is the word Kaffir used in the Quran??? The negative associations of this word have been placed by people not by God, it is a word used to describe people who reject Al-Haqq. Infidel is an archaic word although originally used to describe anyone who rejected Christianity it is strongly associated with The Crusades and is not longer part of our vernacular, it is a derogatory term coined by Christians of this specifically used to describe Muslims, unlike Kaffir which describes anyone who rejects the truth of Islam. It's not funny that rejection of Allah swt and the Laws of Islam result on one being considered impure, it is God's proclamation. Who are we to question this? Are you suggesting that Non-Muslims can be considered pure? Perhaps you are oversimplifying the concept, dirt and impurity are two very different things. Dirt is when something is soiled, perhaps visually or or olfactorily. Purity not only combines the physical act of cleaning oneself but is also a spiritual act. Although I would never consider anyone to be dirty- Islamically I am bound to consider that which is pure and impure. Frankly I could not give a hoot about the way in which Muslim's are percieved by Hindus, that's not going to get me into heaven, worrying about pleasing them is probably going to land me in the opposite direction. Muslims shouldn't care if Hindus judge us to be lowly or dirty, we should be more concerned with the jugdemnt of Allah swt.
  4. 1.The opposite of a muslim is a kaffir, it's just like calling someone non- white. What's the big deal in that? 2. I certainly have never done that, maybe it's a man thing 3. Muslims didn't decide Non-Muslims are najis, the fact that they do not adhere to Islam or follow purification guidelines means that they are rendered najis. What's is your point? Have you ever been on a bus and some Muslim Man began to curse and scream at some Non-Muslim woman?? NO, you haven't so your point is moot, and pretty off-topic I hasten to add.
  5. Let's not pin all the blame on her... Jon was alleged to have had an affair. No kind of behaviour from a spouse can excuse that.
  6. Sis, I don't think I'm wrong when I say you must ALWAYS observe Hijab in front of any brother-in-law. Be it the Brother of your Husband or the Husband of your Sister. Think about it logically and you won't need to consult a Mawlana.
  7. Salaam Sis I'm really saddened by your story. I think you're so brave for putting up with it with such dignity Masha'Allah, I'm afraid I would've reacted to the ignorant piece of scum and subsequently got my head kicked in. It's good that you rose above it all, props to you. I would suggest if you must take the bus to try and sit nearer the front so that you can make an exit without having to pass anyone like that pig. I get treated like a secondary citizen all the time- it began when I chose to observe Hijab a few years ago and having never experienced any racism before that it took a lot of tears to make me stronger- I would say I've learnt to expect it rather that accept it. The most recent thing that happened, which was actually mildly amusing was when I was sat with a couple of colleagues one of whom was describing a new house he'd bought, he described it as a 'Terrorist' rather than a 'Terraced'. Upon realising his Freudian slip, he turned scarlet, looked directly at me and said 'Sorry!' To which I retorted 'You will be when I press the red button.' We all laughed about it- well I did anyway, he just forced out a painful sounding chuckle and went off to get a drink. Pitiful.
  8. Hanieh


    ^^^ :lol: Such an entertaining reply. Thank you.
  9. Hanieh


  10. I really do understand where your coming from- sometimes I reach a higher level of conciousness and realise how much evil really exists in ths world. I also come to realise the part I play in allowing that evil to continue. I have to say it is at those times that I boycott this forum as well as other things I deem to be gnawing away at my spirit. It always comes full circle again and I end up right back where I began. Depressing indeed.
  11. Hanieh


    I own a huge amount- I spend waaaay too much money on it- however I don't wear that much I never get up ealry enough to have time. LOL Progeny07 might disagree though. :P
  12. Buy an oily hair shampoo from LUSH. Drink plenty of water. Don't wash your hair too much. If none of this works- see a Doctor.
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