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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam Oh mashallah brother Ali man u jus put a smile on my face ,its good to hear lil gurls this generation are turning out to be like that :) mashallah mashallah :) :) w'salam sister zahra
  2. SALAM thank u brothers for the information erm thank u brother muahmmed could u please tell me what city university ur talking about. w'salam sister zahra thanxz :)
  3. OOOO by the way welcome to the new Iraqiz that hav jus posted in !!! w'salam w'salam adios Sister zahra *Al wak7a* :angel:
  4. Ali Posted on Aug 16 2003, 04:28 AM waaalllllaaaah khuya ani Ta3baaaannna ! khaleeeeneeee 2naaaam eshwaya geblma 2bdi college * the fun starts* wooHooo :P fill ya in the gossip :angel: ba3deeeeeeeeeeean egulek shako mako BEEEYA 2hnana ib london alright! moooo3abalek ani hethenee al baanat min Canada 3ney yela khaleeena 2rooooh Eshrooob Gehwa oo chai aint been high in days.. :!!!: ''DUDE ya never Told meee man!! ;) :Hijabi: can i Invest 10 dollars in stock marketz?? :Hijabi: <---- Totally Anonymous for all those that know me hela oo bye bye ^_^ OOOOoOoOo p.s ! ma daddys Goin Iraq so if anyone wants a 3raqi DISHDASHA and 3gaaaaal :D U KNOW WHO TO CALL B) :D
  6. hey could ya tell me if theres a Uni In london that teaches Optometry wud be grateful if ya helped :) . w'salam sister zahra
  7. :cry: mashhallah brother ur poem has put me in tears man its very beautiful . :cry: w'salam sister zahra :)
  8. IRAQQQQQQQQQQQ!!!!!!!! WoooooHooo!!! Ex- SadamI state! :P :D
  9. khalf_al_Quaed Posted on Aug 14 2003, 10:30 AM QUOTE (jus_cal_me_sis @ Aug 14 2003, 02:55 PM) :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: :huh: :donno: ^_^ BYE BYE BYE BYE
  10. I aint a BAKI bUT i'D LIKE TO WISH YA'LL Aaaaaaaaaaa............... :!!!: :!!!: HABBY BAKI INDABENDENCE DAY:!!!: :!!!: WoooHooooooooo YA'LL ROCK ! I ROCK ! LETZ ROCK ! LETZ B-A-R-T-Y! B) B) B) W'salam sister Zahooooora al Wak7a :angel:
  11. HELLO HELLO HELLO :D let there be beace oki boki im goin now B) to the Beach!!! woohooo hiiiiiiicrumba!! B) B) B) w'salam :P :P
  12. w'salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam helooo Happy 17th Bday man!!! inshallah all ur dreams and desires and wantings *all good i hope ;) * come true :) take care and Peace out w'salam sister Zahooooora al Majnooona ^_^
  13. Mashallah brother haider :o this poem is very good ! i am impressed :) w'salam sister zahra ^_^
  14. yes sis :) wen ur preganat and give birth to ur lil baby ur strech marks will stay !! :) strech marks will stay strech marks will stay :)
  15. jus_cal_me_sis


    Moooon boots ?? ;) U tryin to be micheal Jackson bro ;) w'salam zuzu *woohooo I rock* ^_^
  16. Brothers And sisters Im jus gonna say this But ya'll gonna hav to realise And hear The truth!! :unsure: :) :) :) :) STRETCH MARKZ WILL NEVR DISAPEEAR IT SHALL STAY THERE TILL THE DAY U DIE!! muahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahahhahaahahahahahahhaahhaahahahhaahahahahaha :Hijabi:
  17. salam U 3Lakum Sister hope you enjoy this great site more than us !!! w'salam sister zahra
  18. jus_cal_me_sis


    errrrr I dont :D
  19. awwwwwwww Abudi Pal that was sooo Sweeet I vote for Abudi The SWEETEST guy ON SHIA CHAT!!! U VOTE FOR ME U VOTE FOR ma BEST pal Abudi w'salam sister*neeed a drink*
  20. asalaaaaaam Khuya Hasssuuuuni shlooonek khuya zeean inshaallah yela hutli Vote ya3ni ani ukhtek iraqiya mu saheeeh. Yela inshallah ani hEM AAHUTLECK VOTE 3la el coolest member on shia chat mafhoom yela tamam adios!!! :P
  21. I do Dont I (LOL) Safeee cool talk to u later bro ^_^ w'salam sister zahra
  22. hip hip Horray Hip hip Horay Anyone survin Drinks :D w'salam
  23. Bloody hell who voted for me! :D w'salam sister zahra * chuffed*
  24. :o Ali :cry: Ali :cry: w'salam :cry: *snif* Ali *snif* :cry:
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