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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) (salam) Smiling eyes… Up there…clear-blue skies, lacking white little lies Soft speech… An endless sea and unexploited beach, oh what rare levels of cleanliness to teach Warm, helpful hands… And the rain…the bounties, for the needy truly never ends, lest for the greedy Dignified, but honest… The tree revealing its nakedness at fall, always with the aptitude of standing high and tall Ordinary, yet exceptional… Snowflakes lying in masses on the ground, still waiting to be seen, to be found Comforting, spreading hope… Death replaced by grenery, a semipiternal scenery Beauty, wild and free In the open, clear for everyone to see… Beauty, taimed and secluded Deep within, flourishing, and in our nature included… The pure souls Oh those being sought-after! The believing, the kind Oh the ones who alter the entire state of mind! The beautyful...
  2. Interesting...hmm. Actually my intention was the following; first verse-an observation&confirmation of what is reality, second/third-my own thoughts and observations(and therefore shortcomings), fourth/fifth-silent confirmation to myself of what reality is. I guess my thoughts are complicating/not clear in the poem maybe...but it isn't meant as a prayer to Allah(swt)-it's more what I feel, like a silent ventilation for myself... Thanks for the critique, it's always interesting and valuable :) ws
  3. Rabyaah


    (bismillah) (salam) Ok, feel free to criticize this (English is not my 1st language :blush: ), and tell me what you think. As the night falls, there's no escaping Dark veils slowly wrap around you, and you're seduced into the hours... As you move to there, like yesterday, and the nights before You're dreaming of an invisible sandstorm Where grains are colliding in all directions, before you You're trying hard to breath, trying to make it through the night Trying to flee, to somewhere else To find the silence you were seeking... As you fall down, broken kissing the sand, and caressing the memories of once existing hope You're imagining the rivers that flowed, and the buried landscape underneath... Now at daytime, I see how you're still living, in empty castles Being merely a captive, in your infinite desert Struggling to make it through the day, where invisible thoughts are colliding before you And words are hitting your face And still there's no escape... Someday, maybe we'll be joined in our desert Maybe, someday we can escape together From the storm of this world...
  4. Thanks :) ws /Rabyaah
  5. (bismillah) (salam) I'm posting this as my opening poem, in time I hope I will get better at this... One reason Across these empty distances, through those walls and borders Throughout this entire world, eternal will continues... Even so, at times Oh most merciful, most gracious I loose patience, hope willingness to see beyond I tell myself, why even care? Being man, I don't know if it's truly fair... I ask myself, how is it that hate lives, side by side with love How is it that black blends in with white How is it that paradox fits into these frames so well Oh why is it that sheytan was allowed... Even so, at times when in the coldest of nights When in the darkest of hours Even when I'm ever so filled with doubt to all and everyone You're still around Forgiving me, loving me, sending me Your eternal light Letting me behold, this glimpse of Your almighty will And it's only for that split second that I am If I ever doubted Your will, oh most merciful, most gracious of all Never loose faith in me, never loose your hopes in me This will last for eternity This is the only reason, for being
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