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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 786 Asalam e ilikum, I believe that gifting her with the attire that you appreciate with a note stating, 'let's go for a change as it'll add spice and variety to the way you dress up' MIGHT work.. Also, giving her subtle hints like , 'you look more beautiful when simple' or ' oh, I really like this hejab of yours..It looks even more nice than glitter or sparkly ones.' ..or maybe, get her a pair of heels that do not make noise [yes, look them up.. im certain u'll find them..] or get her some really smart flats.. Get close to her in her dressing sense.. Compliment her and make her feel comfort
  2. Salam brother,

    I need your help since you would be well informed about certain issues.. A friend of mine who belongs to ahl-e-sunnah questioned me about Aisha and the 3 caliphs..as to why we curse them.. i do know abt the events..but i would be very grateful if u provide some authentic sources too.. pls.. looking forward to ur reply.. Jazak Allah..

    Pls mail me at naqvi.kinza@gmail.com

  3. hand symbolizes panjatan-e-pak.. and as sumbody said ..it also conveys the message of the martydom of Hazrat Abbas (as) when he had gone to the river Euprates to get water for Bibi Sakina(SA) who had been thirsty since 3 days..
  4. Bismillah -er-rahman-er-rahim Asalam-e-ilikum everyone, i guess i will be needing a LOT OF HELP TOO.. coz i have not encountered such a situation or such fluctuating feelings.. Alhamdolilah i offer prayers.. fast..read quran at times.. but also listen to music .. and dont take hijab! nowadays, i have started to take hijab when ever i am going out..not really hijab but i cover my head with the dopatta!.. so please help me out.. Wsalam, Ya Ali(AS)Madad, Fee Aman Allah!
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