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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Zulfiqari


    thunder. oh my god, i am SO scared of it. :(
  2. Don't know exactly what I was thinking when I wrote this...but feel free to ask any questions about it. :) Written earlier this year in March. Resist The Torture The world is not a place for the weak. It's eat or be eaten, Kill or be killed. Everyone has done this since the beginning of time - Survival of the fittest. Thankfully, you're one of the strong people. The ones who are tough, indestructible, Unbreakable. Or are you? The inevitable is inevitable. You must be put to the test. There's no way you can get out of this. You're tied down...you can't run away. It must be endured. Whiplash, Bloody face, Dark puddle on the floor. Repeated injuries. Broken nose. More blood gushing out. Can you handle it? Insults raining down on you, While the dagger slashes at your arms. Sledgehammer rams the base of your neck. Your spine shatters. You scream in agony. Slumping in the chair, your soul Flickers on and off - Conscious to unconscious. On the horizon, something is fluttering In and out of your sight. You flicker in and out of life, While struggling to keep your eyes On Paradise. Visions of a perfect abode Fill your head, dulling the pain. And that's when it happens. Your savior arrives. A figure, shrouded entirely in white Glows on the horizon, barely visible. It raises its hand, Extends a finger - And beckons. In a moment of unexpected clarity, Your brain realizes what your heart Has been wishing all along. That there was no need to worry, That this person, whoever it may be, Would have come to your rescue eventually. You wonder why life is so difficult, Why it's so hard to Resist the torture Instead of giving in, and giving up. As you ponder the situation, The figure has come closer. Through your hazy vision, You see the person smile. "You have done well -" Another blow hits you... "- and the strength of your faith -" ...you're too tired to comprehend the pain anymore... "- has pleased the Lord." You smile tiredly, and without a doubt you finally Give yourself up to God.
  3. i beg your pardon? the only reason i asked was because i haven't visited SC for a couple of months, so i had no idea. there was no need to be so rude. :angry:
  4. what happened to the chat room? why is it gone?
  5. Zulfiqari


    Yah, I know it's pathetic. :squeez: Rainfall Pitter patter pat A thousand diamond drops fall Drenching the grasses. ...I tried the 5-7-5 format.
  6. Zulfiqari


    Again, I wrote this one too when I felt like an emo...and depressed...and I felt like a pile of poo. :cry: Cutting So much despair, So much fury, You don't know what to do anymore. Why is there no - Ahh...yes, but there is a solution. You head to the bathroom, Knife in hand. Close the door And lock it. The mirror reflects your misery. You can't take it anymore. You're scared about what will happen But resolved to do it all the same. Frightened of the inevitable pain Yet you're determined to stay strong. Your shirt is pulled up to reveal your arm. The knife is raised. It slashes downwards. Again and again you drag it slowly down Grimacing, but still continuing. You don't want to be a coward - And so you continue, as if to prove that You can do it. Finally, you're sick of everything. Tired of everything. Angry that nothing ever goes right...ever. This time, there's no going back. You smile as the knife makes its last descent. This is it. Cut...and let the blood flow.
  7. Zulfiqari


    ...this was written when i felt like a complete emo. :( Pain It hurts so much, And no one can even reach you When you're in that dark abyss. Seemingly understandable, But it isn't. Drowning, always drowning In pain. You can't even explain your feelings To anyone - Just like how I can't explain What I'm feeling, what I'm going through Right now. It's too complicated. I myself don't even know How to just spit it all out, Because I can't tell what It is that I'm feeling. Yes, I am hurting - With no idea if it's pain, Or grief, or loneliness... Or anything at all. What I do know is that My heart is aching; And it hurts so, so much. The tears come up, But they don't come out. Sometimes I wish I felt nothing. That I was in a perfect world. Sadly, that's not reality. I'll tell you what's reality - What's my reality. Right now, I'm hurting so much I wish I had a shoulder To cry on, just get it out. Pain doesn't allow that. It traps my tears inside, Shoving all the hurt towards Where it can barely be Handled - my heart. You know, my heart isn't Able to handle all the hurt. No one can comfort me, Since they don't understand My pain. I hurt so much all the time, But there's no one who cares: Really, truly cares, about me, and tries To put themselves in my shoes, in my reality, In my pain, so that they can understand. Guess what, though? That's how it is. That's the real world for you. For me. For everybody. Until the end of time. Yes, the truth of the matter Just about kills me. No one's there to help Or to lend a hand. I'll be stuck for eternity - Drowning, Suffocating, Choking, Burning, Being frozen, Being ripped apart, And crushed... Until I die. Always and forever In pain.
  8. Zulfiqari

    Joy & Rain

    Salaams, I felt like getting back into the whole poetry thing again, so here are 2 that i wrote either in 8th or 9th grade (can't remember) for a homework assignment... :) Joy my third poem Joy has a horse's legs - Running freely about - Kicking up dusty clouds of happiness That can never seem to quench one's soul. Sweeter than sugar is the thundering sound - Of approaching hooves - That bring with them Words of excitement - of suspense. For people can never truly know - What life can bring them. Instead, they wait for that one moment - Which is drenched in April showers of happiness, And blooming with May flowers of joy. Rain my fourth poem The rain approaches Perched on a butterfly's wings. It pauses for a moment Over the fields and valleys Atop nimble claws And then soars on. Yes, I know they are not worth 5 stars, but this was when I first started writing poetry... I also posted my first poem waaay back when I first joined SC...titled Infatuation...dunno if any of you saw it.
  9. where did you come from

  10. what the heck >_> you so did not give me salams

  11. s/a...i'm doing alright, what about you? haven't heard from you in ages...

  12. how ru .. say my salams to servy... :)

  13. yeaaaa thats good to hear if its getting harder its better then youl try harder too! well done! meh im in the process of applying to uni now ahh i havent been on here in AGES i just got ur email nottifcation so i went on! its changed a Bit too! wow u can even do your own statues! its like facebook!!

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