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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 1)cold tea bags on ur eyes 2)cucumbers 3)cotton pads dipped in rosewater or milk also helps 5) apparently MAC have a great concealer, which is good for dark circles - newayz MAC is the bessssssst :D
  2. ~*sara*~


    yeah i wish i were prettier and taller :(
  3. nidzzz!! - wht did u get?? - let me guess... A's ;)
  4. im charlie brown You are Charlie Brown: You are tender, you fall in love >quickly but you are also very serious about all relationships. You are >a family person. You call your mom every Sunday. You have many friends >and may occasionally forget a few Birthdays. Don't let your passion >confuse you with reality. i guess so :)
  5. 1) do voluntary work 2) work in a clinic (GP) 3) do various hopsital work 4) work in places such as The Childrens Trust - children with various disabilities 5) Old peoples Homes/residential homes/nursing homes 6) work in a pharmacy 7) i found a brain injury centre in Banstead - if u wanna go there - (cuz i do) - we'll go together - and thts summin different - so it will look good on ur CV! ;) ..newayz if u need career advice - go to my dad, nids!!! - afterall u do want to study medicine lol
  6. NIDA!... he doesnt just do his eyebrows, he has eyeliner tatooed in 2... :!!!:
  7. whizbee - yeah they did happen to feature a hijaabi at the beginning
  8. I would say the L ... but the colour is REALLY bad - needs to be silver :wub: hey Bollywood Hero!!! - i like Porsche Boxters too! :D
  9. :lol: freeeeeeaaaak :D just jokin ;)
  10. i hardly go there!!! ..if nething its tooting, because there are like no Sikhs lol :D
  11. southall?? tht place is a DUMP! ..plus its filled with the pervy Sikhs eewwww!
  12. helllooooo NEWS FLASH! ... shes hideous!!!! :!!!: yea and? cant dark ppl be pretty? ..let me guess, your one 'of those' who consider women who are dark to be unattractive... :huh:
  13. This is the method I use.. You first put in your right lense...and look to the left, then quickly look to the right, and then look down and blink to remove the bubbles in the lense...this method is easier than the normal way, coz its less terrifying as you are not actually touching the eye part ... and to remove them, drag them out the side of your eye, verrryyyy gently...another easier method, then having to pinch them out...eeek...and plus its good if you have long nails, as this way you wont split the lense oh and another thing....dont fall asleep in them...iv done that so may times eek ...coz the lense can get behind ur eyeball and you have to get taken to hospital to have it removed...
  14. uncle muazzam ?? ..if thats how u spell his name lol
  15. yea youth...i met ur sister in the bathroom yea..and i woz like r u zafar's sister? and she woz like yea...are u sara?..and im like yea ... did u use to go to madressah...and i woz like yea! :D ... see i used to knw her back then innit :angel: nida ur baby sister is sooooo cute :wub: ... i luv her more than u :P what can i say? u know me too well :D lol
  16. i have the pic..if sum1 explains to me how to show u guys the picture, then i will do it :) coz i knw tht the kauthi wont lol
  17. thts coz they are buff :D ummm east v west london...... they are both as [Edited Out] as each other... fitshia dont kill me lol :angel: ... Surrey is the best :D oi laydee 110.. where abouts??
  18. hmm a song.... Raghav, 2play, juxci... 'so confused'... this song suits holden's personality really well because he really is 'so confused' :D ... more specific to the part where he substitutes Sally Hayes for Jane Gallagher...he becomes so confused and stuff about his feelings..so i guess this song is ideal...use the chorus part :)
  19. yea they say that khol improves ones eyesight, i think specifically people who are short sighted (although dont quote me lol..cant remember exactly) u mentioned that when u applied it ur eyes became red? then i wouldnt recommend that u use eyeliner, because u have sensitive eyes - my aunty used it once and her eyes were red and watery for the whole evening and plus she woz really uncomfortable so avoid it...if u really want to use sumthing...then use a soft eyeliner pencil and apply it really lightly - sumthing like Rimmel London in black magic...maybelline's eyeliners are soo bad...i brought one in black - and it comes out grey on me! khol comes in 3 forms i think, stick, pencil and powder...so the powder version would possibly suit u best...as the stick one might make ur eyes water...and as for the pencil version..im not sure...try it anyway... eyeliner/khol looks soooo good, gives great definition to eyes...so u will look ace sis! :D
  20. henna..post it coz it woz soooo good! ;)
  21. reza asad....thts well nice...or even better asad reza.... :D ...are u not allowed coz of the whole dying thing? ...is it really true?or is it just superstition?
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