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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think Bro Ali is right. To me the best option would be recomend it while just falling short of forcing it but if someone does not observe it willingly - they should not be punished as they will face the azaab in the hereafter as they neglect the orders of God Almighty. was salam
  2. Salaamz you guys traet Ali un wali ullah as tabarruk and consider yourselves shian-e-Ali (as) ? Subhanallah
  3. Salaamz May God Almighty bless those who are fighting for the rights of Janab-e-Sayyeda (as) against people who are favouring the one who denies the rights of Janab-e-Fatima Zahra (as). was salam
  4. salaamz Ahluz Zikar are only and Only Aimma (as) - no one i repeat absolutely no else other than Aimma (as) can ever call them Ahlaz Zikar. Books of Ahadith are full of quotes from Aimma (as) saying that they are Ahluz Zikar. was salam
  5. Salaamz Where is Fadlullah worsh.......r Shabbirh now :rolleyes: ? He was the one who used to glorify his status so much that sometimes it felt like he was the only one around. Where is Zainabia :rolleyes: : who used to say that we have to respect all scholars as they are ( Nauzo Billah ) better than the Anbia of bani Israel. Where is my sweet sister who used to defend all the Ullama ( Soo ) :rolleyes: ? Come on guys - why are you quite about Fadlullah - he too is a so called Ayatullah and a Maraja ? huh :D Where are the mods who used to ban people for speaking against Iran and any of the scholars - See the other thread where so many of your beloved MArajas have spoken out against Fadlullah - would yous call them ( The Marajas ) anti Ullama (Soo) Brigade too ? was salam
  6. Salaamz Are you sure of what you say - would you stick to it yourself ? If you would have read what i wrote i clearly said that i do not want people to take my words as final and they should ask him themselves - so whats wrong in that ? You are objecting just for the sake of it, so get your acts togeather mate. was salam
  7. salaamz before calling it a crime you need to prove that not observing hijab is a crime punishable in this world, and this can only be proved if you present any evidence that Rasool-e-Khuda (pbuh &hp) or Moula ali (as) did punish someone for not observing Hijab. You saying that everyone observed hijab at that time is nothing but conjecture and conjecture has absolutely no value at all. was salam
  8. salaamz Excuse me ? what exactly are you trying to say mate ? If you're a moderator it doesnt mean you can say what ever you want. was salam
  9. Salaamz Sister Kaneez - Masha Allah you are surely doing a wonderful job by guiding the munkireen-e-Wilayat-e-Moula ali (as). Please keep it up. Im here now to support the jsut cause of yours. was salam
  10. salaamz I stand corrected - Well, may i humbly ask brothers and sisters that if there is no evidence of someone being punished for not observing hijab during the times of Moula Ali's (as) govt or that of Rasool-e-Khuda's (pbuh&hp) Govt. Do the govt be it of a mullah like in iran or any other have any right to impose something which was not imposed by Aimma (as) ? was salam
  11. salaamz Do you agree that everything in Nahjul Balagha is 100 % correct and cannot be disputed no matter what it is about ? was salam
  12. Salaamz I have asked Fadlullah about this my self live and it was translated back to me by one of his Pakistani Student who is studying there in his hoza in Shaam (Syria), and Fadlullah ( as per the Translation) accepted thet he has not only denied the incident of Bibi Fatima (as) but also confirmed that he does not accept her as infalliable. This is a personal account but i dont want people to take my words as final and can ask him directly. AS i have confirmed it from him my self so i have all the right to critisize him and do Bara'a from him in the same way as i do Bara'a with the 3 stooges and their follower Muawiya and Yazeed. was salam
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