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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, Do you know where Shaykh Usama Abdulghani is reciting?
  2. There is a matam in Deira that holds majlis for men in Frij Marar.
  3. ^^^ No offence taken Splzo. I should have beem more specific.
  4. (salam) Thank you for googling on my behalf. However, I goolgled initially which is why I then turned to this forumn to get personal recommendations.
  5. (salam) I am looking at buying a MP3 cum voice recorder and require one that can record for a long time (2 - 3 hours) continuosly. Any recommendations?
  6. Salam, What may be a better option is ensuring a provision for the women to initiate divirce else she may find her self having to pay 100k in a khulla divorce!
  7. widad

    Audio capture

    I am actually looking for another program. One came as part of a toolbar and the other was a simplier software that the one mentioned in the post. Unfortunately, I cant recall the names of the program.
  8. widad

    Audio capture

    (salam) I am looking for a softwear to allow me to download streaming audio from the internet eg nasheeds,etc. Any ideas?
  9. (salam) Can you not prepar any dish? Does it have to be ash / lentils?
  10. ^ (salam) I believe he means the lecturer who lives in Canada and is already married!
  11. ^I think we need to concentrate on the rest who will depart eventually, as indeed we all will. Some of us are lucky and belong to an organisation that will, at the very least, bury us, even though they may not be there during our lifetime. The rest are not so fortunate and I think this is an excellent idea i.e. establishing contact. Perhaps a separate topic could be created and pinned on the convert forumn?
  12. nna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji`oon.
  13. Twenty-five people have been killed and about 52 wounded in suicide attacks against pilgrims in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, police say. The three attacks, carried out by women, targeted Shia Muslims heading for the Kadhimiya shrine in the north of the city for annual ceremonies. The bombers struck as pilgrim convoys passed through the Karrada district. Meanwhile, a suicide attack in the northern city of Kirkuk has killed at least 11 people, officials say. At least 50 people were injured in the blast, which happened as thousands of Kurdish demonstrators gathered to protest against a controversial law on provincial elections currently going through Iraq's parliament. Sectarian violence Baghdad has been under heavy security because of the Shia pilgrimage. Among those killed in the attacks on pilgrims in the capital were women and children, security and hospital officials told AFP news agency. The BBC's Jim Muir in Baghdad says that major gatherings for Shia religious ceremonies have frequently been the target for bomb attacks, blamed on Sunni extremists. Such attacks were a feature of the cycle of sectarian violence that gripped Iraq last year. The attacks have been greatly reduced by US and Iraqi government forces taking action against Sunni-based insurgents on the one hand, and the Shia militias on the other. More than a million worshippers are expected to attend the pilgrimage But our correspondent says that stopping suicide bombers who move among crowds on foot, especially women wearing voluminous clothing, is particularly difficult. The pilgrimage, which commemorates the death of the revered eighth-century imam Musa al-Kadhim, will reach a climax on Tuesday and more than a million worshippers are expected. The Iraqi military spokesman in Baghdad, Brig Gen Qassim al-Moussawi, told AP news agency that 100,000 Iraqi security forces were being deployed - along with US reinforcements and air support - to protect the ceremonies in Kadhimiya. Security forces are using about 200 women volunteers to search female pilgrims, AP said. Despite the extra security, gunmen also shot dead seven pilgrims in the southern outskirts of Baghdad on Sunday. Some Shia pilgrims said they were determined to continue with the ceremonies. "Today we are going to visit the holy Shrine of Imam Kadhim. We pay no heed to bombings and death. We are believing in God," said Jassim Jihad. In 2005 more than 900 people died in a stampede on the route to the shrine. The panic had been started by rumours of a suicide bomber in the crowd. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7528117.stm
  14. Salaams, Generally, most restaurants use Indian meat which is known to be halal. Chicken however is another issue. If freshly slaughtered, it is halal. If imported, inmost cases it is not unless you are speaking of certain brands. Sa'diya for example is not halal and is imported from Brazil whilst Al Watania is. Wa'Salaam
  15. (salam) I am searching for the words to and mp3 of "Ya Rab Bimare Kerbobala". Many thanks.
  16. (salam) Labour department! Wa'Salaam
  17. Salaam Alaykum, I believe, accoridng to the UAE law, it s illegial for your boss to take a fee from your monthly salary as the onus is on the employer to pay for the labour card. If you have proof, uou can report her to the appropriate Ministry. Wa''Salaam
  18. Salaam Alaykum, I believe, accoridng to the UAE law, it s illegial for your boss to take a fee from your monthly salary as the onus is on the employer to pay for the labour card. If you have proof, uou can report her to the appropriate Ministry. Wa''Salaam
  19. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7261582.stm Iraq bomber kills Shia pilgrims At least 25 people have been killed and dozens more injured by a suicide bomber targeting Shia pilgrims in the Iraqi town of Iskandiriya, south of Baghdad. An official told the BBC that a bomber wearing a suicide vest had detonated his device in a crowd. At least 40 people were injured in the attack. The town is on the way to the Shia city of Karbala, which is hosting a religious festival. The bomb comes despite a recent lull following a US troop increase. Police told the BBC the bomber walked into a comfort station for pilgrims and then detonated a device. This was the second attack on the pilgrims on Sunday. The first occurred in Baghdad, in the southern district of Doura. Three were killed and 49 wounded when militants attacked passing pilgrims. A roadside bomb was detonated with gunmen then opening fire. Iskandariya, 50km (30 miles) south of Baghdad, was a flashpoint for years, but correspondents say violence had recently declined there. The US said this was due to a Sunni alliance siding with the US against al-Qaeda in Iraq, as well as the influx of US troops. The religious festival of Arbaeen marks the end of 40 days of mourning for Prophet Muhammad's grandson, Imam Hussein, who was killed along with his family in 681, by the Muslim ruler of Arabia, Yazid.
  20. (wasalam) Very well written LaYdee_110. This brought tears to my eyes. Wa'Salaam
  21. (salam) I am searching for nauhas and marsiyas on Hazrat Qasim. Thanks.
  22. (salam) As a khoja I know we've achieved an amazing amount and, at the same time, mistakes have been made and we can achieve more. I think Khoja's as a community tend to stick together which is why perhaps they tend to stick out. I feel many other communities have a split accoring to sub criterias (area for one) and thus may have several centres as opposed to the one unifed one. I know that almost anyone can be a member though they may not necessarily be eligible to be part of the management. I do know that for the most part, we work as a community and the Hussayniah, the madressa are open to all, to both servie in and benefit from. To conclude, yes, like everyone else, we too have some people with an attitude problem. To the poster who gave the example of the people being placed by the shoe area. I know at my Hussayniah, some members of my family were not allowed in for shallow reasons and were sent to sit elsewhere, where as people coming later were allowed in to the main centre. So it happens to us too. Wa'Salaam
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