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  1. Salaam, Do you know where Shaykh Usama Abdulghani is reciting?
  2. There is a matam in Deira that holds majlis for men in Frij Marar.
  3. ^^^ No offence taken Splzo. I should have beem more specific.
  4. (salam) Thank you for googling on my behalf. However, I goolgled initially which is why I then turned to this forumn to get personal recommendations.
  5. (salam) I am looking at buying a MP3 cum voice recorder and require one that can record for a long time (2 - 3 hours) continuosly. Any recommendations?
  6. Salam, What may be a better option is ensuring a provision for the women to initiate divirce else she may find her self having to pay 100k in a khulla divorce!
  7. widad

    Audio capture

    I am actually looking for another program. One came as part of a toolbar and the other was a simplier software that the one mentioned in the post. Unfortunately, I cant recall the names of the program.
  8. widad

    Audio capture

    (salam) I am looking for a softwear to allow me to download streaming audio from the internet eg nasheeds,etc. Any ideas?
  9. (salam) Can you not prepar any dish? Does it have to be ash / lentils?
  10. ^ (salam) I believe he means the lecturer who lives in Canada and is already married!
  11. ^I think we need to concentrate on the rest who will depart eventually, as indeed we all will. Some of us are lucky and belong to an organisation that will, at the very least, bury us, even though they may not be there during our lifetime. The rest are not so fortunate and I think this is an excellent idea i.e. establishing contact. Perhaps a separate topic could be created and pinned on the convert forumn?
  12. nna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji`oon.
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