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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. On the occasion of Milad Al Nabi (as) - the birth of the holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - Nouri Sardar has released his fifth book 'Fourteen', an anthology of his poems written in honour of the Fourteen Infallibles between 2014-2016.This is a book 2 years in the making, with over 90 poems abut the Fourteen Infallibles (as), written between Summer 2014 and Summer 2016 in cities all over the world - with the majority of them never read by anyone before. For more details and to order your copy, click below: http://nourisardar.com/releases/fourteen/ With duas for your continuous success
  2. The video is very clear. He says if anyone makes this accusation against me, that I am attacking Sayed Khamanaei, I will complain to Rasoolullah (pbuh) on Judgement Day.
  3. Salam Alaykom, 1) Any non-Shia who reads this thread will find us an embarrassment. 2) As stated in the video above, Bassim was not attacking Sayed Al-Khamanaei in his "mashloola" poem, the verses before it clearly state he is referring to the enemies of the Ahlulbayt (as) (hence the enemies of "sha'a'ir"). I don't see any apologies on this thread for those quick to attack him. 3) Whilst I'm not defending him, the previous poems he read before this were indeed against Yaqoobi, the reason being is that fatawa from the Sheikh against tatbeer were distributed in the same Husseiniya which is
  4. Salam, Can someone please provide me with ahadith from the Ahlulbayt (as) referring to the negative effects of eating haraam meat/food
  5. (bismillah) All of My Sons All of my sons… for Ali’s sons I tell my Lord whenever to Him I pray I am the mother who gave her sons away * * * I’m a mother who has a pride and what a pride I’m the lioness who gave away all her pride In the love of Mohammed, daily, I’d abide I gave everything and in my Lord I relied I had a voice that like Ali’s battle-cry cried With my four children’s lives, Yazid’s rule I defied I shook his throne… with every son It is the pride that lives with me every day I am the mother who gave her sons away * * * How many doors God opens when one door opens I married
  6. al-iman

    The Garden

    The Garden If they think I’m misled… I show them Mohammed Mohammed, Mohammed… Mohammed, Mohammed *** I’ve walked in a world of love and lessons… and saw it, a heavenly garden When daily through this gardened I strolled… I found with lessons it was ridden It taught me how to stroll in my world… it took away each doubt and burden And when with sins my heart would harden… its scent would cause my heart to open How much I adored such a garden… to my dismay, it men tried to burn That which, in my heart, would once blossom… they’d defame, and to flame, make it turn *** Indeed they’d tried to burn th
  7. (salam) Your Day It was not just a day witnessed… by your eyes, by your eyes Millions witness your day so… hear their cries, hear their cries Hussain, you are not alone… your pain to millions is shown Millions witness your day so… hear their cries, hear their cries * * * Between your eyelid and eye… drawn in every tear you’d cry You’d stand alone, asking for help… and did you ever ask why? Calamities you witnessed… left our own eyes so distressed That we’d cry as if horses’ hooves… were on our own fathers pressed You stood alone on that day… every love taken awa
  8. (bismillah) (salam) 'Household of Gold' - the third volume of poetry regarding the Holy Household as written by Nouri Sardar. A comprehensive poetic examination of the 14 infallibles through poems written in praise, memory and mourning of this great House. Poems written to evoke emotion, fuel divine love and leave the reader in awe. Hardcover: 240 pages. The book will be released on the 28th of November 2012. It can be pre-ordered online here: http://www.rizviarts.com/index.php?route=product%2Fproduct&path=45&product_id=70 and delivered direct to your door within a few days of i
  9. (salam) I Have Long Awaited O' Baqir... I have long awaited O' Baqir... to with you be greeted As foretold by Mustafa... O' Baqir I am Jaber * * * O' fifth shining light that decorates a whole household of gold Know that I'm Jaber and for how long have I served your household By your grandfather Mohammed O' Baqir I was foretold That I'd meet his descendant, though I may grow both blind and old He told me... that you would have his name He told me... that you both walked the same Though I be blind and older... O' Baqir I am Jaber * * * Know that every day I'd leave my house and sit at this
  10. al-iman

    Ali's Visit

    Salam Alaykom A poem that is structured around wordplay. May Allah (swt) grant us the visit of Amir Almomineen (as). Ali's Visit I’m entranced by Ali, entranced by… his might Like his battles stood in awe of… his might So I ask O’ Lord in hope that… you might Grant me his visitation… and allow Me to stand in front of Ali… allowed To pledge my allegiance toward him… aloud I beseech you Lord for but… a chance His visit it comes so rarely… a chance Even though his name my heart, daily… it chants Even though he sleeps in my eyes… a rose I wanted to draw him,
  11. Not at all! I have a comfort zone it's true, but I want to experiment with it as much as I can and be satisfied somewhat with what I have achieved - whilst breaking my own norms here and there - before I think about other options. Thankyou for your kind words & support :)
  12. I Wrote a Letter I gaze out in searching... for a saviour rising The absence in my heart... calls out for his name In a heart that's bleeding... a fire igniting And only his rising... can put out this flame I wrote a letter... toward my Master Addressed to your name... addressed to your name * * * Upon the horizon, I see no figure Rising from the Earth's curve: no hope, no picture And I squint with my eye... until the tears I cry Write a message that I hold up in the air I hope that he sees and my cry for help heeds The message in my hand, I hope that he reads I use a tortured voice... void
  13. al-iman

    Heed O' Lord

    (salam) Heed O' Lord... heed O' Lord... He whose graces are not known beyond Him Heed O' Lord... heed O' Lord... Give those pilgrims a safe path to Kathom * * * I start this prayer, O' my Lord, as I hear a mother's scream As her child now lives in but a fragment of a dream I see him raised between worlds, settled beside Heaven's stream And I see him presenting his soul to Imam Kathom He's implored... he's implored... That Kathom takes what he wishes of him Heed O' Lord... heed O' Lord... Give those pilgrims a safe path to Kathom * * * I raise my hands O' my Lord, with my concerns a whisper Ash
  14. Salam Clip 1 - Writing for Ashura Clip 2 - Abu Fadhil Abbas (as) Clip 3 - The universality of Ashura
  15. al-iman


    (salam) Indeed I am hardship, and I have my eye upon you You’ll shudder from my glare but of my worth I shall argue Yes, it may be that my glare has excited very few And I instil fear and uncertainty into hearts, true Yet only those who I’ve embraced, understand my value For I clutched them, so tight, that to escape my chains, they grew They grew and became immortal, from them weakness withdrew I raised them, with my strange sense of comfort, gave them virtue * * * I work in different forms, many sizes and many shapes I range from death and calamity, to mere cuts and sc*rapes I seem to cut off
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