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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Allama Talib Johri is in karachi; I think two or three places Download or live from following link http://www.zuljana.com/
  2. This Great Molana in London RNB Leisure Complex; 366A Stag Lane, Kingsbury, London, NW9 9AA . web: http://www.iislamic.org/ English Majalis will be recited by H.I Sayed Mudhafar al-Qazwini Esq (Kerbala, Iraq) Urdu Majalis will be recited by Janab Maulana Mirza Sadiq Hasan Esq (Melborune, Australia) MUHARRAM 1432AH - Majalis commemorating the martydom of Imam Hussain [as]. Program will be held daily from Tuesday 7th December 2010 at the RNB Leisure Complex; 366A Stag Lane, Kingsbury, London, NW9 9AA . Program will commence daily at 7.30PM with Salaat followed by the English lecture at 8.00PM, Marsiya Khawni at 8.30PM and the Urdu Majlis will start promptly at 8.45PM
  3. Allam Ali Murtaza Zaidi at Norway http://www.amzaidi.com/
  4. Kindly share which scholars are reciting and where IN PAKISTAN? Also share download links Also share Nohas Links Also share important TV MAJALIS links I am sharing http://hussainiat.com/ Hussaiat regards Zeeshan
  5. Now a days The Great Person is in Islamabad, Pakistan
  6. The JAFARIA web site not showing name of maulana Sadiq (http://www.jafaria.org/page_3.htm) but the name of Maulana Syed Ehtisham Abbas Zaidi. can you please confirm the situation? Regards
  7. Maulana Sadiq Hasan was in Islamabad Pakistan from 20-23 muharram (4 days). Majalis can be download from http://www.alsadiqtrust.com/
  8. Sorry to say after 5 replies my question is still to be answered that WHAT IS MEANING OF MESAM?? i hope to get reply soon.
  9. salam The majlis on date 15 september and 17 september is not complete (only of 1 -2 minutes) on cig.ca. so plesase ask someone to upload full majlis wassalam
  10. Assalam-o-Aliakum Hazrat Mesam-e-Tammar was the one of the closest follower of Imam Ali (a.s). Due to which many people name their children as MESAM. I want to ask the meaning of mesam or mesum? wassalam Zeeshan
  11. (salam) It is requested to all brothers/sisters to please share the websites on which MOLANA SADIQ HASAN sahib most recent speech are available. we donot have any information about his speeches after March 2007. please share soon. wassalam Zeeshan
  12. (salam) I found a online fateha service at "http://www.hussainiyat.com/fateeha/fateeharegistration.asp" it looks fine. plz add the name of your marhooms in the list. wassalam Abbas
  13. This Site () contain 7 majalis but from his 7th speech shows there was also 8th Majalis that is very important. Plz upload the 8th Majalis. Thanks
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