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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I've listened to you guys for years, i've got all your cliches down. there's no point anymore really, it's just the talk of self-hating confused kids who are full of themselves, thinking they can make everyone happy with them.... that's my opinion, take it or leave it
  2. ^Why should I bother? Hagh is clear from batil. I learn things in real life, not from pretenders on the internets. I'm just here to chill out a little bit, and speak out when i feel like it.
  3. LOL, good stuff, the "go live in iran" argument isn't even original, it's a new cliche when they run out of arguments (which usually happens very quickly). they dont' sound that much different to wilders or the BNP really...L
  4. marbles has gone off the deep end, what happened to you son?
  5. The only people who use terms like "strawman" are a bunch of wannabe intellectuals in the high school debate club with a nice letterman's jacket, wearing it proudly while jamming their keyboards with harsh words about IRI but praises for their fantasy football stars... the common guy working, playing soccer, going to the cafe has no idea what "strawman" even means, so it's pretty much irrelevant, only works in forums like these
  6. Let the IRI haters leave and settle in Beverly HIlls in their natural habitat. Nobody needs them. They reject all calls for unity and rationality, so good riddance. They can run around with the latest hugging jeans and alternate the latest fad political slogans...today free iran, next day free tibet, the next day free the animals, the next day free lindsey lohan...hichi nadare
  7. Sunni Islam is mostly warped history used to prop up Arab Nationalism and expansionism, as well as turn kings and emperors into Hollywood like celebrities, and the term wouldn't even need to exist if Shia Islam did not exist in the first place. Shia can survive without Sunni, Sunni cannot survive without Shia.
  8. Issues like these are a product of modern Western society, a product of materialism, hedonism, and nauseating propaganda that tells people that religion is not cool and "cramps my style". Basically religion is bad, I just want to do whatever I want, I have chosen rappers over religious figures, the rock concert over the mosque, I wanna be a free spirit, girls just wanna have fun, etc. We've never had such widespread psychology in human history.
  9. We should focus on people who actually deserve attention by merit, not just because of birth. She's a nobody who's not good at anything except exploiting the Imam's name, nothing more. Nice peace of propaganda though, touched on all the important points, a perfect textbook illustration of it, perfect even for my ten year old cousins to figure out: 1. hejab is a burden, symbolizes oppression, is not natural, titled the article "fighting the veil" for psychological selective retention 2. religion has no place in political discourse, islam is an ancient system with no place in the modern wor
  10. ^It's interesting that you are from Seattle, where police responded to WTO protesters with way more brutality than the Iranian police ever showed the Green thugs. As for foreign Muslims living in the West, the famous saying is, "We're here because you're over there".
  11. These laws are in place mainly to combat conmen, opium dealers, and petty criminals from neighboring countries and protect women from being coerced into marrying these people for legal entry. That's why these laws are in place.
  12. Hassan Abbasi said it right when he said that they are always giving our women prizes and awards for those who can talk their talk and walk their walk. Hip hop girls getting hip hop prizes. They find women with insecurity and an identity crisis and then shower them with flattery.
  13. Green thuggery knows no bounds, human rights to them is strip clubs, dancing, and rap music. All they can do is hide behind regular people and put up doctored photos and videos. Stalin would be proud!
  14. Yes it is doubtful that many are who they say who are or if they simply ate the Haram bread of corrupt logic and believe because they have a passport or greencard, unquestioned military allegiance to that government or country is accepted. The Muslims, a high almost absolute amount of the Muslims have established that the Western governments in Iraq, Afghanistan are either (1) Occupiers (2) Oppressors in the foreign countries they occupy (2) Rapists and scoundrels All of them qualifies as unjust, Allah condemns those who side with the unjust, 11:113 And do not incline towards those who are un
  15. Houthi's are not Twelver Shiites, but this does not mean we are not humans How many children have been killed from among them? Only an animal can turn away and say because they are not of their sect they do not care their determination comes from Imam Hussein's struggle against repressive pan-arab regimes. We admire their determination and will to protect their people our Do'a are with their children and women who have lost their lives
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