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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. babylonians, u want me to post their pics as well of the idols folding their hands?
  2. ^ well now it is , after that david campbell or whoever's suicide :sick: sick retard, he killed himself and caused troubles to the "freedom of speech" of britian :sick:
  3. i dunnno nor care abt ali08 but i am angry abt tahasyed because he's famous at kfc site as well they are so happy abt his "conversion" to sunni islam, when he was sunni all along i mean, sheesh :sick:
  4. just like bush doesnt speak the words, its his advocates and ppl at the back, same applied for Ruhallah :D
  5. hey they are known as alevis for more info, contact qizilbash.. hes one of them!
  6. rawshni, shame on you for reporting me :mad:
  7. he was forced to make that statement or hikmah or fatwah!
  8. so the folding way was more likeable to Prohet Muhammed (saww) 'so we should follow his sunnah then he preferred it, sunnis prefer it!
  9. ^ that's what i thoguht as well. i mean he must have been paid hefty sum for this!
  10. ^ believe me i know what they feel and it aint pretty. there are good reasons why people commit suicide !
  11. Isreali soldiers sometimes kill for the sake of fun :cry:
  12. goto a job site, pray to Allah, et al i mean, keep looking for jobs, he might find it somewhere eventually@
  14. girls are pathetic and so materialistic, by the looks of this thread! i m gonna marry her : - enough with the looks!
  15. what is the objection in principle to Mutah houses? There are propaganda stories about them, no doubt made up, but I know for a fact that they do exist, in Qum, for one place. They are just a place where people wishing to make this type of contract have the ability to meet. It is usually older ladies without a husband, and younger men, without the means to take a wife. Other cases are married men who have a problem at home. Some wives either refuse to have sex with their husbands, or make the whole experience difficult and dreary. As divorce is hateful, taking an occasional pleasure marriage i
  16. if mutah is haram then so is sex with slaves WITHOUT marriage, which apparently is halal in islam , both shia and sunni fiqh :squeez: nothing's worse than that! and yes, slavery still exists!
  17. ay, zyada khunnas nahee dene ka kya! saala apun kay saath is style mein koi maa ka laal ya laali nahee boli rey, kya bolti tu :!!!: aur rahee umar ki baat to rishtay mein to hum baap lagtay hain, naam hai shahenshah :!!!:
  18. Whoever claims that USA is Shaytaan al Akbar is delusional i mean, what has USA done but suffer lately, even the Katrina tragedy hasn't passed ! and i mean, what's wrong with you. Americans are the victims of terrorism We saved iraq from saddam we saved afghanistan from taliban we will save iran from ragheads :squeez: ^ irrelevent post by me!
  19. but whats wrogn with mutah houses anyway ?? i mean whats wrong with it seriously? i mean there's nothing wrong with mutah houses, everything's halal they are 100 times better than slave houses owned by NASIBI arabs
  20. well i actually agree with lester on this because the person shown ramming his head against the prison cage or hwatever was mentally ill, and BBC is reliable enough to trust on this one !
  21. (bismillah) (salam) CNN and all the other channels were astounded to see that they victim of Richard cheney's shooting incident, 78 yr old lawyer, APOLOGIZED to Cheney instead of Cheney doing it to him I mean, what a sell-out ! :sick: such americans make me sick!
  22. ^ i agree with him ! i mean, i heard a rumor abt mutah houses in tehran approved by the Sayyid honourable al Khamenei!
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