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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Your credibility is LESS THAN ZERO. The board rules declare all leaders cannot be insulted, and posters cannot personally insult other posters, yet time and time again posters like greggie get to do so over and over. In this thread alone, how many have insulted Bush's intelligence? If you check greggie and other's posts here, they make comments like calling other posters "idiots" WITHOUT ANY COMMENTS OR WARNINGS FROM THE MODERATORS. And this message from you, a so-called "moderator": is utter garbage. Start enforcing the Board rules for ALL POSTERS, and then i might care a whit what you say.
  2. [ HATE-FILLED AND INSULTING RETORIC DELETED...Soon to be (inshahAllah) ex-member warned ]
  3. Israel left the Gaza strip LAST YEAR. There are no justifications WHATSOEVER for any attacks to emanate from there. Gaza is now completely sovereign, and israel cannot be blamed FOR ANYTHING that goes on there. When a sovereign nation fires rockets into another country, it should expect to receive a massive response, its call an Act of War.
  4. Yeah this is an intelligent post. Whoops, the US just fired rockets into canada, how did that happen? Are you for real? And humans dont poll at 80% support for suicide bombings, regardless of whether they are personally responsible for every action taken by their govt. Amazing how, if so many of the pals in your mind, are not responsible for their govt's terrorism - WHERE ARE THE PROTESTS AGAINST THE TERRORISM/ROCKETS/SHOOTINGS, ETC.? It was mentioned above how there were demonstrations in the US including hundreds of thousands against the iraq war, i.e., terrorism in your book, BUT NOT ONE PROTEST against suicide bombings/shootings, etc. in the WB or gaza strip? Hmmmmmm.....I wonder why that is....
  5. Its so funny how klan member greggie has no response to posts like the one above. How funny it is indeed. Cmon greggie sweetie, think of something clever for us.
  6. Thats because you cant convince anyone. When reasonable people look at the history of muslims, and the dreadful way they have acted and treated others in their countries, yet demand "special privileges" in other countries, thats just about all that can be said. You are right, I myself havent convinced anyone - but I havent needed to, the jihadists are already brainwashed beyond repair, and the facts for those open-minded that I have applied speak well for themselves.
  7. Dont waste your time with greggie, the resident klan member. Those who dont agree with him face endless personal attacks and insults. A completely empty suit, if there ever was one.
  8. That was REALLY weak and idiotic - even for you greggie sweetie. You couldnt hold a 3rd-grader's jockstrap in a debate on the middle east, and its obvious why you hide here amongst fellow jew-haters - you would get your clock cleaned in a pro-israeli forum, or even a decent balanced one. I love that silly line about the jew-controlled media, oh i guess that means that you will just have to give up your valiant - but humourous quest to discredit jews/israel now. They control the media and your arguments wouldnt make much difference. Good attempt at an excuse/rationalization for your inability to defend your points in a fair forum. You are utterly......CLUELESS. Why dont you and your jew-hating friends venture over to, say www.israelforum.com and see how far you get with your BS.
  9. Clearly, this is a very informed person of high intellect. NOT. Its actually a well stated post for someone who has confused Japan with Iran. They rhyme, so maybe thats it...
  10. Your own beloved "president" named adminejihadist ran on a platform to help the impoverished masses. I guess he was making that up too.
  11. The weapons you are talking about ARE essentially rocks compared to nuclear weapons, I didnt realize that the IDF had used nuclear weapons on their enemies, thats an interesting claim there. When are you going to stop being such a damned cry-baby pretending to be a victim? When the day arrives that 4 million arabs are surrounded by 400 million hostile jews who 1) all want to kill them 2) keep killing their children THEN I might change my tune. The bit about "violating internationally recognized documents" is rich too. Here's a tip: if Israel thinks following international law is so important, maybe it should implement its own advice before trying to lecture the Arab world. These are agreements between the PA and Israel. If the new PA govt in the form of Hamas doesnt want to accept their legitimacy - and its charter calls for the destruction of israel - then its war, and I hope all-out war. Your clumsy and blanket slander of "jihadist" aimed at any Muslim who even mildly contradicts you, regardless of where they fall on the broad spectrum of Islamic thought would be a huge joke ROTFLMAO. THAT was WITHOUT A DOUBT THE funniest line i have heard in here in a VERY LONG time. "Broad Spectrum of islamic thought?" Are you on f---ing crack? Name one - ONE - muslim who supports a position other than the anti-israel/wahhabist/adminejihadist/ISM school of thought. Name ONE - ONE muslim organization equvalent to B'tselem in the muslim world. Name ONE - ONE muslim party in ANY country equal to Meretz that demands rights for non-muslims. Name ONE - ONE - muslim scholar who has publically come out and stated that israel has a right to exist - and lived to tell it. Name ONE - ONE - muslim cleric who has come out on record stating that people other than muslims have a right to sovereignty in the middle east. You cant, b/c they DONT EXIST.
  12. What planet are you on? Germany is NOW a democracy in year 2006. In the 1930s and 1940s, it was a fascist state (like iran, but thats a story for a different day). As such, it was the Nazis who were partnered with the arab muslims - sending them weapons and supporting them through propaganda, while the arabs made sure as many jews were held in europe to be killed as possible. Quite a legacy as a muslim to be proud of, and one of the reasons I walked ot the religion long ago, and despise it today.
  13. Alot of recent garbage propaganda that has emanated from adminejihadist in iran and elsewhere that the pal arabs - and their supporters during the 1930s and 1940s were "innocent victims" and were not at fault for any jews killed during the Holocaust, and had no relationship with Nazi Germany. Unfortanately for them, the British and German archives are FINALLY being opened to the world, and the damage to the arabs is massive: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3248081,00.html Dont bother trying to attack the source or messenger here kiddies, because the article's information is easily supported. Things are looking quite awful now for the arab muslims, who clearly allied themselves with Nazi Germany, and made significant efforts to ensure as many jews were slaughtered as possible. As this article shows, the arabs wouldnt even tolerate the sparing of jewish children from the german killing machine. But than again, these are the same people who conducted the Ma'alot Massacre, and the Sbarro and Dolphinarium bombings, so this is hardly surprising.
  14. The point i am making, since it seems to elude you and the other jihadists, is that: 1- this article crushes the painfully absurd propaganda that the pal arab "resistance" is merely children with rocks 2- that hamas refuses to accept the prior internationally-recognized agreements with israel and is mounting an increased terror campaign to attack israel.
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