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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Hey, the title got me to read this thread but yuck! You know its topics like this that make all the non-Shia think we are loony. STDs are a serious issue and all, but this should be posted on the health forum. Over here in "Social, Family, and Marriage Issues," its just damaging our credibility. Sorry, just my intitial opinion. Peace. wasalaam.
  2. http://whitegirlinafobworld.blogspot.com/ Dont get offended. Just some interesting observations about the odd world in which I life.
  3. ewwwww WHAT is this world coming to?!! First the whole "metrosexual" thing and now this. whatever happened to real men? :no:
  4. Whats next? The "war on terror" scented car air freshener?
  5. Im just a stay-at-home mom, I cant justify making an expensive purchase like that.. hehe. My brother is getting a Wii for his birthday in a couple of months. I cant wait to play that new zelda game. :P
  6. Asalaamu Alaikum I try to make all 5 of my prayers at the appointed times. These prayers are mandatory, but I am also motivated by other factors. I find that when I pray on time, it helps me remember Allah (s.w.t) and my religion. It also provides a tranquil break from my busy day.
  7. yeah, tell me about it. That guy is uuuggglllyyyyyy. They should have a picture of a cute bunny instead.
  8. Photos and videos such as these shouldnt be bringing a smile to my face... but I personally know so many people who were terrorized by that beast of a man... their lives shattered and torn apart... so I say good riddence and may he burn in hell!!!
  9. Yeah.. better fix that. I was able to sign is as " Derek_Jeter" this afternoon. :lol:
  10. Umm_Ahmed

    Herbs ...

    Basil.. I love to just eat it fresh from the garden. And you can make pesto with it. mmmmmm.... pesto. Put it in the blender with some olive oil and parmesan and pour it over pasta.
  11. When my husband got in a car accident at 70 mph and totalled the car but miraculously got out uninjured. (ALHAMDULILLAH)
  12. Ignoring it and trying to just "live with it" wont help anything. The wife will just start resenting her husband more and more until finally she cant take it anymore. Meanwhile, the husband will just be clueless and not even realize there is a problem in the first place. If the wife is unhappy, she needs to communicate her needs to her husband. And if these needs are reasonable enough, but the husband refuses to fufill them... then there is a serious problem.
  13. InshaAllah his death will provide some closure for the millions he opressed and the families who lost loved ones during his reign of terror.
  14. You dont want to be my friend?! omg hateeerrrrrrrrr

  15. Noooo im not an oldie! Still a kid :p

  16. I really dont know anyone who actually likes how they appear in photographs. I always end up looking like a bloated monkey. But its nothing a little creative editing in photoshop cant fix. :P
  17. My brother breastfed until he was 3. What a momma's boy. :P but yeah, 2 years is a good maximum.
  18. Wow such a lively profile. I only had one visitor to mine and I didnt even know who they were. im so jealous

  19. Yeah this is kind of late... but happy birthday sis! Hope you enjoyed your day!
  20. Ahmed of course :wub:
  21. Umm_Ahmed


    Good poem Tanya. :)
  22. 15 pages........ impressive B)
  23. Asalaamu Alaikum, Everyone in my family is normal, alhamdulillah. Except me that is... but Im not going to get into it now. The first thing a family has to do when dealing with a mental illness is to recognize that their loved ones disorder is an illness. Like a physical illness, a mental illness must be properly diagnosed and treated in order for the patient to get better. They should take time to understand the problem so they can help their loved one as best they can.
  24. Ive seen many reverts on myspace. :) I had a myspace a while ago but too many strange men were trying to add them as friends, despite the huge bold letters on my profile saying "I DONT ADD MALES".... so I got fed up and deleted it.
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