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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) I don't have any plans, i was just asking about the fiqh
  2. (salam) if she repents its ok, your absolved from past 'zina', atleast thats what i think it says in suratal noor Bro.Djibril thank you, I guess you saying its better not to ask? but what if u know they do Zina? And I know if a women repents or becomes muslims, zina is absolved, but i'm talking about ahlul-kitab who don't believe its wrong in which the question of repentance does not come into the circle, i guess its better just to stick to what seems clear in the Quran in this regard
  3. (salam) Isa (as) was wajhallah, so was Dawood (as), so was Sulamain (as), so was Adam (as), they were all aydallah, aynallah, and there is a hadith that shows that is what the believer becomes too with supegotary acts, there were Messengers (as) before Mohammad (pbuh) and there were Imams and awsiya (as) before the 12 from the family of our Prophet (as), ofcourse the status of Mohammad (pbuh) and his family (as) is much higher then all chosen, but never less Mohammad (pbuh) was but a Messenger with Messengers before him, and Ali (as) was but a Wasi and Imam, and there was Wasis and Imams bef
  4. (salam) khalq is tanzeel of haq, their is nothing but God is the the treasure of it and it is brought but in measure, the sevens heavens and the earth the like of them, and the unseen reality coming through those grades and reaching us its own measure, in this cage of five senses, is a reality everyone must not remain blind to, who is blind here is blind in the next, the Quran is eternal in one sense and created in another, the truth of it and the utmost Glory of it, and infinte glroy, the reality of God's name in its absolute aspect which no one understands the full interpetation of it out
  5. (salam) let's take the middle road shall we :o there are three division of names, some fall in the category of others, God's self God's glory God's manifestation of his glory see the end of suratal hashr regarding that The word 'God' is just letters, it has a meaning, the meaning is something above words, its above comprehension, his names reveal a bit about this uncomperhansable reality or help connect you to the reality, his names are created as a means to recognizing him, read al-kafi ppl!! he is above all these attributes ofcourse, that is what is meant by denying him attributes, meanin
  6. third of the three is also found in the Quran, no christian thinks God came after Jesus
  7. (salam) I really would like to know the rules as per shariah, according to the verses in suratal noor, it is exactly as i said however i think their might be an exception for muta as per shariah, I really would like to see a hadith for that cause i think i read it somewhere that its ok before
  8. (salam) http://www.islamicdigest.net/love ^thats amazing poetry
  9. tennights

    Ya Husayn.

    very very nice :cry:
  10. (salam) u can follow who u want regarding shariah, and I agree there is no full expert on that except Imam Al-Zaman (as) however, when it comes to aqeeda, knowledge, and paths to God, u can't just follow anybody, and if u remain blind in this world u will be blind in the next and worst off in error just like the Quran says, so everyone should not just tell themselves, i follow my marjaa, taking his view of things other then fiqh, thinking that his marjaa will able to pass away his error, he will be in for a big suprise! and if thats what marjaaiya is that its the same as how jews and chrisi
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