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  1. Wsalaam gaii sensei! Who will not be sleeping tonight because of Diwali?
  2. Alhamdullilah great but I lost your number PM me
  3. Waah, it's been years. Salaam all
  4. @Tonks 12 years old now. lol Hope you had a nice birthday! :) 

    1. Tonks


      Thank you :) 

      And yes I did alhamdullilah :D


    2. Hameedeh
  5. Got a dozen of those 'date' valentine joke.
  6. Second time Sterling's gone down this week!
  7. England exiting Euro 2016 #Exit I would also like to take this opportunity in the Thoughts thread to appreciate Brother @Tawheed313 for his efforts in Tabligh and creating awareness among the Shias on our brothers and sisters in Ahlu Sunnah. I appreciate his Akhlaq and approach. May Allah (s.w.t) bless you and give you the sabr to continue with your efforts!
  8. Well we start just before 5am and end at around 6:30pm. Compared to the summer timings in the West it is definitely shorter! Insha'Allah he continues improving and serving Allah (s.w.t)
  9. He obviously defended himself haha. Basically he said that he doesn't try to be sarcastic but some issues he can't help but be sarcastic. For example how else is he supposed to describe Jibraels heart transplant lol. And he said lots of people have converted thanks to his lectures so for those who can take it will benefit and the rest already in the state where they are offended so it doesn't matter what you say they will be offended.
  10. Lol. There was a Q&A session with him last Sunday and someone said to him why do you use sarcastic tone in your lectures as it drives away some people from attending you lectures.
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