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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) I had come across this newspaper in the Ashura march in London, which is labelled Shia Newspaper, however to my disgust a extremist newspaper in the name of the Shia. Has anyone heard of it? Who is responsible for it? Whats your thoughts? Shia Newspaper Can Be Downloaded By Clicking Here
  2. excellent website may Allah bless the website owners
  3. I have to agree with you 100% bollywood
  4. It's incredibly sad to see many our youths going backwards with to many guys and girls involved together, smoking weed and messing about at exam times. I think parents have an important role in providing the correct guidance for their children and would disagree that just because the shabab know whats right and wrong, parent are no longer to blame. Many of the youths dont care if they steal, or lie? Parents need to bring up their children in the right way! To many parents dont have a clue what their children are upto?
  5. excellent lecture by the Sheikh, will the lecture be online.
  6. I've just signed up, i look forward to going.
  7. Sound like a very interesting programme. I will surely attend
  8. Ahsant Brother Noor Fatima Inshallah no one is questioning whether homosexuality is a sin. From this thread we are faced by two problems a internal and external problem. 1. If someone in the community is confused and think they maybe homosexual, do we know to advice them and support them. We have to accommodate for them and Inshallah help them understand their own problem. 2. External organisation like Safra which are becoming more widespread in the West and even in Arab countries. Many of whom are pro-gay, the original post was due to the outrage of such a project being on the www.muslimyout
  9. As UIA are divided, Sadrist are against America favourite Adel Abdul Mehdi. Jafari is useless. Allawi some Shia accuse him for being a Baathist. UIA are considering independent Shia members, i know of these names that are being considered. Mowafek Al Rubai Hussain Al Shahrastani Ibrahim Bahralaloom Ahmed Challabi Laith Kubba Who would you vote for and why? Do you think they have any chance? Have you heard of any other nominations? '
  10. It's clear that people with homosexual tendencies need to be supported and should not be isolated. Clearly this organisation Safra dont give the correct advice. Statement like progressive Muslim accept homosexuality is wrong! I am so shocked! I was thinking of going to the Muslim Helpline Event with Dr Tariq Ramadan but i am not sure if i should go now.
  12. The problem is that people like Youth of Ali , are anti-Iraqi, while the Hindus of Pakistan at the time where worshipping cows, he claims the Iraqi's killed Imam Hussain (as).
  13. Dear Friends and Colleagues, This is a "save the date" invite to the launch of Iraq in Common (IiC). The details are outlined below and attached. Please make sure you pass this on to as many people from as many different Iraqi backgrounds as possible. It's being hosted in the plush and luxurious surroundings of The Locarno Suite at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. IiC is an informal network of young professional Iraqis from a diversity of backgrounds and interest who may have differing opinions or outlooks on life, religion, art, work etc but they have one thing in common, their heritag
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