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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @) @) @) Salam aleikum dear brother's and sister's ! I'm muslim , i now realy don't know if sunni or shia. The shia political philosophy is better and more just and heroic then the sunni one. See Imam Khomeini (ra) , a men i alway's speak bad about him , and now starting to realize that sunni people don't have equivalent to islamic revolution in iran . May Allah help us all to follow the right path . Amin ! Your brother hassan.
  2. Salam aleikum . Thank you very much.I will study your reply's for one day and then post more question's. Thank you for your patience , your brother Hassan.
  3. Salam aleikum dear shia sister's and brother's. i like to ask a question. What is the position of shia's about the respect and the honor the sufi mureed's give to their shuyukh of tariqa. Blind obbedience in every sphere at any time , kissing foot and hand ,wearing taweez of tariqa ,not listening and not speaking with people who don't like your shaikh and so on. shia accept such position and way thinking or not ? have they something similiar in shia school ? Your brother Hassan kroati
  4. i understand the point. what you think then about the twelver shia's?
  5. explain please why barelevis declare deobandis and wahabis as shaytan's and dog's of hell. explain why wahabis declare barelvis as mushrikun and kuffar.
  6. Brother , they are ton's of sect's inside so called ahl-sunna ,who hate and fight each other.everybody claim to be the true ahl sunna and say to the other's that they are deviated. you know it better than me , come on. What about deobandi and barelvi fitnah ? what about salafi and sufi fitnah ? the fighting's between sufi turuq's ? Come on ,come on.In Pakistan maybe they are specialist in fighting and cursing each other.And all together then curse the shia's. Balkan Hanafi's have nothing to do with subcontinent hanafi's. The hanafi's in the subcontinent are sadly puritan zelot's ,purdah fanat
  7. yes ,security is a good thing. i hope people can make ashura in safety this year.salam's to all sister's and brother's in Iraq.May Allah help you to live in security and peace and may your children be happy and have a normal future as all other children's in the world.amin !
  8. @) 1. In sunni kalam this is kufr. 2. please proof the point so even an ignorant as i can understand.
  9. i'm croat.our muslim's are very tollerant. we have no problem's with any islamic school.we accept all, but keep our hanafi-ottoman tradition ,because it is our heritage. when i spoke to one of our young hodza (imam) about the muawiya question ,he say that Imam Ali (a.s) was right and muawiya wrong and fasiq and most probaly a munafiq.about mutah he say's that Imam Abu Hanifa choose to declare it haram for public safety of the masses ,as Omar to so ,for the same reason.but he don't offend me because i defend mutah as right ,he only smile to me and say : "Hassan,the iranian people are gentlemen
  10. I'm even sick of al this sect's who fight in heavy and cruel way each other everyone claiming to be the true ahl-sunna and kicking outside ahl-sunna o kicking outside Islam the other group's.maybe sunni islam is a myth ,a slogan.the reality is that they have hundred's of different sect's.the barelvis are even very harsh and bigoted in fiqh.for them everthing about women is haram , you became sick to read they harsh fatawas ,they insist even many about niqab.one of the biggest sin's is to speak to a women o hear a voice a women.i believe in temporary marriage and say it openly ,because the proo
  11. It is not the first time i fight abut this question.I don't offend anybody ,i only make a question and say that it a contradiction with logic and justice to consider muawiya a good muslim.I like to ask in very politer way.they surppress me ,simply and directly, and without shame.they speak about adab and ahlak ,but they don't have any one. the only think what i hear teach them is honouring sufi shaykh's.
  12. I was censured because i don't like muawiya. The barelvi sufi muslim's forbid me to say my opinion.i hate censorship.My logic was based on the hadith that who make war agains't hazreti imam Ali(r.a) is making war against the Prophet(s.a.s).Difference in fiqh are not a justification to kill ten's of thousand's of muslim's.Muawiya put his satanic son on power and this perverted son ,yazid, killed the children of Rasulullah(s.a.s) , raped the girl's of medina and make mass killing's of muslim's in the Holy city of Mecca.They censured my word's the barelevi sufi's and nobody can even answer me bec
  13. Dear sister ,please don't be offended with me. but for me this is clericalism similar to the cattholic church authority in the middle age. i think that in Islam is no space for such an authoritarian clergy power. No thank's . YA ALI ,YA HUSSEIN ,YA MAHDI. ,
  14. @) @) @) when will iranian regime stop to use the name of Islam for his game's of power ? nobody in the sunni world like khomeni o khamenei,nobody like shia's.forget it. this soviet propaganda of a dying and hated tyrannical regime is sickening. the absolute majority of iranian's hate this opressor's and stalinist fascist's. why all muslim nation's are dominated by pharaon's and dictator's ? can the people not think with they own head ? have they alway's need of some megaloman fuhrer and "great supreme magnificent universal holy genius " "LEADER". :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: stupid children
  15. @) @) @) COMPLIMENT'S ! it is so sad to see muslim's killing each other and accusing each other to be prostitutes of u.s.a. this is not Islam at all. shame on the people who are part of this fitnah ! May Allah bring peace to the poor and suffering iraqi people.
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