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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why do you repeat yourself Aliya. Your own Books, even Osool al-Kafi narrate this! Isnt that proof enough that Abu Bakr didnt invent it? And if you read my past posts carefully I also mentioned the Hadith from SAHIH BUKHARI, where Ali and ibn Abbas BOTH SAY THAT THEY HEARD IT FROM THE PROPHET (pbuh) when asked by Omar. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT ? Oh yeah, Ali and Abbas must have been doing Taqiyyah :lol: So... if Ali says it, he is doing Taqiyyah. If Abbas or ibn Abbas say it, they are doing Taqiyyah. If the Mother of the believers says it, it is because she was the daughter of Abu Bakr (you ha
  2. Depends on what you mean by "Intercession". Ofcourse, we know what you mean by it. You mean calling upon others besides Allah, but this is CLEARLY and CONSTANTLY forbidden in the Holy Quran, and most Sunnis, and Salafis, and Wahhabis forbid it. Suffis also call upon others beside Allah and do things contradictory ot Quran, but they arent mainstream at all.
  3. If you say you cant follow anyone who has sinned or EVEN MADE A MISTAKE in his life, then why do you follow Marja' Taqlids ??? Do you not OBEY (Taba'a) the Marja's ? read the verse you posted yourself, preferably in Arabic (76:24). So youre saying we should not follow any scholar or Imam except "infalibles" ? NO! You obviously dont understand what SINNER means. If you lie once, twice, or even ten times in your life, you are not called a LIAR. Youre a Liar if you constantly lie (like those who lie everyday). The Quran is not referring to SINNER as in Anyone who has Sinned or Can sin... or eve
  4. Submitters and 12 Imamis are certainly the two extremes. Submitters deny all Hadith, while 12 Imamis go as far as altering the Quran using any Hadith. The middle path are those who believe in Quran first, and the Hadith as the explanation. The Hadith do NOT and should NOT alter the meaning of the Quran, but should only make us understand better and give us more information. There are those among the Sunni minority sects who incline towards Shiahs, or towards 19ners, but the middle path are those who see Quran above Hadith (shiahs CLAIM to hold Quran above Hadith, but it certainly shows that t
  5. I dont know what youre talking about link, but just because ibn Hajar says most of his scholars believe that doesnt mean Most of the Sunni scholars in the world and throughout all time believe it. He is just talking about his Ulama of his own sect or madhab. And I never said Ali, hasan, Hussein and others are sinless, but the Prophet's sins are forgiven. And ofcourse, anyone can ask forgiveness for their sins and try not to sin again and take precautions to stay away from any wrong doing but that doesnt make you a rightful Caliph.
  6. Iraqi independence???!!! :!!!: WHAT INDEPENDECE? Oh you mean the American soldiers and the Americans puppets running the country... [worry about who and what will save you and keep your crude comments to yourself]
  7. When did I say Prophets Arent mighty in deed and words? When did I say they do not obey Allah's command ? I say they were human beings, and Like ALL human beings, they too could make mistakes and they did. Another example would be when Hazrat Moosa punched that Egyptian man, and he died, and later Hazat Moosa REPENTED.
  8. Yeah sure Aliya, Everyone fabricates hadith :dry: If Omar said it, you would say because he was secretly in alliance with Abu Bakr. If Ayeshah, you say because she was Abu Bakr's daughter (but forget the fact that she was also the Prophet's wife). And even if Abu Huraira and even Sa'd ibn abu Waqqas narrate it, you say they were also somehow liars and connected to this whole thing... I guess this is another fabrication of Abu Huraira that Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas copied from him: Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas narrated: ...I heard Allah's messenger (pbuh) as saying: "You (Ali) have the same position with rel
  9. The fact that Hazrat Adam ate the Fruit proves that Prophets arent "infallible", they CERTAINLY make mistakes According to the Holy Quran.
  10. Link's post is about being purified from sins. As I mentioned earlier this is conditional (according to the verse itself). All Muslims believe that the Prophet (pbuh) is sinless as all his past and future sins are forgiven. The verse says Allah WANTS to purify you, oh Ahlul Bayt. And it tells them what they have to do in order to be purified. Also, I have a problem with that hadith. I dont know if it is authentic or not (certainly not from an authentic source) but it contradicts the authentic narration in Sunan Abu Dawood where the Prophet (pbuh) said that he is no better than Younus (jonah)
  11. (salam) talk2me, I was talking about those men who will be part of the army before al-Mahdi appears. Most of these men will be Arabs from Syal, and this has happened today (look at al-Qaedatal Jihad in Iraq). I myself am not an arab by the way, nor from Syal or Sabal. Also, can you provide a Source for you narration about that man with one hand from Khurasan from Shiah Hadith books? Do you have a source for this (ive heard about this hadith, but have not seen it anywhere in any book). Shiahs on this chatroom have themselves posted a lot of narrations about Mahdi's amry being all or mostly per
  12. :lol: haha, I really dont think it's talking about moustache :lol: Sabal is a region near Syal and yes, it consists of a part of Yemen, also parts of Saudi arabia and other arabic countries. So it doesnt really matter wether it is Sabal or Syal. And yes, I have seen a copy that says Syal. But it's a Farsi translation. The commentator himself says after the Hadith that Syal is in Hijaz. If this was a spelling error, the commentator wouldnt make the same mistake afterwards, so I think Sabal is a spelling error (missing out a dot). But anyway, it doesnt make much of a differece. Plus, I dont thi
  13. Depends on what you mean by "ordinary people". And you said : "I was afraid he would say Uthman so i said Then You" >>So are you putting Ali down. " Im not doing that, it's Ali's words not my words... And it's funny how you use Talha's unsourced statement that Omar is too harsh... Wasnt this the Same Person who went to war with Hazrat Ali until he was convinced wrong ? So can we use Talha's false assumption regarding Ali as "proof" that Ali was not very good? NO, and so we cannot do so with Omar either. You say how come some people in Saqifah didnt know or forgot about these sayings of
  14. Who says they didnt? And as for "Why did Ali not do Bayah the first six months", why do you look at the empty part of a half empty glass ? Why dont you ask "Why did Ali DO BAYAH after six months" (or 3 months). And Hazrat Fatimah never said Abu Bakr was lying in any authentic Hadith book. She was saddened that she had to continue hard work with little wealth. Ali obeyed Abu Bakr... (accepted him as Caliph at most after 6 months and accepted Omar immediately). So what's the problem. And the Hadith about following Ahlul Bayt has another meaning. Nothing to do with 12 Caliphs or 12 Imams... (
  15. No it says Allah will punish his enemies through these people (like when Quran says "You did not kill them, but Allah killed them"). These are the Black banners who will join Imam Al-MAhdi, and who will be under the leadership of Harith bin Harrath (Osama bin Laden) before Mahdi. There are a lot of narrations about the Black Banners (Ra'ayatusSood) but that's a different topic.
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