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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. brother ali salam plz add this with me lover of God
  2. salam i am kamran raza zaidi i am from karachi pakistan i am an electrical engineer from ned uet passed out this year now i am teaching electronics in one private uni in the evening i have my private institute where i teach o and a level math i know three languages urdu,english and persian
  3. salam ask three ethical question to yourself first) is it legal second) is it balanced third) how will it make you feel about yourself all of the answers are in yes your future wife is your life partner why you hide things with him in my opinion you should tell her after you gain confidence of her but reall confidence not partiall how by loving her really loving her
  4. salam love is define as "The will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth" fall in love is basically sexually motivated because we love our children but we never fall in love with them.
  5. salam don't stop talking so that anyine has got bad impression of islam again i told you to first increase your circle of influence.ok i want to ask one question do you really love her?love is a verb not to have good thoughts about someone in your mind.love means to do good things although little.ask God to help you in influencing her belive me you get the answer
  6. salam i think most of you quote the things from islamic point of you but our sister wants the answer without involving God.first thing:lets imagine that there is one fire broke out in a building and there is a woman and child trap in a fire now you are wathcing it what is your first thought ,obviously to save both the persons that is also valid in abortion also.secondaly if any girl is raped than abortion is no allowed because it is not her's will and she is not responsible for that act and generally everyone in this world has a belive that murder of any living being is not a good act it is totally against the nature of humanbeing. khudahafiz
  7. important thing is that humanbeing has a cabaility to increase his conscience with the passage of time in tender ages child does'nt know what is good or what is bad for eg if child does'nt study in school than parents should pressure him to study hard .my question is is this pressure wrong or right?obviously its right now you can apply to any thing. zaidi110
  8. to all brothers and sisters the which you put in this forum is good but my queston is influence in which sense.if you influnce in such a way that you loose your identity as a muslim than it is really bad but if you influence in such a way that there is no for your identity than there is no harm in it like if you become complex that you can't speek english than it is bad but if you learn english to grasp more knowledge than it is good khudahafiz zaidi110
  9. respected sister salam one of the most important thing that we forget is that first we should try to increase our circle of influence before we preach to any one second we should not give the lesson of class tenth to those who are in class one thing which is important is to consider the potentials of anybody not the behaviour first and go slowly and gadually this is the sunnah of all prophets . khudahafiz zaidi110
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