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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam people If anyone knows of or has travelled with the group which calls itself the 'Australian Hajj Group' and leaves from both Syd and Melb, id like to hear from you. They appear to be more Melb based and have a big iranian crowd because their pamphlet is in both english and farsi, and circulated by at least Tohid Foundation Inc (which i know nothing about as well). thanks
  2. ws! rejoice for i am here! hahah cant believe you remember that! im well thanks. hope youre well too.

  3. thanks for all the info wonderer! ill send you a PM with my Qs.
  4. Hey guys, Im wanting to do a bit of research about Arizona Sate Uni at Tempe. Is there anyone here that is/has going/gone there? Or know much about the uni and surrounding areas? If you know of halal food joints and stuff that would be helpful too. Thanks
  5. I Smell The Smelly Smell of Something That Smells Smelly

  6. http://www.sbs.com.au/documentary/program/science-and-islam this series has been going on for a few weeks. not sure how much longer its going to go on. but its worth watching if youre not too tired by this time of the day.
  7. yeah you found it hard to lower your gaze and youre telling us all about it.
  8. creationism can mean different things to different people at different times. i remember one of my supervisors laughing and saying that my phylogeny trees (basically diagramatic depiction of the relation of species to eachother through the analysis of their genes/proteins) would really annoy the creationists at the conference at which i was going to present. at the time i just smiled back at him and said, well im a creationist, but i dont have a problem with phylogeny trees. admittedly it left him feeling quite confused and stunned. but i simply meant that i believe in a Creator, but I dont reject evolution. the word creationism is commonly used in to describe the religious belief that species were created exclusively of eachother, ie that one did not evolve into another by the process of evolution. i have used the word creationism here to mean both what i had intended to convey to my supervisor (tongue in cheek tho, because i did enjoy his confusion i must admit), and also the commonly used meaning, ie against evolution. i dont agree that creationism of any definition that i know of should be taught in schools as part of science, because it quite frankly is not science. and yes some of the concepts discussed here go above peoples heads because its not their field, but that shouldnt stop people from reading, thinking critically and trying to learn something. i have friends who do not have a scientific background and yet have come to their own conclusions regarding these matters through their own study. just because im a scientist does not mean i should not read works of literature, politics, commerce, psychology, philosophy, religion etc and try to think critically about them. the same should apply to anyone of any field or non-field. at the same time, people should be realistic about how much their knowledge actually encompasses.
  9. hypocrisy? of whom? even 'yahya's' egotistical biographical website doesnt make the direct claim that he was imprisoned because of the book. it says things like i dont have the time or desire to argue turkish politics with you or the sordid details of this blokes past. youre not making any sense anyway if youre claiming that theyre being hypocrites by locking up someone for writing against judaism and then blocking external websites that supposedly talking against islam. i read dawkin's website regarding 'harun yahya'; it wasnt a smear campaign against islam, it was ridiculing and criticising 'yahya' himself. besides i think its well established that dawkins is anti religion. does that mean that any person who publishes against religion should be censored? it is pretty clear to me that this 'yahya' character has used his money and influence to protect his own name/enterprise; not a defender of islamic values, just a defender of himself. the fact is (only one that is relevant to the purpose of this thread really) that he has been spreading a whole lot of rubbish 'science' (which confusingly someone such as yourself has lapped up) and taking legal action (in the least) against those who criticise him, in order to silence any opposition. this is not what scientists do (not that he is a scientist by any leap of the imagination), nor is it something which people in general should do, ie silence your opposition so that your version of the truth prevails by force, not by reason. it is a very sad fact that some muslims look up to charlatans like him. it may be your school holidays or you may enjoy wasting time on forums, but i think i draw the line here in your wasting of my time.
  10. I agree that creationism should not be taught in schools. I dont see the basis for teaching it. I dont know if someone should be sacked for suggesting it, but I simply do not see the logic in a science teacher, teaching creationism. Its a belief that a group of people hold, it is not science. I agree alot of [Edited Out] is published in scientific literature, but that doesnt mean that we should not read and learn critically. My education, as well as yours (as well as the many students I encounter) teaches to always read and learn critically. I think this is rather laudable. The scientific community is like any other unfortunately. They are human with their many flaws. Just imagine how dangerous it would be if someone censored certain papers if they didnt like the ideas portrayed in them (which does and has actually happened in the scientific community). This is what 'Harun Yahya' is doing in a way, but with the wider community in Turkey. My acceptance of the concepts of evolution has come through my own research and study of genes and how they change from species to species, order to order, phylum to phylum (phylogenetics, or as you term it microevolution). Its never really been important for me to explain that humans were once apes. I think at this stage we only have an idea of how things work, but ofcourse there is a lot to learn. What I do know is that I can study a receptor in a worm and learn more about its homolog in humans. As an undergraduate, which is when i think i came across Harun Yahya's work (which really isnt his own work), I found no scientific credibility in 'his' videos/books. Which I admit, i never went through thoroughly, because they just didnt seem worth my time. So I am surprised that someone like yoruself, who demonstrates some knowledge on the subject should find credibility in 'his' work. I also dont really have a lot of respect for Richard Dawkins as a scientist, because of the way that he uses what he has learnt to make a personal attack on religion. I think it takes away from the objectivity that he (and the science community) praises, and is really necessary to attempt to preserve in science (if at all possible). People like Dawkins, appear to me to be emotionally scarred by religion/religious people, and are lashing out in that way. It is a real shame because they are often very intelligent people and have a lot to teach the wider community about science. I am sure that Dawkins is a very good teacher, he just really should not use his position as a scientist and teacher to further his own personal cause. Unfortunately this is what (all) people do, and for an otherwise relatively poor scientist, Dawkin's has done well for himself. On the other hand, I can see where people like Dawkins are coming from. As a scientist, it is increasingly annoying when you have to deal with the arrogant attitude of 'religious' people, who believe they already know it all, and dont need your wishy washy science to attempt to explain life. So yes, I can also see why he attacks religion, but I do not see that it furthers his cause. I actually agree with a lot of the attacks that he has made on religion, because much of it has been true, it is however, a very biased way of looking at religion. There is a huge difference between the scientific knowledge of Dawkins, and that of 'Harun Yahya' though. One is an accomplished scientist, and the other has never formally studied in the field, neither do 'his' works appeal to those who have even a fundamental knowledge of science. I work in the biological sciences field, and I know very well about the arrogance that you speak of. I really see it as a character flaw of those individuals and not necessarily of their science. Their attitude has however made many in the religious community disregard their findings simply because of the way they speak about religion and God. You didnt respond to my question about the censorship claims.
  11. yahossein, so are you saying that richard dawkins site is not censored in turkey? that stories such as these : http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/sep/18/turkey are lies? I dont understand why an intelligent person would think that the concept of evolution was a threat to their belief in God. If you simply use the concept of God to fill in the spaces that you cant answer, then ok, when you find the answers, that may lessen your need for a God. But i honestly thought that people believed in a God for more reasons that just to explain the inexplicable. If youre 21 and doing dentistry, you should have the fundamental scientific knowledge and ability to look at some of the vast amount of scientific evidence for yourself, before merely accepting or rejecting things based on what seems little more than politics. it is most dangerous to believe that you know what the truth is, when in reality you are in no position to make such claims. i guess when scientists were able to explain why the sun rises and sets everyday it did away with the use of a God? your sort of mentality makes the concept of evolution a threat to your belief, nothing else.
  12. oh my god i just read your poem. im so sorry for your loss gothic.

  13. lol gothic. its a lovely sunny day in aussie land (where i am anyway) right now. hows it going? did i hear right that youre a dad now? mobarak ho all the same.

  14. ws, what do you mean by status? from the sounds of what youve written up there, it seems like youre not getting any interviews. the problem may not be your hijabi picture (which you probably want to take out anyway), it may be that your CV and cover letter/application hasnt been written well enough. You may want to get someone's help with it. Also you may want to practice answering interview questions, in the event that you get called to an interview. Being relaxed and sounding confident are really essential.
  15. whats wrong with tooting your horn? youve had plenty of fun tooting other people's :lol: yeah some crazy we know was thinking including her pic to make sure wasnt faced with prejudiced idiots, remember ? :P thank god she decided not to in the end. :lol: fanan just keep trying. as smiley said, these are generally harder times to find a job, period. there are times when your hijab acts in your favour because it makes people remember you better. ie the standout factor.
  16. speaking of chatrooms, yaba what happened to my fitna fighting manliness link? hmm?
  17. :lol: yeah people do like wasting time, thats for sure. you read persuasion by jane austen? i somehow thought of that just now.
  18. no apologies required peace. was just publicising the existence of the article. those that are interested can look it up, and read it in full text, preferably before they try to presume what its about, particularly since they are not Australian, or live in Australia, as opposed to ... oh i dont know... America, or UK :) they wouldnt want to be acting in hypocrisy now would they.
  19. well dirac dear, there is no need for you to get permanently married, you can continue to have muta with non-muslim women. then everyones happy, no? :)
  20. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13674670802358190 i think ive given enough information for you to find the full text of the article yourself. from what i remember youre a university student, so you really should be able to get full text of this article through your library if youre really interested. i have to respect copyright laws and not post the full text of the article, or a substantial amount of it here. its not a free journal so posting a link would not work for most people here, even if your university provides free electronic access to you. but i guess you could try the link above if your library's security settings are different from mine.
  21. Strength of faith and body image in Muslim and non-Muslim women Alexander J. Mussap a a School of Psychology, Deakin University, Burwood, Victoria 3125, Australia First Published:March2009 journal : Mental Health, Religion & Culture Abstract (of article) concluding paragraph:
  22. some shias wont pray in a congregation with sunnis (ie sunni imam), some will but will make the intention that they are praying individually (furaadaa) rather than in congregation (jamaa'at), and some will pray in congregation. just depends on that individual's beliefs really. one thing which sunnis do which invalidates the prayer for shias (at least some) is the recitation of 'ameen' after the sura hamd. there are a few technicalities, like reciting partial suras, i dont think shias do that either in regular prayers. shias also dont pray mustahab prayers in congregation e.g. taraweeh. shia beliefs do differ in jurisprudence, as they may follow different scholars, or simply go by different beliefs. but i do know that many shias do still stand with sunnis in prayer as a sign ofunity, they may just make the intention of furaadaa. so they are reciting all parts of the prayer for themselves, rather than leaving it to the imam to recite on their behalf.
  23. yes i mean math'habs. that is interesting because most of hte sunnis i know do enjoy music and see nothing unislamic about it. are you sure its because there are no hadiths saying that the prophet listened to any form of music other than the daf? i mean the prophet didnt do a lot of things, it doesnt necessarily make them haram. are their specific hadiths in which it prohibits certains types of music/instruments? ive seen these in the shia hadith collections and jurisprudence rulings, but am not well read in the sunni schools of thought or what their scholars preach. not sure if you guys had sounds of light there, but it is a largely (if not entirely) sunni function where musicians and singers perform for charity http://soundsoflight.com.au/sol.html not all of them have only singing and daf, eg seven8six
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