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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Haven't posted here in what feels like a century, but I still exist. I would like to share some new designs for you for Eid 2013. Hope you all like, feel free to use and share as you please.
  2. Salams everyone, its been a very long while since ive done anything like this. Anyways hope you all like this. feel free to share it and if you are interested in buying this a print please feel free to PM me. ws
  3. Salams, the english channel is also available on nilesat int he middle east http://ahlulbayt.tv/index.php/about-us/coverage
  4. Since the Launch of Ahlulbayt tv in August 2009 We have brought you over 200 live shows, Countless hours of engaging Discussion Shows and gripping Documentaries and Lectures. BUT NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP TO KEEP THIS MISSION ALIVE On Saturday 17th April 2010 Ahlulbayt TV will hold an 8 hour fundraising marathon. Please tune in, pledge your support and become one of the 3000 partners of Ahlulbayt TV. Guest Speakers will include your favourites like: Sayed Ammar, Hajj Mohammed Hilli, Sheikh Ayoub Rashid. You can Ahlulbayt TV LIVE 24/7 by clicking here ws
  5. i think he might actually be the most importnt shia scholar/speaker in the west....
  6. salams everyone. just wanted to share the design for the new album by ontheD - The 12th Prince. visit the website to find out more: www.onthed.com ws
  7. yeh theyve updated the website too! www.ahlulbayt.tv
  8. www.rizvigrafiks.net :angel:
  9. my maan. iu need to start using better typography. remind me of me back in tha day.
  10. i think this is going to be detremental to our community. we canot have a series of badly run channels!!! i think the brothers behind this project should be behind hidyat to establish hidayat tv as a urdu speakin shi tv channel. furthermore, we need quality not quantity, i want to ask the brother whther they have pre corded programmes and series? who is incharge of the design work? whos editing? these things matter!!! otherwise us shias are just gnna look stupid on sky tv!
  11. Salams everybody, its been a while. Please feel free to comment, share and save. Also please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this as a print. ws
  12. IRAN has been shattered recently after violence in the streets of Tehran. After the Presidential election many heated acts of agression have taken place up and down the city and one of those acts in particular has been the most distressing for a majority of Mousavi supporters. In the early hours of Tuesday morning members of the Basij forces (religious police) broke into student houses and removed large containers of food, which student protestors in Tehran planned to distribute and eat. Also known as 'Langar', Biryani pots were found in a lagre dumpping ground in the outskirts of Tehran. The leader of the L4E (Langar 4 Everyone) Union said 'This is an utter disgrace and shame on the Iranian people, to take away langar from the students will only spark more violence and tensions. We demand that our brothers in the Basij force return the stolen Biryani and also provide some compensation in the form of Raita (Yoghurt)'. Furthermore, members of the TFL (Transport for Langar) have gone on a 48 hour strike after an incapable demand for Food meant that they had to work throughout the nights without extra pay. Tonight Iran is in a position it has never been before, and with all the hungry students in Tehran protesting to find their votes, this young woman below wants to know here food has gone.
  13. shia rizzo

    Sufi Comics

  14. innalillahi wa ina alayhee raji'oon this is a great loss for the Shia and the whole Muslim Umma. May Allah grant his soul paradise, where he shall meet the Imams he served his entire life. please join the facebook group to pay respect and condolences: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=105958555475 ws
  15. dayyyyaammm its 4:30am ie just finished work and i am TIIIIIIIIYYYYERRRRD. i work so hard yet i cotch even harder but now i need a break i think i wanna go granada beaches, sunshine just a nice breezes get away from deadlines i end with tight squeezes uggghhh im so sleeeeepy i just cant be asked to even carry on. ws :(
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