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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. bismillah. salam. Eid Mubarak! Happy Eid al-Fitr to you and your family. May Allah SWT answer all your prayers.

  2. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  3. The Computer was of Penguinware..........
  4. Hmmmmmm....... Well, First u guys tell me wat is this Okrut or Orkut????
  5. LOL !!! :!!!: Very Sad....... No fun......
  6. You guys are fighting without having a thorough understanding of the situation. Ya Aba, the situation in Hangu has changed quite a lot since 1999. The fighting is not about a mountain or its ownership. Its about Ashura Juloos(procession) that the Taliban aren't allowing. The people from shia villages around Hangu (as the Dawn report says) marched towards Hangu in a peaceful way to show their concern for the shias in Hangu, who were under curfew and not allowed to take out Ashura procession. Some zealots, despite warnings from the elders went towards Hangu , defying the curfew and were shot at
  7. discotek, for once has a point. I don't expect Iran to actively support shias in Pakistan by they could at least put some pressure on Pakistan so that such attrocities are not committed: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=234957042
  8. Hangu sectarian violence intensifies further Abdul Sami Paracha Sunday, 11 Jan, 2009 | 01:12 AM PST | KOHAT: The death toll in the ongoing battle between two rival groups in Hangu city crossed 26 and was still rising on the second consecutive night of fighting on Saturday. Officials and locals feared the death toll would sharply rise now since the Taliban had also joined the battle and were attacking areas in Hangu bazaar with heavy weapons, despite a curfew and shoot to kill orders. Six dead bodies of protesters killed on Friday night were brought to Kohat on Saturday evening and buried in Us
  9. Mujha apna Email address PM karo

  10. Salam Bro!!!

    Long time, No see.

    Whats up nowadays??

    Aaj Kal Msn pe nahe aarahay kia?

    mujhey add karo...

  11. Salam Bro!!!

    Whats up nowadays?

    I'm Razashan. Aalishan's Brother. Don't see you around much. PM me your MSN ID.

  12. Firefox Firefox Zindabad See this..... Stop using IE Campaign by Wordpress...Visit MUST!!! http://browsehappy.com/
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