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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Laraib got a reaction from Dokhtar-e-Abbas in would u ever want to be a girl?   
    ^^ And I shall bring y'all bak on topic...Eventhough i am a girl BUT IF i was a guy I'd want to be a girl because guys can't have kids....They are never gonna know what it feels like to have something grow inside you for 9 months :wub: :D :D
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    Laraib reacted to 3ashiqat-Al-Batoul in Muta Is Recommended?   
    Not that you would be married to a guy, since you are one, but since you are continuing to pretend, you have been in a polygamous relationship, so you can better advise the young sisters on how it is? My life circumstances have changed since i wrote that post. My husband is in the process of engaging in mutah, he has found and is speaking to the girl, and we are only waiting for her approval. I have encouraged him to do this and gradually he became more accepting of it because it is a sunnah of ahlulbayte (as) and will better keep his desires at bay if he is fulfilling them in my absence, rather than getting urges to fulfill them another way.
    And since you want to get into psychology rather than solely what Islam preaches, it makes more sense for a girl to be jealous and protective of her husband/fiance in the early stages of marriage when the honeymoon period is still occurring, more than years later when they have fallen into a routine and don't express their love and affection as often as they used to. A female that is opposed to sharing her husband and polygamy will have an equal hatred for it and opposition toward it in both early and later stages of marriage, similarly a female who is accepting of it will too.
    What is halal in all situations will remain that way whether the culture has brainwashed people into being against the concept or not.
    Now i just want to make one more point. I am disappointed in myself for even replying to you in this thread because i told myself i wouldn't reply again, but here it is, for those that are acting as if i am telling sisters to let their husband go out and marry as many women as they want and sleep around 24/7 and that this is a normal part of life, you CLEARLY have not read my post correctly.
    My post is a reflection of what is correct, it is an example of a mixture between Islamic teachings and modern day life. Those who are unable to see that have begun, to begin with, reading the post with a closed mind that is only allowing them to take from it what they expect to, not what is actually there.
    People always say: i agree with polygamy, i cant be against it, its an Islamic practice, i just personally wouldn't like to be involved in one. But then when you see somebody that is involved in one or wants to be you start to attack them and try to convince them that they are immature, don't know what they are doing, lost, inexperienced, and will have lots of problems in life because of it.
    I KNOW that i won't have lots of problems in life because i am living by Islamic principles, and those of you who don't agree with practicing it will probably have a good life as well, but i can't guarantee that you will have a good akhira, because you are verbally going against what Allah swt has made halal and degrading it, and degrading those who choose to live by it, and that certainly will not make Allah swt happy with you.
    The majority of shiachat today is so far from the Islamic lifestyle that they have begun to view their way of life as the optimal, and the islamic as the not so good. I pray for these people to see the light, insha'Allah i am trying to do my duty to wake them up, but apparently they don't wish to be, judging by the rep points on my posts and those that agree with me.
    The reappearance of our imam is soon insha'Allah.
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    Laraib reacted to shiasoldier786 in Muta Is Recommended?   
    What I find really disturbing is when people use their own interpretation to say that mutah is only for X,Y,Z purposes for X,Y,Z type of people. This has absolutely no susbstance, and Allah (swt) has unconditionally allowed muta, and that is all that should matter to the believers.
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    Laraib reacted to shiasoldier786 in Muta Is Recommended?   
    The companions of the Holy Prophet (Saws) also did muta (as mentioned in Sahih Muslim), hence you should also be vary of following the sunnah from the "sahabbas".
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    Laraib reacted to shiasoldier786 in Muta Is Recommended?   
    You are narrating an extreme hypothetical scenario. I see no analogy between the above scenario, to a wife allowing her husband to do muta'a (which you think is unacceptable).
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    Laraib reacted to Mehvish in Muta Is Recommended?   
    Lol, you say that as if thats something offensive :lol:
    But maybe if you had read my entire post, you may have benefited from what I wrote, because I was not trying to pick on you, I was trying to point out what I think is an inherent flaw in open relationships. I am not doubting your credibility here, but from your post you can certainly tell that you've not been in this relationship for too long, as evidently, you're obviously still a teenager.
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    Laraib reacted to shiasoldier786 in Muta Is Recommended?   
    You mean to say that the laws of Allah (swt) are unacceptable?
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    Laraib reacted to 3ashiqat-Al-Batoul in Muta Is Recommended?   
    Didn't bother to read your entire post.
    Just want everybody here to know that whoever thinks im speaking in theoretical terms, im not, im experiencing it RIGHT NOW.
    Feel like asking my husband to register just so you all can see that its reality, but i don't think i care enough. I made the points i wanted to, whoever wants to benefit from it, great, whoever doesn't, hopefully hasn't lost anything.
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    Laraib reacted to 3ashiqat-Al-Batoul in Muta Is Recommended?   
    ^ Let me tell you something. A man has a lot more important things to worry about a lot of the time than satisfying his already satisfied desires. In the case where the man is never satisfied and he needs to have mutah every time he is out of the house (everyday?) then that becomes difficult for him because the number of females out there that are also looking for mutah is limited.. and even if there is a lot of females, how is one to find them? The process of finding a female who is willing to engage in mutah is very difficult and time consuming, so if he is out looking for different types of sex partners so that he can have "variety" then he is most probably, IF he finds one girl, going to have to constantly engage with mutah with only her as well, which won't really be helpful for what he wants.
    Now as for my husband personally, he is the type of man that finds it extremely difficult to get attracted to/engage in intercourse with a women whom he doesn't have love/admiration/respect for, so he says he would rather just wait for me to be with him rather than engage in mutah, HOWEVER he has my full permission and encouragement to go out and engage in it, as much as he wants, if he feels like he needs it and can't abstain anymore.
    In the case where i am with him and he still wants to do mutah, obviously i would let him he if wanted to, but my husband and i have a very open, honest, trusting and loving relationship, that is why we can talk about and agree on these things to begin with, so if in this situation he wanted it we would first sit down and have a conversation about what the reasons are for him desiring to engage in it to begin with, is it something that is lacking in our own relationship that we can work on/fix? Talking and coming down to the bottom of the desire will either bring us to a solution to the problem with us or an agreement that he should engage in it in order for the problem to go away.
    Anyway the best way to live a happy life is to accept Allah swt's laws psychologically, not just using your tongue, convince yourself that this is halal for a reason, you don't want to be like aisha who got upset when the prophet wanted to marry again, but like his other wonderful wives who went looking for a wife for him.
    It is VERY difficult erasing the already embedded mindset that society forces you to believe, polygamy is bad, your husband should love only you and care for only you, he is only allowed to remarry if there is a very good reason, etc. But when you tell yourself you want to better yourself and come to terms with Allah swts laws it honestly completely sets your free, makes you feel better about yourself and make your relationship all the more stronger.
    Instead of making a fight with your husband and being angry and threatening divorce, pouting etc, why don't you sit down and have an honest talk with him about why he is doing what he is doing, what he hopes to get out of it, what he feels is missing in your relationship, etc. This might fix many problems in your relationship and bring you closer together, trust me you wont regret it.
    And finally lol, if my mother or any other close female relatives of mine saw that this is my opinion they would go crazy :D lol cuz they are still all about "womens rights" "your husband is scum if he marrys another" etc.
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    Laraib reacted to 3ashiqat-Al-Batoul in Muta Is Recommended?   
    Hello, that would be me :)
    Took a long time to get to this stage, from being completely opposed to the idea of sharing my husband, wanting him to be completely mine, to accepting that when i am not there there is no problem in satisfying his desires. Actually i encourage it.
    If that makes me some weird freakish female then so be it :)
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    Laraib reacted to Bonafide Hustler in Salman Rushdie   
    Despite all of our efforts, Rushdie and his fan base are sitting back and having a laugh. Regardless of the Marja's knowledge on this matter (I highly doubt they are all that in tune with everything and anything in the first place), I doubt they could have predicted this outcome. Given that most everyday muslims especially in the west are fighting out of their skins to eradicate such negative and radical perception of islam and prejudices that accompany them, I doubt such a reaction from our leaders was warranted. I am just glad that there are muslims in this world who do not feel it an obligation upon themselves to blindly follow such rulings. I fail to understand why so many of you are trying to justify such a reaction when it is ridiculously clear who the beneficiary was.
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    Laraib reacted to shiasoldier786 in Salman Rushdie   
    Unfortunately Br Shabbir, teenagers on this website think that they are smarter than marjaas, who have dedicated their whole lives to islamic studies.
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    Laraib reacted to Shia & Proud in Salman Rushdie   
    The thead was asking for people's insights, not any attempt to change the ruling. I have an inkling people do care about her opinion, and everyone else's too. ;)
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    Laraib reacted in Salman Rushdie   
    Irrational, illegal, and downright stupid.
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    Laraib reacted to zanyrulez in Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri   
    There is no doubt about it that the Late Ayatullah was persecuted by Khomeni for taking a principled stand.
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    Laraib reacted to zanyrulez in Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri   
    Here we go...............
    "Once the heir apparent to Khumayni as supreme leader-jurisprudent (faqih) of the republic, Montazeri was forced to resign in 1989 after he criticized his onetime friend following the mass execution of political prisoners and militant dissidents in the summer and autumn of 1988. Thousands of prisoners were executed, though the exact number remains unknown. Montazeri was not the first Iranian religious scholar to be marginalized by Khumayni and his allies."
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    Laraib reacted to labbaik_khamenai in Pakistan should be given on lease to UK, what you   
    You better stay in Manchester , you second class Asian citizen of UK .... you dont have to butt your nose in our business. I suggest you fight for your survival in the UK .. Why don't you come back to Pakistan and help the community grow..Infact , stay back , We dont want suck ups to UK/US...
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    Laraib reacted to Marbles in Pakistan should be given on lease to UK, what you   
    Calm down, cousin. The OP is having a laugh.
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    Laraib reacted to Doctor_Naqvi in Pakistan should be given on lease to UK, what you   
    Wat? Are ya in Ur senses,man? :mad:
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    Laraib reacted to TheHealer in Muslim youth and Homosexuality   
    One of the perils of Muslims living in Western soceties, has been exposure to satanic ideas, garbed in liberal,tolerant overtones. But muslims have to understand ,its they who need
    the changing not Islam. Its they who need to change their social circle and not Islam which needs changing. This is a very thin line indeed. Arrogance against Islamic doctrines is not the way forward. In our actions and thoughts , in our attitudes, in our prefrences we are Muslims first. Saying society has evolved and so have its ways, is not what Muslims should be saying. Islam is a way of life , has been ,is, and always will be. Its society which needs to mould itself around Islam and not the other way round .In what is wrong, we as Muslims ought to be proactive in opposing it. Its not a discussion ,about scoring points over someone, its a discussion about what we as Muslims should do. To be comfortable with something
    thats evil, is not the Muslim way. Prophet Lut was after all sent by the Lord of Glory to warn the transgressors, i wonder what champions of gay rights and freedom of expression, would have told the Prophet ? We have to understand as Muslims we are a single nation, our life should be governed by Islam not by some legislation passed in the white house. The sooner we understand this the better.
    To miss naqvi - spelling mistakes, thats all you can come up with as an excuse for slander. Its your knowledge thats needs updating, what exactly have you read in first year of med school for you to think you are knowledgeable ? As one of the brothers ,who knows a thing or two about med school, pointed out to me a bit earlier in a PM, half the time you are here on the chat. When we were in med school ,we did not have time enough to register here on the chat let alone dare to preach our seniors about knowledge, none of my business though.....its your life, but stop preaching,you are not wroth it. Regarding my Knowledge of being of old times...........i passed med school three years ago, so much so for being medieval .
    Regarding forcing upon others our religion, who is doing that ? It is fully within our rights as Muslims, or for that matter for Christians,for Jews, to oppose something which is clearly against both moral and religious teachings. No one is forcing nobody. If gays and their kind are not punishable by law in Western lands, fine, who is asking for Muslims to take the law in their own hands ? But to oppose something in our hearts, by our tongues, by our actions is well within our right. And as Muslims its incumbent upon the faithful to do so.
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    Laraib reacted to guest 34193 in Muslim youth and Homosexuality   
    So based on what you sense of some guy's inconsistency from an internet forum you'd throw out a sahih hadith from your religion? And all the many others that affirm some form of capital punishment for this offense?
    As to my saying I don't advocate carrying out this verdict here that's me trying to be careful for the people reading this. The application of the hudud in general require the fulfillment of their proper conditions in being carried out that we, living in a country not ruled by Shari`a law, do not have. So, I want to be cautious that folks don't get the wrong idea from what I'm posting here that they aught to take the law in their own hands and go beat the crud out of some local queers. As to the law itself, it's pretty much undeniable if you have the least care about being honest to your religion. Or would you prefer to just ignore any objectivity to the evidence at hand and make up our own rules instead?
    We need only read this and the many other hadiths that lay out what Islam prescribes for the offense of lawat. It isn't really abstract and obtuse here, no matter how much you might like to obscure it.
    You can verfiy in Majlsi yourself if you like, but yes he lists it as sahih. Even if you ignore this one, you still have the multitude of others hadiths from our Imams (as), with different chains attached, that teach us the hudud for this crime. And of course you have what Allah tells us in His book about the people of Lut (as) and what happened to them.
    You can think whatever you like of me, but it's completely irrelevant to the issue at hand. As is the fact that the kuffar around you have become openly accepting of something Allah hates (even according to their own religion). Fact is, your religion prescribes this punishment for those who commit this offense. Now it's your choice to deal with that. It's not necessary to be able to carry out the full scope of the Law in order to learn a lesson from it. In this case, it's a crime for which a person may be executed, hence, we should understand from that there's no room for us to be softening up on it in terms of our own personal perspectives as to its gravity and consequences.
    See let me tell you something about myself in this regard. After I converted to Islam, this was one of the hardest issues I had to deal with. I don't mean the punishment for this, at that point I didn't really know about it, I mean the fact that this is even considered a sin. Not because of my own proclivities, but because my background was one that was very open and accepting of the gay lifestyle. My mother had a number of close male friends who were gay so I was exposed to it a fair bit, and add to that my own (at that time) more radical, leftist tendencies, and I was one who would strenuously (before it became the popular thing to do) argue for the acceptance of this. Come to Islam though, and I find it being strongly condemned. So, I had to make a choice. Do I believe in this religion or not? And if I do, then I have to actually accept that God knows way better than I do. Once He and His Messenger (pbuh) decree a law, I am nobody to object to it. And if I find myself with any disagreement in my heart about it, it's me who needs to change, not the Law as I am not the lawgiver. Fast forward now a decade and a half later and I don't have any issue with this law. Reason being was that once I put aside my own prejudices on the matter, accepted the authority of the religion's laws over us, and actually researched this issue, I came to realize that actually yes, this is a very serious crime that needs to be dealt with in a serious manner.
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    Laraib reacted to Mohammed-W in woman complexes   
    :!!!: LMAO
    anyway you should not generalize their full qualities should not be apparant to you, that is a celebrity culture. your observations are what they choose to present so you are foolish to think that is everything they are. and it only proves you try to present everything you are so you judge others to be behaving like you.
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    Laraib reacted to TheHealer in Muslim youth and Homosexuality   
    This is shocking, are you in your senses? Being a female, does not mean you can resort to abuse and slander. I am shocked. How dare you accuse me of satanic activities, you dont know me even here on shiachat, let alone in real life...........Are you on drugs ?, i guess med school has been hard on you, now that daddy has paid for you to be there..And you going to be a doctor, Good Lord..... When have i bullied you,this is propably the second time i have replied to a post of yours,................that too throughout the year, you havent been here on the chat even for a year yet. If you thought i misread you [ phenotype...genotype] in your earlier post, ok fine. But you resorting to abuse and slander is simply not acceptible. You need psychiatric help, are you studying at the University of Texas SouthWestern Medical School ? If yes, then i can arrange it, few of my collegues work there, one in Psychiatry too, i guess you need a counselling session.You are a disgrace, that what you are.
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    Laraib reacted to vista in The Roots of Shia Islam   
    There are huge differences between mainstream Sunni Islam and Shia Islam. To my understanding, Shia Islam is the result of Persian Resistance to the spread of Islam in the then super power Persia and their hatred with Arabs. This is the result why the assassin of the Caliph Umar was a Persian slave, because it was Caliph Umar under whose leadership Persia entered the fold of Islam. Isn't this why Persians invented a way to keep hating Umar through the Shia version of Islam?
    Even today Shia Islam is established as faith and kingdom/rule in the Persian land that still hate Arabs.
    I would welcome any shias and sunnis who agree or disagree with me over this thought and share their thoughts and opinions in this thread.
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    Laraib reacted to Doctor_Naqvi in Menses   
    Well,I think ya should carry on with you're fast as you weren't menstruating at the sehri time and when you closed you're fast.Anyways,i would definitely try to do some research on it.
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