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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. wasalaam,

    sorry I don't come on here enough to get to know people. My email told me you had commented on my profile so I signed on.


  2. You have to have the side of your tongue touch the top of your teeths (molars). This is how I was taught to pronounce the letter (by a shia arabic teacher-not sure though if theres a difference with labanese/iraqi etc... ). Its not the d sound sunnis in pakistan use but yes, it is closer to the correct sound than the z sound. Hope this helps a bit
  3. Tell your wife to not stress about it. As far as I know stress hormones actually make conceiving difficult. InshaAllah you will be blessed with a child soon :)
  4. "But, if the woman who became pregnant as a result of committing adultery or by a secret marriage (Mutaa or another kind of marriages), sees that the pregnancy puts her in a difficulty and danger from the society she lives in, in this case, it is permissible for her to abort herself. Thus, if continuing the pregnancy puts her life in a danger, or brings her a big shame that is usually unbearable, abortion is permissible but on condition that the fetus should not be in a stage in which he is considered to be given the spirit, unless if the woman's life is in an absolute danger. Besides, it is i
  5. Kudos to Da Vinci then I guess, he painted her so well doctors are able to diagnose her so many years later!
  6. Mahad, means great Kinza i think has to do with intelligence. Masooma is another M female name you could consider :)
  7. ^ eh... a lot of the times those are the only times people show up at a mosque though. A few days in Muharram and apparently religious obligations are set for the rest of the islamic year. Prayer? Fasts? "Nah man... I went to the Chehlum majlis" .... As for the OP- You can't control the actions of your guests if you do the best to keep an islamic environment, your duty is done :) (Although segregated weddings ARE more fun!)
  8. Off topic-ish but isn't the israeli stamp on passports being refused entry thing a rule in Pakistan too? :unsure: I was told it was...
  9. Great! I always wondered if that mermaid special at red lobster was halal to eat... now I know!
  10. I know a Sunni shia couple who're exactly like that! As long as both are tolerant to the beliefs of the others it can work out however I also know a couple where it hasn't worked out too well. It definitely depends on your mentality and on how open minded each individual getting into the relationship is. It couldn't be easy, I'm sure! But it is do-able. Some parents might not agree to such a marriage because like someone said, parents want their kids to be of the same sect as them. Besides a marriage is suppose to help your deen grow and most people would need someone with the same beliefs t
  11. BH, I don't think she meant to say that you are out of the folds of islam of you don't practice certain things. What she most likely meant is you can not form an opinion that is different from Islam once you have decided Islam IS the right path. You can choose to follow all the requirements or not but you can not go ahead and say, this doesn't make much sense so I'm gonna say that doesn't belong. (I hope that made sense) .. but yea like Dan said, you both have valid points :) Just calm down a bit lol That first bolded part deserves a thumbs up! As for the second part, Allah (SWT) never 'for
  12. Hmmm... what about Muqallids of Ayat. Khamenai?
  13. ^ I think the OP is talking about giving blood for medical tests, not donating blood. There are blood tests which actually require a 12 hour fast ... so I don't think giving blood (enough to be tested) weakens anyone...
  14. 519 256 7171 Call them! It's be the most direct way you could get any information!
  15. :) Yeah go to Cody for sure! I am not sure if people are around right now because most summer classes just ended (I hope you find someone on friday... today? ) but when you go during the school year it's great! You might find people in the CAW center too... but Cody is your best call for sure for muslims! (I am not sure if the brother's area is password protected since the girls area is... (I don't think it is) but I guess you can always knock and hope someone's in there lol) And no I haven't studied there, I just finished highschool but ... I've been to the U enough times and lived here l
  16. ^Only then I guess it would make sense :P Nah... lol it's not too bad in Windsor... the river's kinda nice... lol :rolleyes:
  17. ^ lol good question! :P I was wondering too... why would anyone want to come to Windsor!?
  18. Salaam, There are quite a bit of Shia students in Uni of Windsor, but not too many Pakistanis (the pakistani shia community is farily small in Windsor)... most of them are Arabic. They have a TMA in the university, which is basically a group Shia students organizing events and such, so if you get involved in that you'll be able to meet quite a few. I am sure they'll advertise their group once the term starts :) As for someone non shia you won't have trouble finding people at all! Just go to Cody Hall and sit in there for a bit you'll meet TONS of muslims! (including Pakistanis)... It's like
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