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  1. no problem thanx for replying Allah Hafiz

  2. can you send your email address to me

  3. i want to make you my pen friend.

  4. wasalaam,

    sorry I don't come on here enough to get to know people. My email told me you had commented on my profile so I signed on.


  5. may i know u plz

  6. salam dear ur name is my ex fiance

  7. You have to have the side of your tongue touch the top of your teeths (molars). This is how I was taught to pronounce the letter (by a shia arabic teacher-not sure though if theres a difference with labanese/iraqi etc... ). Its not the d sound sunnis in pakistan use but yes, it is closer to the correct sound than the z sound. Hope this helps a bit
  8. Tell your wife to not stress about it. As far as I know stress hormones actually make conceiving difficult. InshaAllah you will be blessed with a child soon :)
  9. "But, if the woman who became pregnant as a result of committing adultery or by a secret marriage (Mutaa or another kind of marriages), sees that the pregnancy puts her in a difficulty and danger from the society she lives in, in this case, it is permissible for her to abort herself. Thus, if continuing the pregnancy puts her life in a danger, or brings her a big shame that is usually unbearable, abortion is permissible but on condition that the fetus should not be in a stage in which he is considered to be given the spirit, unless if the woman's life is in an absolute danger. Besides, it is impermissible to abort the child who is born as a result of adultery, just because he is an illegitimate child and there is no justification for that, except in one case, that is if the mother is afraid on her life, such as if her parents might kill her. In some cases, it is permissible for the woman to undergo abortion. Hence, if we consider that she was raped, abortion is prohibited if that causes her only a bad feeling. But, if that may also cause a social disgrace that is usually unbearable due to the social circumstances; in this case, abortion is permissible on condition that the fetus is not considered to be given the spirit. In other cases, a woman may be raped or deceived and thus she became pregnant and would be killed, in this case, it is permissible for her to undergo abortion to save her life. " http://english.bayynat.org.lb/Issues/Abortion.htm
  10. Kudos to Da Vinci then I guess, he painted her so well doctors are able to diagnose her so many years later!
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