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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Aliykm May this post reach everyone in the best of health and iman I recently quoted on facebook saying " The only thing guaranteed in life is death" Someone quoted taxes - guessing it came from an older quote by Benjamin Franklin. Then low and behold , an individual swears that FOOD is guaranteed and he quotes the Holy Quran saying"There is no moving creature on earth but its sustenance dependeth on God......" Sustenance can be translated into Rezq or Taqtheeya ( nourishment ). Rezq is the zeenat al hayaa and not guaranteed ! But how is one to believe that FOOD is guaranteed , when many are dying of hunger ? I believe that it's translated incorrectly. Food is not guaranteed in life. People eventually die of hunger. Making Food not Guaranteed and Death 100%. Please inspire me with what you think of this debate , and your point of view as I have been slandered quoting "And I'm talking here about the Quran principles... How dare anybody call himself "MO'AMEN" a "BELIEVER" when he\she don't believe in the Quran content...." . Wa'Salam AlShe3eyah PS: May Allah Strengthen The People Of Bahrain Oo La3naat Allah 3laa althalameen
  2. First , i`m not a sir. Second.. advice on what? I have no idea what you are talking about..

  3. Hello, I am aware that Ali lives here, & many others live here as well. I just need to know the numbers and names of people i can talk to .
  4. Salam Aliykm, Brothers/Sister I am in dire need of help from a shaiykh/sayyed in Ottawa. I am going through alot, and would like to speak to a shaiykh/sayyed regarding issues that have come up recently ( Marriage issues ) If anyone knows of anyone I can speak to in the Ottawa area , I do not care what culture, language ( as long as they can understand what I am saying ). It would mean the world to me. Please help me! Post there name & phone number on here ( but please make sure that they allow questions and allow the muslim community to call them ) Thank You, Wa'Salam & Jazaakm Allah Khaiyr Alshe3eyah!
  5. Salam Aliykm, Sisters, I am in dire need of help from a shaiykh/sayyed in Ottawa. I am going through alot, and would like to speak to a shaiykh/sayyed regarding issues that have come up recently. If anyone knows of anyone I can speak to in the Ottawa area , I do not care what culture, language ( as long as they can understand what I am saying ). It would mean the world to me. Please help me! Post there name & phone number on here ( but please make sure that they allow questions and allow the muslim community to call them ) Thank You, Wa'Salam & Jazaakm Allah Khaiyr Alshe3eyah!
  6. الصبر صبران: صبر على ما تكره وصبر على ما تحب

  7. Salam Brothers/Sisters My husband was lost for 6 hours yesterday. He works as a delivery driver , and on Thursday his car was sitting in a parking lot and it was completely damaged by a truck . It was a hit and run and we still have not found who did it. On top of that we found out our car was not fully covered under insurance ( we had purchased only liability ). Before that my husband had gotten into a fight with his brother and had not slept for days. I rented him a car just so he can work on it until we settled insurance claims. I was afraid he would take a 2010 model car to deliver pizza with , yet he insisted i rent him one because he didnt want to lose his job. Yesterday at around 6:00 we lost him. I had spoken to him at around 5:45 and the line was disconnected and we didnt know where he went after that, I noticed his voice was a little low . He seemed okay to me from 12-4pm , laughing and making jokes. But his friends at the pizza store told us he was tired since he has taken on two jobs. He had 2 pizzas to deliver, he delivered one , and the next one he didnt show up ( he works at Pizza Pizza - so the people called in after 40 minutes to complain - he had been over 2 hours late ). So we got suspicisous since he is not spontanious and he NEVER leaves work for ANY REASONS. Not even if his daughters were to get sick. & if he were to do it he would call work and tell them he is not coming. We called the police and they checked to see if he was parked at our house and he was not there. We called his brother and his brother had not heard or seen him. We waited until 12:00 am and we were told he was at home ( when they had checked our front lot at around 9:00 and told us he was not there ). I was at my parents and I dont drive so i was not able to see if he was there are any time . When we got there , he was out of the ordinarry . He was nervous and he usually gets up if my dad walks in , but he laid down . He told us he had a headache and turned the car off and slept in the car. When we came to the house the car was parked away from the garage lot , and was parked beside our neighbours. He kept saying he had no idea how he got home , what happened , and that he lost his cel phone. He even forgot if the police came and spoke to him when they had just 15-20 minutes before. When my parents asked if I wanted to go with them , he said no stay with me ( which he never does- he usually just says , do what you want to do - i chose to stay with him , all he did was tell me he needs a shaiykh to read ayat / quran for him since he did kufr. When i asked him what he did , he said i wanted to avoid having people hate me at work and told them that " i dont really believe in my religion" since the hype of muslims recently .. he's gotten really scared which I have told him not to be afraid of . I made him swear on the quran that he did not just run off with someone and he doesnt want me to know. He swore on it twice ( i know its haram - but I needed to ease my mind ) - i know when he lies and he was not lying I need to know what i can do. All iv been doing is playing Quran. Do you know anyone that can help him ( in Ottawa ) - maybe do aqraya on him ? Please help!! ? He seems so lost. I asked him if he knew my name , or his daughters names ... he laughed at turned his head away from me . Any insights on what I can read ( sura , ayaa , dua ) . He has two little girls that really need him. I have epilepsy and he always helps me take care of my girls . He's one of four ppli have in this life with Allah(swt) and ahlul baiyt , my girls , and my husband! PLEASE HELP ME !!
  8. AlSalam Aliykm First off i would like to express to the individuals that have replied to this topic in a very ignorant matter to wake up and respect this forum . We have a muslim brother that is in need of assistance and all your doing is subscribing prozac and whatever other stuff that has been said? Alhamdlaaa walshkr .. Brother , i believe you should sit down and think about what your getting yourself into. If you believe this girl is going to be faithful to you and your religion go ahead and attempt to " make up" Before doing this , you have to acknowledge the fact that you are a muslim . When you marry this christian/catholic women , and have children .. which faith will your children grow into ? Did you know that if your children choose christiantiy it is thanb on your part? If this young women accepts islam , will you continue your productive life and try teaching her islam ? Will you take time out of your life to sit down and answer every question she may have about islam , and make sure she doesnt convert into islam for 6 months and leave islam just because you did not answer the question correctly ? Wa'Salam
  9. Salam Aliykm I was one of the first to sign up... too bad life has been to hectic to come back to shiachat , all i know is I always have a place to turn to when i have unanswered questions alhamd'illah. Wa'Salam
  10. Salam Aliykm My anniversary is next week. My husband and I would like to go to Montreal, I was just wondering as to what kind of entertainment is there down in Montreal? Don't care how much it costs . I would like to be there between the 22- 27 . Iv been married two years and this is the first anniversary we get to go somewhere. We both need a break from University and work. Anyone know any places we can go?
  11. Thanks for responding. The essay im writing about is Plato and Aristotle and how they interpret the purpose of politics and it's role in communities and individuals. I`m still a bit confused.
  12. Salam I have an essay I need to finish up but I am stuck at 3 questions. I dont know why i just cant think. 1. What is the purpose of politics? 2. What positive contributions politics has on lives of communities and individuals Please Help Thank You Wa'Salam
  13. I google translated it. This is what came up And the book explain the approach Rhetoric: Ali bin Abi Talib: "I am to see Abu Bakr right to her - the succession - It's Laurel. I am a know her age. And has ordered us to Allah, and peace to pray behind him and he is alive," Explanation Nahj Ibn Abi al-Hadid (2 / 50) House revival of Arabic books first edition in 1959. See also: Explaining Policy Rhetoric: 4 / 97 of Maytham al-Bahrani, as well as Subhi al-Saleh said in his commentary on the Nahj p.: 671
  14. Salaaam When i was in my last years high school and first years UNiv. I did the whole 'makeup' routine in the morning. But as I got older, ( 2 years later ) I had my daughters and have been unable to stop and even look myself in the mirror with my hectic schedule. At times I do put makeup on , as I look completely DEAD , but 98% of the time its just plain me .. !! Thats my sad story wa'salam alshe3eyah Salam Sister I have a question , since when did 'shiaa' become a 'religion' instead of a sect of Islam?? You do know we have the same quran right?? Wa'salam
  15. Salam . SO Cute I just had a baby girl 7 weeks ago. I had another baby girl about 14 months ago, and when I got pregnant with the second one I was hoping for a baby boy. But Alhammdlaa , Allah rezaqni with another girl. They are my life !!! Wa'Salam
  16. Salam Aliykm Brothers/Sisters I need Help!! I have been doing some research online for my paper regarding Globalization and need help. I need to choose a concept in Political Science . I chose globalization and need to define it in 1 page. It should define it thoroughly. I have done my research but everything is so vague, Can someone please help me?? I also need to fit it into Canadian Politics, and how it effects Canada. Thank You Wa'Salam AlShe3eyah
  17. I`m very sorry brother but there was a young man on here that had converted to Islam and his name was Jondab . Again I am very sorry.. my mistake

  18. Al Salam Aliykm So sorry to hear about such discrimination still existing. My sister currently works for a Jewish group home and was recruited as a supervisor about a week ago. She works with mentally delayed and severely challenged jewish individuals in a jewish setting. When she first applied for the job she had done so with a jewish friend, they obviously saw both my sisters name and last name and the other girls name and last name. They brought them both in. My sister had a 2 year college degree with 1 years volunteer work, and the other girl had 2 years college and 1 year and a couple of months. When they first arrived my sister was respectful and was very respectful of the muslim she is, the other girl came in looking (bad).. they told the girl that they didnt like what she was wearing and they hired my sister the same day. She has been working there for 3 years now and they respect her even though she dresses like a muslim "hijab,monto".. so on... ! It's weird how Jews respect us sometimes and white people don't??? Your Sister Alshe3eyah
  19. Salam Aliykm , Is this Jondab .. Shabbir's friend?? The British Convert, sorry to sound rude :)

  20. Lillian is 5 weeks old now and last night she was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis , i am with her at the childrens hospital now.. please pray for my little girl i do not know what to do !! Her name is Laila Abdallah ... please pray for her ...
  21. Thanks Sis As a matter of fact I am back to my pre pregnancy size , I was fairly petite and now I`m right back to my size . I didnt go on a diet because they simply don't suggest it until the baby has become at least 6 weeks. I just dont eat rice or drink alot of water ... !
  22. Al-Salam Aliykm I had my baby at 39 weeks gestation exactly , I was due in 8 days but i had to have an emergency induction. We named her Lillian but at home "somehow" her name became Laila. She came in at 6 ibs 4 ounces , and she is doing great. Despite the fact that i was afraid of birth defects alhammdla nothing visible. Although I am a bit tired, the family is doing well, still crying from day one in labour & delivery. Inshallah everything will be fine. wa'salam
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