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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Thanks alot, but do you have anything else with scientific facts that isn't a hard read and not too many pages? If not, then it is ok to just show me the books that has Quranic scientific facts. :-)
  2. (salam) Do you have any books with a short introduction to scientific facts in the Qur'an? Thanks in advance
  3. Is there something one can read regarding this, because I have heard otherwise? :unsure:
  4. (salam) What happens to infidels in a muslim country? Is it true that they are either driven out by force, executed or by compulsion having to accept Islam as their religion? If you have any good articles, then please share. Thanks in advance
  5. Well, does anyone know anything about this?
  6. Is there any proof or link you can give?
  7. (salam) Is it true that the day of judgement will be on a friday like our sunni brothers say? wasalam
  8. Salamz What does it say: - Niaze biniazan Khoda ast - Kafir hamera be kishe khod mipendarad - Cheshme moor, paye mar va nane mullah kas nadide - Khoda vand golchin mikonad - Khoda yeki, yar yeki - Kaheli, Kafiri ast :blush:
  9. (salam) This can be justified:
  10. (salam) Can you guys email his office regarding this? I'd appreciate it, Insha'Allah
  11. (salam) If this is the reason as to why it is Haraam, then why does Sistani differ??
  12. (salam) I'm not here to discuss the issue about it being legal or not; I just want the reason as to why Khamenei differs in view from other Maraji's, when cats hair and saliva is Tahir? How come it becomes Haram to pray with cats hair during prayers according Khamenei: Source: http://www.khamenei.de/fatwas/further.htm I just dont get it??
  13. (salam) How come Ayatollah Khamenei differs in regards to hair from cats. It is a general view that cat hair isn't Najis, so how come He makes it Haraam to pray with cat hair? Anyone can answer this?
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