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  1. A lie like this constitutes fraud in marriage. When a spouse defrauds the other spouse in this way, then there is a strong case they could make for divorce. Most sheiks would give a divorce in this case, if the question was directly asked and the spouse lied in an issue like this which is an important issue. Whether a divorce should happen or not depends on other factors. There is not a requirement for a divorce, and if the spouse is happy with the partner that lied about this, the lie was admitted, sorry was expressed for this, the spouse who lied asked for forgiveness, they haven't repeated this, and they get along in the other ways then divorce is not recommended in this case. On the other hand, if the spouse who lied refuses to admit it, even though there is alot of evidence that they did lie, there is no sorry expressed for the action, no attempt to ask for forgiveness from the spouse who was lied to and / or there is a pattern of lying and deception from the part of this spouse, then definitely a divorce should happen, because this will be an ongoing problem which will destroy the marriage at some point, and probably after their are children involved, which would be much worse. It is not possible to have a marriage between someone who lies / does fraud and someone who doesn't. Even though they might both claim to be muslim, Shia, etc, someone who does fraud or lies on a regular basis is, in fact, not a muslim, in the real and true sense, although we can't do takfir on them for purposes of maintaining wahidat (unity amoung the followers of Islam).
  2. Evil has no independent existence. It is only a byproduct or a consequence of some one or some being (we believe there are other beings besides humans who have free will) choosing to disobey God and thus evil is created at that moment. Because people have free will, it means they can choose to disobey God and ignore the signs of God that are given to them, kind of like what you have been doing in these debates. When someone makes a perfectly logical and reasonable point that you don't like, you try to figure out a way to disprove it, rather than listening. This is God talking to you via the medium of human speech that is based on mechanism for discovering truth (i.e. logic and reason) which God created. It is not revelation (primary revelation) because none of us are prophets, but it is based on revelation. So when you ignore that, evil is then created. So God did not prefer for evil to exist, but He(s.w.a) knows that because free will exists, therefore evil will exist as a consequence, because some people will choose to exercise free will in the way that God does not prefer them to do. The reason why God does not prefer that is because God(s.w.a) is Love, and he loves all people and does not wish them to go to hell and have other bad consequences which will happen to them if they continue to do evil and not repent. Evil does not harm God(s.w.a), but it harms us, all of us, and since God loves us, He doesn't prefer that we are harmed. That is also the reason why we believe that human beings have a potential to be at the pinnacle of created beings, above the angels and the animals. Because they obey God despite the fact that they have the ability to disobey Him(s.w.a). About the Quran, like others have said, Islam is not a new religion and the Quran is a book of guidance from God, and in that way it is similar to the Torah and the Bible in their original forms(before they were played around with by evil people who were serving the illegitimate rulers of their time). Islam means 'when you want something, and you know that God wants something, you don't do what you want but what God wants where there is a conflict between the two'. That is Islam. It is an action and a way of life. It was the way of life of all the Prophets of God(s.w.a) from Adam(p.b.u.h) to Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h). When Jesus(p.b.u.h) said in the Garden 'Not my will but thy will be done', this is Islam, in summary. So Jesus(p.b.u.h) was a Muslim. We don't believe he was crucified, but he was being chased by the corrupt Jewish priests and the Romans at that time because he was calling out their corruption and deviation from the true teachings of Prophet Moses(p.b.u.h). So they were trying to kill him. We don't believe they succeeded in that, and God(s.w.a) 'raised him to Himself' as it says in the Quran. But Islam came into the picture because obvioiusly Jesus(p.b.u.h) didn't want to die or to be captured but he continued preaching the Message which God gave him to preach despite the fact that by doing this he put himself in danger. He continued. This is the essence of Islam. A muslim is simply someone who practices Islam.
  3. Powell should be a cautionary tale for all of us. He had a life full of achievements (First African American Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, First African American Secretary of State, etc), but what he will be remembered for (and you can quote me on this) is not any of that, it will be his speech at the U.N. where he told those lies and got the U.S involved in the Iraq War. Were it not for that speech, which rested almost totally on his credibility as a distinguished military person, I highly doubt the U.S. would have got the backing they needed from the International Community in order to do that war. The result of that speech was that the U.S. went to a useless war, spent billions of dollars, hundreds of thousands dead, and accomplished nothing, and withdrew in defeat, and WMDs were never found. He allowed himself to be used as the instrument of the Taghut, and lost everything. So what should be imprinted on his tombstone is this 'Liar, Liar, pants on fire'(probably literally at this point). that's it.
  4. There is no problem in doing it, if (and this is a big IF) You say it with absolute clarity of mind and purpose that help only comes from Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى), not from Imam Hussein((عليه السلام)). You are only using the name of Imam Hussein((عليه السلام)) to ask Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) on your behalf to help you. You are not asking Imam Hussein directly. If you were to ask Imam Hussein as the cause of the help and not as the agent (who approaches Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) on your behalf) that would be Shirk. If you have this clear in your mind, (which I think the vast Majority of Shia do) then you can ask, if not, then don't ask.
  5. There were phrases in English, 'If God wills' or 'God Willing' that was common in the old days but fell out of fashion. I think if you look back historically at how these phrases were used, you would probably find the same thing. Some people would use 'God willing' as 'No', or a way to distract from actually discussing the issue or accepting the request. I think how it is used mostly depends on the intention of the person using it, rather than the phrase itself.
  6. Salam, Thank you for those kind words. I think the main way that you stay grounded in the basics and stay firm on those is 1) Doing the Wajibat consistently (the wajib salat, fasting, khums, hajj). Of these, the Salat consistently and on time is the most important, and this has been discussed in many, many hadith. 2) Constantly striving to increase your knowledge of the religion. Studying Quran, learning to read the Quran in Arabic and understanding what you are saying, studying authentic hadith, etc. 3) Having a community of people around you who are also firm in their Iman and consistent in their Ibadat. I think in the overwhelming majority of cases, reverts to Islam are lacking in No. 3. Without a community of people around you, at least a few people, it is difficult to maintain you Iman and Ibadat at a high level. To tell you the truth, this is the problem that I have been looking for a solution for since I became Muslim. How do you create a community like this ? I think I am very fortunate because I have my family (1/2 of whom also reverted) and a few close friends and also my wife's family who fit this description and who I get along with. If I didn't have this and had to do it on my own, I doubt I could have stayed firm in my Iman.
  7. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) help you. What I never struggled with my basic faith, belief in Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and Rasoulallah(p.b.u.h), I am constantly struggling with myself, because I am constantly disappointed in myself because I think I could be a better muslim, be a better helper of myself and my community. That is my main struggle. My other struggle is being in an environment (in my workplace) where there are no other muslims, so constantly running into awkward situations dealing with this. On top of that, I look like a typical white American man (whatever that is) and I don't have a muslim name. So people have no idea I am muslim unless I specifically tell them. Even then, they kind of don't believe me, look at me with a weird look. So that's another thing I deal with which I don't know if anyone else does. My wife, while she wears hijab, which is difficult sometimes, she has an Arabic first name, and she looks Arab, so it is easy for people to understand her, although some don't like it. When I tell people I am muslim, they are totally surprised, sometimes in a good way (if they are muslim) but mostly in not a good way, lol.
  8. Salam. I can relate about living in a secular society where religion is pushed to the side. There are two points I'd like to make on this. What is the name for mankind in the Quran, it is Nas. The word Nas comes from nasa, which means 'he forgot'. So this is telling you that the nature of mankind, both men and women, is to forget. So it is not you, it is everyone. The difference is that you are aware of this (you know that you are forgetting) which means you haven't forgotten completely and you still have hope. The bigger problem would be if you got to the point where you weren't even aware that you forgot (about Allah(s.w.a)). Then you would be in category of those who forgot about Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى), so Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) forgot about them. This doesn't mean literally that He(s.w.a) forgot about them, because Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) doesn't forget, but it means he left them to their own devices and withdrew his guidance (Hidaya) from them. So to not be in that situation, above, you must find ways to 'not forget'. I think one of the best ways is not just to do the dhikr and ibadat mechanically, trying to tick boxes (I did this, I did that), but to contemplate on Quran, and Dua, and authentic hadith of the Imams((عليه السلام)). You don't need to be in a masjid or a gathering to do this. You can pick up the Quran, and instead of just 'blowing thru it' trying to finish as many Surats and Ayats as possible in between doing other things, it is better to take one ayat and really understand it and contemplate on it. There are many resources to do this, A few of them are Quran Corpus Al Mizan I can post others if requested, but these are the top two. When the Quran becomes part of your heart, so that you understand it (at least on a surface level), this is something that acts as a safeguard against 'forgetting'. The other thing I would say is watching what you consume, as far as media. The t.v., videos shows you watch, what you listen to, the people you hang around and what they say, the games you play online, all these have an affect on your faith. You remember the saying 'You are what you eat'. Well, in fact, you are what you consume thru your ears and eyes. These go to your brain and affect how you think about the world and how you think about Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). That is why muslims, and especially followers of Ahl Al Bayt((عليه السلام)) are encouraged to severly restrict their consumption of media that has themes and subjects which are haram (sexual content, content which mocks God, religion, Rasoulallah(p.b.u.h), etc) or which are Ghoroor (content which takes you away from the remembrance of Allah). Content like music (Western pop music, rap, music which is used primarily for dancing between men and women or other haram purposes), excessively violent video games, etc. So I would say the first step is to try and severely restrict the Ghoroor content and completely eliminate the haram content. This way your mind will be clear so that when you seek to contemplate Quran and above, you can do that without being hindered by this type of content circulating in your mind. I will try to answer some of your other points. As to your point 1, you have probably heard the hadith, 'The root of all bad things (oppression, injustice, etc) is disobedience of Allah, and the root of disobedience of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) is love of the dunya (this lower world)'. Because Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) gave us (us meaning mankind) free will, i.e. the ability to disobey Him(s.w.a), that means that some people will do that and the result of that will be the bad things which you mentioned. That is the nature of this dunya. There is nothing you can do to change that. You can't save the world, but you can save yourself by not doing that (disobey Allah) so that the bad things will not happen to you. Also, yes, there are innocent people who suffer, and the reason why that is has been addressed in many lectures and hadith from Imams((عليه السلام)) including the hadith of Mufaddhal by Imam Sadiq((عليه السلام)). If that is your specific question, I can post that hadith and we can discuss it 2. I can't speak for all the masajid and what they do. Maybe some do treat women as second class citizens. If they do that, then I would find another masjid. The reason for the separation of men and women in the mosque is because Rasoulallah(p.b.u.h) and all the Imams((عليه السلام)) highly discouraged men and women who are not mahram from mixing freely together with no purpose in doing that. I know, living in a Western society where this happens all the time it seems strange to you. but that is the purpose for it. Western society, where this is not done (i.e. the segregation on a limited basis) has huge problems connected to this (rape, abortion being common, adulatory being common, divorce, sexual assault etc) which we don't want to happen in the Muslim community (although it does happen but it is far less common). This is actually done to protect women from men who have bad intentions and to protect women from violating their dignity which Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) gave them. It is not an excuse to treat women as second class citizens. For the mental health issues, you should try what I said above. If this doesn't help you, then maybe your issues are biologically based, and not behavioral. In that case, you should consult an expert in this area, but try as hard as you can to find one who is muslim, a women, and ideally a follower of Ahl Al Bayt((عليه السلام)), as I think this will bring the best results for you. As far as your friends who have taken off their hijab, first, don't let this affect your faith. Them doing this doesn't change your responsibilities toward Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى), it doesn't change the Quran or clear teaching of Ahl Al Bayt((عليه السلام)) which clearly designate wearing the hijab (covering of the hair, neck, and body where form of the body cannot be clearly evident) as wajib, obligatory. At the same time, you should still try to keep these ladies as friends, provided they are not actively trying to pull you into haram. You should be a good example of aklaq for them, and not condemn them or try to preach to them unless they specifically ask you. You having good aklaq with them and continuing to wear your hijab will have much more effect on them (in a positive way) than chastising them or trying to preach to them. Salam.
  9. I got the summary of it. I refuse to be dragged down into the rabbit hole, or the nonsense machine with you. If you want to have a debate, keep it on the level where the majority of members of this site can understand what you are talking about, otherwise you are just wasting everyones time and taking up computing resources, electricity, server space that could be put to better use.
  10. Being a white convert myself, you would probably be shocked to find out that I mostly agree with you. Racism exists in the muslim community as much as in the non muslim community, and maybe more in some places and situations. At the same time, I think a few of your points may need some 'fine tuning'. As a white, male convert, I was never 'hounded' for marriage. When I first reverted (many years ago) I wished that were the case. It took me 6 years of hard searching and many rejections before I found my wife, who I am still happily married to. The problem with being a white, male, American convert is that every family you meet assumes you are as wealthy as Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos, so when I asked for a girl, and the issue of mahr came up, the demands (from the family, not the girl usually) would skyrocket into the stratosphere and then I would usually call off the discussions (because I wasn't wealthy). This is for girls who are born into a muslim family. When I would look for another female revert, in almost all cases, they were already married, because they don't have the same issues regarding this point. As for 'getting away with stuff', I actually found the opposite to be true. Reverts are held to a higher standard than those who's parents are muslim. Reverts are expected, on day 1, to do all the ibadat (prayer,fasting,etc) correctly, perfectly, and they are looked at with a magnifying glass. If they make any small mistake, then everyone in the community assumes they know nothing and try to 'teach' them things they already know. If another muslim makes a mistake, they assume it's just one mistake, an isolated thing. If a revert does a mistake, then it's not just one mistake but because they're 'going back to Christianity', or they were never really muslim in the first place. That has been my experience, maybe yours has been different. Salam.
  11. No, they probably wouldn't but that would be wrong to do that. I am not saying 'Eastern' media is any better about this. At the same time, you are bringing up a hypothetical situation that may or may not happen. I am talking about a real situation that has just happened. This is causing real harm to those who are visibly muslim in Western countries, like ladies who wear the hijab (headscarf), because now this puts them at additional risk of being attacked. A real situation with real harm happening to innocent people. Much different than what you are talking about. BTW, I just heard another report on NPR. They mentioned that he was a Danish man with a Danish name and surname (non muslim lineage). Yet, in the report, they mentioned 3 times that he was muslim. Why ? There is something else going on here.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/oct/14/first-thing-norway-attack-suspect-showed-signs-of-radicalisation What always amazes me when these things happen is that whenever there is a terrorist attack, and the perpetrator claims to be Muslim, the religion is the first thing that is mentioned and the most common thing that is mentioned in relation to the incident. When a right wing nut job does a similar attack, religion isn't mentioned at all, even though most of these attacks are carried out by people who claim to be Christian. Here is what the Western Media must get over There are almost (or maybe slightly more than) 2 billion Muslims on earth. Amoung that 2 billion, there are bound to be a few who are extremely corrupt / deviated / horrible human beings even though they claim to follow Islam. There are these in every religion, including Christianity, the main religion in Norway. To mention over and over again that the perpetrator is a muslim. although you know full well that this kind of behavior is not taught in Islam and not accepted by 99.9% of Muslims, you are slandering the religion by mentioning this. You are drawing a false coorelation. Thought you should know that. If you want to be fair, mention the claimed religion of every criminal who you report on, otherwise don't mention it unless this criminal is doing something that is sanctioned and allowed by the majority of the followers of that religion. That is the fair thing to do. I'm not holding my breath that it will happen though, as we are all aware, there is another agenda behind this type of reporting. If any brothers or sisters would like to contact the Guardian or any other news organization directly, feel free to use this text. I'm not copyrighting it, lol. BTW, the above is from The Guardian, an extreme left wing new source that is usually on the more sensitive side about these things. If this is what is reported in the Guardian, I can imagine what the newspapers on the right are saying.
  13. As for the trinity, it's really simple. Don't fall down into the rabbit hole of speculation that some try to crawl into. This is according to the Bible Adam: 'One God' Noah: 'One God' Abraham: 'One God' Moses: 'One God' David: 'One God' Jesus: 'One God' Muhammad: 'One God' (peace be upon all of them) Paul, many years after the Death of Jesus, 'Three gods, Jesus is one of them' So who should I believe , Paul or all the Prophets of God. I'll take the word of the Prophets over Paul (some dude who made his living as a hired assasin) It's that simple.
  14. Actually I'll even go further than that. The only reason people still respect those three plus Aisha and hold them in high esteem is because of us, we the followers of Ahl Al Bayt((عليه السلام)). If we had the courage and the knowledge to, everytime someone praises one of those individuals, we said 'Do you know what x or y did?'. This is what they did, ' ....' and quote from Sunni books about what they did (because it is all there in those books) WHILE at the same time controlling our emotions (which is the difficult part), believe me, there is noone on earth who would praise them or who would say 'Maybe x or y is a better muslim than me'. Because we don't do this, people praise them. That is the truth, although I know it is difficult to accept. Now I realize there are some brothers and sister who live in places where group like Taliban, ISIS, ISI, etc, are active and can 'reach out and touch you' easily. For brothers and sisters who live in those areas, I am not telling them to do this. But the majority of Shia in the world don't live in those areas, and for them there is a responsibility to do Amr bil Maroof wa Nahiya Al Munkhar. This is an effective way of carrying out this duty. Effective meaning it moves us toward the goal of having a general acceptance amoung the Ummah of the clear facts of history.
  15. Salam. I am a member of a group that has their main headquarters in Houston, but they are involved with masajid all over Texas and some in other states. https://muslimcongress.org/ If you reach out to them thru the contact link of the site, I'm pretty sure they will get ahold of you. If not, I know some brothers here who are actively involved in the organization and I can reach out to them.
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