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  1. Regarding Amr Bil Maroof wa Nahiya Al Munkhar, (enjoining good and forbidding evil) Rasouallah (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) Said 'This is Wajib....' If you can change an Injustice with your hands, change it with your hands If you can change it with your mouth, change it with your mouth If you cannot do either, then distance yourself from it in your heart, and this is the weakest type There is an injustice happening as we speak. If you have access to a computer, and access to twitter. THIS IS THE LEAST YOU CAN DO. PLEASE JOIN LETS SHOW THESE THALIM WHO WE ARE AND SHUT DOWN TWITTER !!!!!! For more information on this topic, see
  2. Regarding Amr Bil Maroof wa Nahiya Al Munkhar, (enjoining good and forbidding evil) Rasouallah(p.b.you.h) Said 'This is Wajib....' If you can change an Injustice with your hands, change it with your hands If you can change it with your mouth, change it with your mouth If you cannot do either, then distance yourself from it in your heart, and this is the weakest type There is an injustice happening as we speak. If you have access to a computer, and access to twitter. THIS IS THE LEAST YOU CAN DO. PLEASE JOIN LETS SHOW THESE THALIM WHO WE ARE AND SHUT DOWN TWITTER !!!!!!
  3. This is a very important video !! Sheik Abdul Ghani analyzes this issue in detail and tells why it is important for Muslims to care about it. Please share on twitter, Facebook, etc. Also please share the link to the gofundme page for Sister Marzieh, given above at. The thing she needs most at this point is the help of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and good lawyers. This money is going toward her legal defense fund. How it is being spent precisely is talked about by Sheik Usama Abdul Ghani in the above video. This is an urgent situation due to the tactics the US Government is using to do this trial quickly, and in secret so that (they think) she has no chance of defending herself. https://www.gofundme.com/rsnb3k-freemarziehhashemi I agree with him that this is an attack on Islam and specifically on Reverts to Islam in the US. It is also an attack on Journalists and the First Amendment to the Constitution. They want to intimidate and bully the community so that they are afraid to express themselves. If we let this injustice stand, the injustice will only increase and become more severe. This current administration has already made it very clear their feelings toward Islam and Muslims.
  4. I think both the Democratic and Republican parties are acting like spoiled school children. The money Trump is asking for, for 'The Wall' is 5 billion dollars out of a 4.4 trillion dollar budget. That's around 1% of the budget. They agree on 99%. So for that 1%, they are making the men and women who work for the federal government, most of whom are not rich, go without pay while they pay themselves (and most of them are rich already). Also, there is nothing new about a border wall. There is already many walls on the border between the US and Mexico. This is all for the 2020 election. They are thinking about their own campaigns, and not the people, as they claim. Trump wants to be able to brag at his rallies that he fulfilled his campaign promise and built 'the wall' (whatever that means) even though the democrats fought him (so he can seem like a big, tough guy) and the democrats want to block him from being able to say he 'built the wall'. That's all it is. Both parties are completely delusional and apart from reality. 1. There is already a wall on the US / Mexican border. It is being added to as we speak, with or without the 5 billion. This started way before Trump. Even with the 5 billion, the wall will still not extend along all 1800 miles of the US / Mexican border. So what is Trump trying to do exactly ? 2. You knuckleheads already agree on 99% of the budget. 3. It is the average federal worker, that had nothing to do with the shutdown, that is suffering and the ones who caused the shutdown are not suffering, because they already voted to pay themselves. That is called, 'Injustice', and it has consequences.
  5. If you look at the US, there is freedom of expression in many areas, but not when it comes to Israel. Whoever criticizes Israel is seen in the US as an enemy of the State. The reason why is because almost all politicians of both parties receive big $$$ from AIPAC and other Israeli affiliated groups. So when they get a chance to show how pro Israel they are, they take the chance. In this case, they are 'proving it' by imprisoning a women with very little resources to fight back. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) help her. If anyone here knows about her case personally, try to contact CAIR www.cair.org, they help sometimes in situations like this. At least they will force the 'so called' Justice Department to tell them what crimes they are charging her with and what evidence they have for those crimes. Being a journalist working for PressTV is not a crime in the US, at least not yet, so they will have to think up something else to charge her with. Twitter feed https://twitter.com/hashtag/FreeMarziehHashemi?src=hash
  6. Abu Hadi

    Convert WhatsApp group

    Salam. I joined the group
  7. Who is her lawyer. Does she have a legal defense fund set up ?
  8. Abu Hadi

    hijab crisis

    Those answers seem scripted. Here's a bot test, how do you feel when you wear the hijab ? when you don't wear it ? I am asking how you feel specifically, not a generalized answer. If you pass the bot test, I will respond further.
  9. Abu Hadi

    Masturbation is killing me

    I disagree. If it's not a battle most can win then why did Allah(s.w.a) make it haram ? IMHO if you believe this, then you believe that Allah(s.w.a) is unjust. You are saying that Allah(s.w.a) gave us a test that is too hard to pass then punished us for not passing it. I will agree with you to the point that I will say that it is one of the most common of the haram habits people get into. At the same time, there are also many that don't do it. Obviously, there are probably no exact statistics on this, but there are social trends that are making this problem and related problems (such as the addiction to pornography) worse. Some of these are unrealistic expectations around marriage and finding a spouse and the enforcement by the 'community' of these unrealistic expectations and the expectation by families that men will not marry till they finish their education and start a career (which doesn't usually happen until the late twenties or early thirties or later), i.e. late marriage. I don't want to reiterate these points again, as I have done so many times. But let's just say there is a forest fire, and forest fires exist naturally, but instead of trying to put out the fire, the Muslim communities are throwing gasoline on it (see above), and then they wonder why their city is burning down ?
  10. Abu Hadi

    hijab crisis

    Please Watch As for you not being responsible for what men do, you are not responsible for it, but the fact is we live in a society of both men and women and the actions of one effect the actions of another. We are all in this together. If we want to suceed as an ummah, we have to give up the mentality of men vs women and that I am only going to do what is in my interest and to hell with the others. This is not what Rasoulallah(p.b.you.h) taught us. He(p.b.you.h) taught us to work together, men and women, to create a society that is better than the way we found it. We can only do this through cooperation. Men and women cooperating together to help each other fulfill their deen. If you don't wear hijab, all this is saying is 'I'm not part of the team', 'I don't care about my Muslim brothers, I'm only going to do what I feel is good for me'. If you wear it, you are saying 'I am part of the ummah, part of a team of men and women who are working together and helping each other to obey Allah(s.w.a)'. By wearing hijab, you are making it easier for your Muslim brothers to fulfill this. The original meaning of 'ummah' in Arabic was a word to describe a group of archers who are shooting at the same target. For the Muslim ummah, the target is the pleasure and satisfaction of Allah(s.w.a), which can only be gained through obedience to Allah(s.w.a). This is why the religion we follow is called Islam (submission to the will of Allah(s.w.a)). We cannot gain the satisfaction of Allah(s.w.a) by aiming our arrows at each other. BTW, that 'lollipop' thing only works for kids. Once you get older, you need a little bit more intellectual and substantial argument in favor of hijab, which is what I was trying to do above. Salam.
  11. Leave him and don't look back. Life is too short to waste your time and energy on such people
  12. Abu Hadi

    Hassan Minhaj

    While I don't agree with alot of what he says, nor his attempts to promote certain things which are haram, while at the same time calling himself a muslim, what he did in this episode of his show probably had more effect on the American Public (in a way that promotes Justice) than anything else in recent memory. * * * * A NOTE OF CAUTION * * * Please be advised that those living in KSA should not click on the above video (It is probably not even available to you if you are browsing within KSA). The government of KSA is tracking who is clicking on this one and there might be negative consequences. May Allah(s.w.a) help the sincere brothers and sisters who live in KSA. May Allah(s.w.a) liberate them soon from this disaster of a ruler.
  13. Abu Hadi

    Share motivational videos

    Really Cool Video. Inspiring. What would you attempt to do, if you knew your success was a certainty? BTW, I've never heard of this fitness program before. I just thought the video was cool.
  14. Abu Hadi

    Language barrier to marriage

    Salam, Step 1. You need to speak to your father and tell him the situation. BTW, don't start the conversation with 'I am in love with this guy'. That won't be helpful in this particular conversation. Tell you father that you met a guy that you think would make a good husband / potential future father for your children. Talk your potential's religion and good characteristics, such as his kindness, generosity, intelligence, etc. Then tell him that you have made a decision ('you' made the decision) that you are ready to get married and that this is the guy you want to marry for the above reasons. Then tell him that the guy is muslim, Shia, not fasiq, and that he can support you financially (I am assuming you are planning doing zawaj nikah). Make sure you tell him that you have already made this decision, you are just asking for his permission. Do not bring up the fact that he is Pakistani from the beginning. After you have told him the above, then ask him, 'Do you have any questions about this man ?'. Of course, since you have told him the other things, probably the first question he is going to ask is 'Is he Arab?'. Who knows, after he heard all these good things about the guy, and that you are firm in your decision, he might not have an objection to the fact that he is not Arab. If he still does, and then refuses to give his permission based on the fact that he is not Arab, then quote the verse to him in the Quran, 'There is no difference between an Arab and a Non Arab except in terms of Taqwa' . Then see what his reaction is. If he still refuses, then go to step 2. I will tell you what step 2 is, if you want to go thru with step 1.
  15. Yeah. I'm glad you got a laugh out of it. I wasn't sure what to say there...