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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, Pls can any one explain what is the reasoning behind this? Why do we after namaaz or a majlis hold out our right hand with the fore finger sticking out. What is the significance of this? A maulana said that it was not necessary to do this. I always thought that we had to. Thanks
  2. So, as its not wajib to read, could I then just still go and read a Qaza namaz?
  3. Salaam, Southall. But only for tomorrow. Normally I go to my own local Shia mosque, but I dont know any in southall. I know that the Hounslow is not that far ( by car), but I cant do that journey.
  4. Salaam, can I need the Juma Namaz in a sunni mosque if there is not a shia mosque nearby? thanks
  5. Salaam, When we read the following; ASSALAM MU ALAIKA AYYUHAN NABIYYU WA RAHMAT UL LAHI WA BARAKATUH ASSALAM MU ALAINA WA ALA IBAD DIL LAHIS SUALIHEEN ASSALAM MU ALAIKUM WA RAHMATUL LAHI WABARAKATUH. Peace be unto thee, O Apostle and the mercy of God and His bounties Peace be unto us and unto the virtuous servants of God Peace be unto ye all, and the mercy of God and his bounties. towards the end of the namaaz, I have seen some shia brothers lift their index finger of their right hand, similar to the sunni brothers. Is this right? I was never taught this as a child. Please can someone
  6. For a family member who passed away on Monday. His name was Syed Abbas Moosavi. Many thanks
  7. Salaam Ramadhan Mubarak. Please can anyone tell me if eating a duck or its eggs is Halal, Haram or Makroo. Many thanks
  8. Salaam brothers & Sisters. Does anyone know where I may be able to get the online story that one recites during the time of Kunday? I have the Urdu version, but would like to read the english version too. I wish to do Nazr for Imam Jaffer e Sadiq tomorrow (22nd Rajab). Many thanks
  9. thanks for that. for question 5 - i know it is wajib to fast on the month of ramadhan, but is it also considered a mustahab? or is Mustahab only considered for the days outside Ramadhan?
  10. Salaam, Please could someone answer these basic questions? 1) Speaking intentionally is a Munafiyat of salaat. So what about unintentional ones like if you are praying and you accidently respond to someones salaam? I am guessing that this would make your namaaz batil as you were not concentrating enough. 2) What about if someone forgot that they had chewing gum in their mouth during namaaz. Is the salaat valid as it was accidental. 3) What is the ruling on leather belts - supose the leather was made from a halal cow. can you still pray? 4) can a man pray namaaz if he has within h
  11. Salaam, Please could someone direct me in the right direction for this dua. I would like it in both Arabic with its english translation and in transliteration format. Thanks
  12. Salaam, I would like to know if this is available in english and if so where I may be able to purchase it from. Many thanks
  13. Salaam, A sunni friend recently told me that once your wife dies, you cannot see her dead body as she has become 'Namahram' . I dont believe this as I have heard that Imam Ali (A.S) washed Bibi Fatima's (A.S) body when she died. Please could someone clarify this for me and if it any Sunni brothers do believe this pls could you let me have the Hadiths for this. Thanks
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