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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I wish if things were that simple and cady, where we can choose like children what candy we want. If you choose the wrong religion, then there will be severe punishment ( in some religions at least) but still, you have to be weary of the possibilities.
  2. Don't forget that their symbol is ( cross with a rose in the middle ) is the same Templars cross, and the templars are traced to a secret society called the Rose fellowship, which started by jews after the 70 AD whose initial mission was to find a way to rebuild the temple ( by means of infiltrating governments of the time) but because they were kept being beaten by people every were they went they ended up befriending the gnostic Mullahs ( who were also beaten to the bottom of society and living in the slums where they met the Rose fellowship and from combining their secrets and agonies together came the strange mix of the Templars and then the Free masons ( who both have the rebuilding of the temple on their agenda) The Templars were considered heretics by the crusaders kings because they did not attend to church and mingled with gnostic Ismailis in Syria's remote mountains where they used to make orgies in the templars castles. That explains that only 100 templars used to man a huge castle ( like Krak du Chuvalei) because they had thousands of ismaili supportes around the castle, as spies ( eyes) and fighters too when a muslem army approaches.
  3. God says ( made us die twice) not ( caused us die twice) as for Baqara verse ( you were dead) so who MADE us DEAD before we got alive, wasn't it God made us dead ( as a fetus) before that ( dead fetus) we were never alive?
  4. what about the life on earth? ( the one we are living now? You said that Adam before rouh was put in him was alive? Ththis means that the fetus before spirit ( rouh) put in him is alive ( according to this Adam analogy) then do you expect this fetus to be born alive with out the rouh put in him? I am sorry that you admit you lost the debate, by refusing to continue. you can continue , we have all the time in the world. I still believe your arguments are interesting, and make me think. I actually learned new things from this debate, such as the meaning of these verses, how we were dead before we were alive, and other. Rijal is a one book of Al Tusi narrating on another allamah Al-Kishshi Maaref al rijal
  5. No , you did not explain yet why they said to god you made us dead twice and alive twice ( what about making them alive in the day of judgement where they are talking to him? are they talking to him as in a dream? and so they did not count it as a third life?) Here is a report of Abu Basir that narrated from Imam Sadeq: a report of narrators of hadith from Imams: Abu Basir al-Muradi: In Abu Basir we have another very prolific Kufan narrator whose character fails to convince anyone of his trustworthiness. He, together with Zurarah, is regarded of those who preserved the legacy of the Imams al-Baqir and as-Sadiq. He is one of a very select group of narrators about whom it is said that “there is consensus amongst the Shi‘ah to accept what is authentically narrated from them.” (See al-Mamaqani, Miqbas al-Hidayah vol. 2 p. 171) However, Mir Damad in his annotations to Rijal al-Kashshi notes that the Shi‘i hadith critic Abul Husayn ibn al-Ghada’iri said of him: Abu ‘Abdillah (Imam Ja‘far as-Sadiq) used to get annoyed and upset with his presence, and his companions are in disagreement amongst themselves about him. I (Ibn al-Ghada’iri) believe that he was CURSED on account of (matters pertaining to) his religion, not his narrations. To me he is a trustworthy narrator. (Ikhtiyar Ma‘`rifat ar-Rijal, vol. 1 p. 397. See also al-Ardabili, Jami‘ ar-Ruwat vol. 3 p. 43) As you see this man was cursed by Imam Sadiq??
  6. you still did not explain why they mentioned two death and two lives and forgot to mention the last life ( day of judgement it self. Do you think it is not a real life?, or a dream like, and the punishment a mere dreamlike think with out physical body?)
  7. the verse about gather from every nation a group. the ayah does not say resurruction of that group only. It says about the puting them ( only the people who hid or denied evidences) aside in the day of judgement to ask them why did they hide the evidence? God won't ask this question for all infidels, because lay people did not hide or deny evidences ( ayat), they just followed their preists who misled them. The other ayah, about bring them all, this is in another surah, and talks about the day of judgement where all people will be accounted and not one be left.
  8. After Jesus left, Halaqa people ( pharaisies) used to make fun of his memory and use the slander word ( in their opinion a slander, but an honor in islamic opinion): Ha Nazareh. Ha is a call to a donkey to move in middle east ( ha also means high: like high preist), Nazareh, means a slave to the temple, which in the eyes of those idiots at that time is a man who is poor, penniless, and have long curled uncut hair. God forgive us.
  9. After Jesus left, Halaqa people ( pharaisies) used to make fun of his memory and use the slander word ( in their opinion a slander, but an honor in islamic opinion): Ha Nazareh. Ha is a call to a donkey to move in middle east ( ha also means high: like high preist), Nazareh, means a slave to the temple, which in the eyes of those idiots at that time is a man who is poor, penniless, and have long curled uncut hair. God forgive us.
  10. the mishna and pharaisies used to mix verses from different scrolls just to prove their point, so it was not known which is which and what is what. Maimun was the name of Ramsis ii. As far I know, it is illegal for muslems to use names of the enemies of islam such as king of Persia or ceasar, or antony. or Paul. we use the name John ( John the babtist- a prophet) I expect that any nation would do the same. Would you expect a jew named Hitler, then why use Maimon ( ramsis ii, who enslaved the israelites?). maimun name is a jewish name since 600 Ad ( in islamic chronicles, if not even before) Maimun means in arabic ( the Thanked one) which is by its meaning is not a name that god accept for people ( us, his slaves)
  11. The Greek translated bible was the most correct bible of the time ( and of all times) because it was translated 250 BC, where it was hardly a person can make alteration to it and because it was saved in Alexandia by non jews ( the Ptolemies). So it was a good thing the rabbies did then ( from 120 AD to 400 or 600 AD). Jews lost the scrolls in the Jerusalem massacre 70 AD, and only talmud ( mishna and babylonian pharaisies narrations with peices of the bible were left to use), but luckily the jews stumbled on a cave in the dead sea scrolls ( Jesus followers) and found some or most of the scrolls ) some time between 120 AD and 400 Ad and it was two masorah copies ( whom the rabbies claimed they were from the Temple) If it wasn't for Jesus, we would have only the talmud jargons.
  12. Muawiyah and his elder brother Yazid took the coastal route while Khalid and took the inside route. Actually by the time of the Battle of Yarmouk, Muawiyah had already freed palestine and lebanon ( minus Jerusalem-by request of Omar) he continued to free Jabla, Lattakia, while Khalid bin walid opened damascus Homs Halab. Khaled moved afterwords to open iraq in 70 more battles. When Muawiyah went to meet Ali, news reached him that Maronites had surrounded damascus, he asked his wali of Damascus to give them money, they increased in asking for money and the wali increased in giving them money, to keep them at the wall. But when Muawiyah came back, the maronites ran to lebanon but Muawiyah caught with them at Angar and massacred them all ( the famous massacre of Anjar). Maronites were new comers to syria as soldiers of the romans brought from Anatolia. He after battles made treaties with christians of the land including maronites, but they broke the treaty, so they brought it on themselves ( they were new, and military people, who had nothing to loose, since it was not their homeland anyway, but Muawiyah massacred them with their families, just like he and Ali did with Khawarij ( rebuking treaty or Bayah) You see all of syria and iraq were opened by Muawiyah and his future ally Khalid bin Walid ( against Ali). the armies of muawiyah were his army and khalid army who was dead by then but commanded by his son ( abdurrahman) The first campain against contapolis was in the time of Yazid. Muawiyah defeated the roman navy near constapol ( wiped it out). The sahabi who died in the seige of Constapol by Yazid ( adnan) near the wall, became the shrine where the Uttoman Sultan is crowned, a special ceramony and golden carriage is designed just for that day every few years when a new sultan take office. The sahabi was 80 years old and hosted the prohet when he first came to Medina. amazingly the lands freed by Muawiyah ( lebanon and syrian coasts and mountains) and Khalid bin walid ( south iraq) are where the people who slander them live in! ( sit in my lab and pul my beard hair)
  13. Iran is the only country that inforces a sect ( official religion is shia islam) they do persecute sunni all the time. Millions of kurds were deported from west iran to Khurasan by Shah abbass. there is a web site of sunni iranians. there is not even one sunni mosque in tahran, even though a million sunni in tehran, who are required to do salat Jumaa every friday with Khutba. Shia don't do Jumaa salat every friday, but every time a high ranking mulla wants to make a speech, and salat Juma is only two rukaa not four.
  14. Many people in arabia wore turbans before during and after prophet. Prophet had a special turban and red cover for people to recognise him. Turban was very prevelant during prophet times in all of the middle east and was used even in Syria, and it was a iranian and hindi custom ( not a religious custome). This is historical fact. Sikh were turbans because it is the customs of their country for thousands of years, and has nothing to do with islam. Turban is mentioned in the Books of moses as a requirement for the high preist to wear in the temple ( that is 2000 years before the prophet)
  15. Do you mean that Imam Jaafar indeed mentioned those old pillars of Gnostism but narrators ( from Imam) forgot to mention them or omitted them?
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