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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. SalamAlykum, Dear Sisters (and brothers if you know the answer, too) I hope all of you are well and in a high state of Imam on this beautiful day. I am a law student in the United States, and asked a lady at the bank to notarize the Bar Exam application for me. She asked me about the Sally Field movie "Not without My Daughter." I told her that while those kinds of things happen, I think they are more isolated. She was afraid for me when I said that my husband is from Egypt. I was as polite as possible, and told her each country does things differently. While I have never been to Iran, I have many close friends who are from there, and through them I get information that life is not the way that movie portrays. My best friend who introduced me to Islam is from Iran, and my sister also married a man from Iran, who she eventually divorced. I get no sense of things being the way the movie portrays. Can someone, Insh'Allah give me some insight as to whether this movie is accurate, or is it as my gut feeling tells me: typical Hollywood racist garbage? Salaam, Diane Oraif
  2. SalamAlykum, Is this real --- or is it information being manipulated so that the American Public will support war against Iran, or sanctions-- which is basically creative weapons of warfare fought through the economy rather than the battlefield, and if successful, just as devastating in creating death, poverty and illness. Diane Oraif Iranian police crack down on dress code violations 14 minutes ago TEHRAN, Iran - Police closed dozens of clothing stores and hairdressers and stopped cars and pedestrians in a crackdown on women who do not abide by Iran's strict Islamic dress code and men wearing fashions seen as too Western, Iranian media reported Monday. The sweep, launched Saturday in some neighborhoods of Tehran, is part of an annual campaign aimed at enforcing dress codes that require women to wear long loose robes or coats and cover their hair in public. Many women — particularly in Tehran — push the boundaries of the code, wearing short, colorful coats that reveal the shape of the body and letting their headscarves slip to show much of their hair. In past years, the government of hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has launched the sweeps at the start of summer, when warmer temperatures bring more people into the streets of the capital and women dress lighter. During the crackdown, police stop women in the streets, issuing them warnings or even arresting them if their garb is deemed unsuitable. Men are also targeted for having long hair and other styles deemed too Western. But the closure of shops appeared to be a new step, aimed at stopping the sale of shorter coats and lighter headscarves. The pro-reform daily Kargozaran reported Monday that police were questioning women and men where they bought their clothes or had their hair done, then targeting the shops. Police spokesman Mehdi Ahmadi said 32 clothing shops and hairdressers in Tehran were shut down so far, according to the semi-official Fars news agency. He also said 21 vehicles had been stopped because passengers were breaking dress rules. There was no word on whether anyone had been arrested. Police official Nader Sarkari defended the actions, saying "people in inappropriate clothes and those who sell these clothes are aware of their violations since they have often been given warning." "Why should some individuals take it upon themselves to commit an act society has deemed a violation?" he told the official news agency IRNA. It was not clear how long the shops were ordered closed. Iran imposed its dress codes in the wake of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. But enforcement eased in the late 1990s under the pro-reform government of then-President Mohammad Khatami, when many women began wearing brighter colors, makeup and headscarves revealing more of their hair. Ahmadinejad came to power in 2005 backed by hard-liners and vowing a return to the revolution's strict Islamic values. His government, which has grown unpopular over the country's economic woes and tensions with the West, has not attempted an all-out campaign to enforce the strict dress rules, instead relying on periodic sweeps.
  3. (wasalam) I know a great many Palestinians, and yes what you said is true. The only exception is that I have never heard anything about the last paragraph. I don't know how they feel about Saddam. I know that the USA meddled with something called Elliot Abrams plan for the Middle East. The plan is to divide and conquer. Get them to kill each other off. They are tricking Abbas. No Palestinian that I know in the US has respect for Abbas. He is a sell out, and has gold plated faucetts in his house where he cheated the Palestinians out of money. He is self serving, and the US sent Abbas so many guns and ammo. I heard that the Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut were infiltrated by CIA paid Arabic fighters, to stir up trouble. Hamas refuses to accept Israel as a state under their terms. The reason is because their terms are racist. Only Jews with the required bloodlines can be "real" citizens, while Arabs and converted Jews are second class. Only Jews can get married, hold real jobs, ect. Fatah, under Abbas, will accept anything from Israel as long as money comes along with it.
  4. Wasalamu alykum, I hope these links help. http://www.allaboutscarves.com/ http://www.artizara.com/ http://www.eshakti.com/ http://www.modestclothes.com/islamic/dept/...c-clothing.html Also you can look in maternity stores for the long tops. They look surprisingly fashionable. Go to an Indian restaurant and ask the ladies there where to get Shalwar Kameez. I like to wear them. Express has had some thing I can wear, such as extra long t-shirts that nonmuslim women wear overleggings almost like a mini-dress, but I wear over jeans. I found some great scarves in the regular shopping mall. Ebay has some items also. Good luck, Sister.
  5. Assalamu Alykum, Brothers and Sisters: I have read many news reports from legitimate sources that lead me to think that it is a legitimate claim that the US is covertly supporting the war. There is a group called "The Welch Club" and then there is the Abrams Plan. Elliot Abrams is a top aid to Condi Rice, and has strongly proven his genocidal tendancies in Central America in the 1980's. The plan is to foil any resistance against expansion of Israeli boundaries. The Palestinian Unity government is considered a threat, and the Abrams plan was designed to weaken it and Hamas. This is how the open secret of the guns from Egypt and money from Saudis are put to use. US supplies the plan and funds and ordnance, and some guns. Egypt supplied 1,900 automatic rifles. Is this what Nassarellah was talking about last June 2006 in his speech about them bowing down to the whip that is the Isreal and US threat? A part of the Abrams plan is to see groups in Pakistan stir up trouble, with CIA planning and funding. Another part is to get competing forces fighting in Iraq. Stir up both sides, and they will fight each other, so that the world steps asides and lets the Bully Bush Administration continue its war. This is the same thing going on in Palestine, and now its allegedly being done in Lebanon with Fatah el Islam. What I am hearing is that this group is funded, not by Syria, but through the Seniora government from funds given by US. These are not Palestinians. They are outsiders who came in from all different countries, with leaders originally being put up in apartments owned by Saad Seniora, and some were paid $7,000 to play as terrorist. The plan originated with Elliot Abrams, was sanctioned by Condoleeza Rice, and put in force by the US backed Seniora government. The plan is to make anti-resistance groups weaker. Anti Hamas groups and Anti-Hezb'Allah groups will be backed by this Abrams plan. Look up Elliot Abrams on google. Diane
  6. Man, I can't believe you people. Reagan was crooked and against human rights. One of the important elements of human rights is the right to organize a labor union to fight against unfair labor practices. Reagan did more to destroy that concept than any president of the latter 20th Century. He was a crook in the Iran-Conta affair. He turned a blind eye while the Bush brothers Jeb and Prescott trashed the Bonds industry and swindled the USA public out of millions of tax dollars to prop up their junk bond.
  7. Asalam Alykum Sisters and Brothers: I am a present or past member of the following organizations: League of Women Voters, Democratic Executive Committee, National Lawyers' Guild (law student), and The Peace Project. I have decided to instead focus my political activities about education of voters and candidates in matters concerning American Muslims. There are many hijab-wearing voters out there like myself, and unfortunately we are sitting on our rears instead of organizing. This, and money, is part of the reason that AIPAC is so successful at getting things done. You have to admire them, but also we might consider stealing some of their tactics, at least the ones that aren't sinful. Do any of you have any experience in this matter? I was thinking, Insha'Allah, of perhaps organizing a regional chapter of CAIR, Council of American Islamic Relations, as a vehicle for this purpose. Of course a CAIR chapter has other responsibilities, which could work well with my legal career later on. Any thoughts on the matter are appreciated. (By the way, in Selma, Alabama this past weekend myself and my sister Lisa were the only two hijabs on site. There was the Nation of Islam brothers there, to which I spoke. I got the chance to shake the hand and speak briefly with Barak Obama, and with Hillary Clinton. I had hoped my bright pink hijab would make a statement that we are out there and that we are voters!!!)
  8. Deeb You have some good posts, but your "Death to America" think is against Islam. I am Muslim, but also an American. My hear aches for the US policy. A very large percentage of us in the USA feel this way, and feel that Bush cheated to get in office. Please soften your heart. US Citizens are upset over what our military does, at least the ones who learn about it. Many people don't know because it's kept secret from us, unless we intentionally seek it out on the Internet
  9. I am a convert/revert to Shia. Becuase I have deep personal beliefs in justice and strong humanitarian values, I could not in good conciense practice Christianity, with its history of Crusades. (And they talk of Islam weilding a sword!?) I could not follow Judiasm, the religion of my father, because the politics of Amercan Jewry is diametrically opposed to my personal veiws and politics. (Neo-cons who promote war.) I have a strong faith in God, and wanted to be closer to him, and to follow the way of Justice. Sunni did not seem as humble. I love salt-of-the earth humble people, who live like Isa/Jesus. Not those who preached about Jesus while wearing a Rolex watch.
  10. A poster above posed the question regarding the woman in the mutah who will be left behind once the husband leaves. I am about to lose my husband in such a situation. When we first began to talk I did not know he was "married," and never intended to interact in such a way with a man unless I thought he was single. I honestly did not think he would ever go back to his original country, even though he told me he met someone, but did not tell me at first that he had gone through a ceremony. I thought that she must not be important to him if he would leave for two years or more and not have any definite plans to immediately go home. This was before I knew it was more than some promise for a possible engagement. They had never lived together, never cooked meals together, never kept or planned for a home together, and never done any of the activities one associates with a marital relationship. His family pressured him to find a girl to marry, and helped him look around the village for a suitable girl, in the hopes that this responsibility would make him settle down and have babies. He gave in to the pressure of a large number of people, who said either do this or be out of the family, so they went to do a ceremony. Immediately after the ceremony he left the country. After 2 years from him being away from her she is still a virgin, and they barely knew one another before he left, to allegedly earn money for his life with her. My mutah husband was going through many tough times being alone trying to earn money, and I had just been abandoned by an incredibly cruel man, who left me destitute and penniless, after being a dedicated and faithful wife. My former husband dodged his marital contract and obligation to support, in exchange for a lifestyle full of many women, alcohol, and fast cars, after receiving a fortune in money. This all began after I became ill, and unable to do my duties and keep my thin appearance. I have since recovered from the illness, but not from the events that it caused. He took away our son, leaving me completely abandoned, jobless, homeless. With myself and my mutah husband, our individual circumstances led us to seek out the company of one another for comfort from a harsh world. Now it is time for him to leave. Pressure from his family members will win out, and I am going to be deeply hurt. I will have to accept my circumstance, but would certainly not recommend mutah to anyone. Nor would I recommend Nika to a woman who knows the man is going to move away for an extended period of time immediately after the ceremony. What good is a ceremony when the actual day-to-day activities of marriage never take place? What good is it to pressure a young man to marry under such circumstances, knowing the only way he can make a home for this wife is to leave to make money? As for myself, I am considered unacceptable to his family becuase I am "used." I was not a virgin, after already gone through a previous marriage and a divorce that I did not want or even agree to. I was a virgin before I was married, and was a model wife until an illness occured, which I am now recovered from. I am being thrown away like I am nothing, yet a second time. This is all Mutah will lead to when there is a permanent wife. I cannot have children with this man and there is no future with him. I do not see where it is anything but a practice to be discouraged, and allowed only in a small number of circumstances. If my mutah husband and I had not met I don't know how each of us would have made it through a difficult time, but we are an exception. Stay away from mutah.
  11. My husband and I smoke sheesha--he daily and myself on Sunday evenings. I am about to open a hookah lounge, where haram Arabic food and sheesha is on the menu. This type social activity is a wild success in the larger North American cities. The water filters out the tar and nicotine. I don't believe the article in the link presented above, about there being that much tar in sheesha. It doesn't leave a smokey smell in my house or on my clothes and hair. I can't stand to be around disgusting cigarettes, yet enjoy sheesha.
  12. I think this is pretty much an open secret. It's available information from many sources. Just do a simple google search and the sources are numerous and credible. The ties between the CIA and the Nazis are numerous. George HW Bush, the former CIA head, is the son of THE banker that made the Nazi war effort possible: Senator Prescott Bush. Union Banking corporation also included such names on the board as Walker, (Barbara Walker Bush's father) Harriman, and Brown. (Kellog, Root and Brown) They also owned a shipping company with large ocean liners, who allegedly ran supplies in the dark of the night to the German war effort. Pres. Bush is the recipient of a trust fund of red blood money, that is off of French labor camp proceeds from WWII. I assume we all know what "eugenics" is. This originated with the same crowd. These late 19th Century, early 20th Century government and industry "leaders" were joining the British Eugenics Society and forming a new one here in North America. The American Eugenics Society even has its own web page. Bush family was prominant in it, as was Henry Ford, JP Morgan, most of the steel industry leaders, manufacturing leaders, and larger than life politicians. This is where the Nazis got the idea--from US industry leaders who wanted to keep the unwashed masses down-and-out so they would ensure a cheap labor source. Gosh, most of us were, and still are, considered too inferior to rise up from the dirty crowd. (U of Chicago Strussian thought, from whence Perleman, Wolfowitz and the like sprang. Struass was a Nazi transplant who came in through Project Paperclip, to become political science professor and Neo-Con guru at a major American University. His Neitche-influenced thought is a major, major influence in the Republican Party at present.) This is the same system the CIA subscribes to, and is one of the goals it means to enforce. It aims to keep peasant uprisings under wraps. It kept African American movements broken apart in the Civil rights movement. It keeps dirty unwashed Muslim majority governments weakened. I hope they are having seizures watching the Latino movement today, May Day, on CNN. Dirty unwashed Spanish speakers, who are our brothers and sisters, doing what God demands of them--standing up for justice.
  13. I agree with you, Kadhim. It's a shame that I have to get "real" news from satellite and subscribe to international channels to get new of my own country. It also can be found on the internet, but not many US citizens go out of there way to get real news. We are fed Gerber Baby Food in place of news. Its a ground up blend of only information the leaders think is good for us, and anything that might anger the Bush-supporting owners of the media corporations is kept off the air.
  14. I must admit this is the first I have heard that the CIA faked these recordings. I am not ruling this out. I have read enough from very reliable sources such as www.projectcensored.org to know that this government had something do with allowing 9-11 to happen. Here are the possible levels of its involvement: 1. Taken completely by surprise and having no participation in the operations of 9-11. (Highly unlikely) 2. Knowing the possibility that the dangers of an attack existed, after having recieved warnings from the Clinton administration's cabinet given in the Bush cabinet briefings when the government changed hands, and by US intelligence sources, but not really having a clue when this would happen. 3. Knowing with a reasonable certainty that the attacks were going to happen, and what date, but failing to find a way to stop it even after making all reasonable attempts to do so. 4. Knowing with a reasonable certainty that the attacks were going to happen, and what date, and giving the thumbs up with promises to stay out of the way. 5. Possessing definite knowledge of the plans to attack, injecting information to assist the attackers, disabling any effort to thwart the attacks. 6. Not only disabling efforts to thwart the attacks, but providing information, financial assistance, or other resources dedicated to the attacks. 7. Orchestration of the entire event, including recruiting dupes to play vital roles for the benefit of the US domestic media, staging recordings from black boxes, strategic planting of bombs in the twin towers for a more dramatic and media-worthy disaster, and financing the entire operation. (Dual citizens of US and Israel in top posts of the US government playing vital roles in strategy planning of this "useful" event.) Many US white-bread citizens believe the truth lies somewhere between number 2 and 3. Many even bravely consider 4. Overall there is a lethargic acceptance that 5 through 7 are impossible. Only until recently have I considered number 7 as a possibility. I am a US born citizen of Jewish descent married to a Middle East born gentleman, and thus probably more open as a US citizen to considering the possibilities of such a conclusion. But then I mourned when Bush overtook the Oval Office, becuase I knew then what the future would hold. By the way, not all Jews here in the US support Israel.
  15. There are laws in some states against adultery. THey just aren't enforced because the acts are hard to prove. It is still frowned upon to have more than 1 woman, but with a marriage, it's proof of more than 1.
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