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  1. Saddam was one man who was hungry for power. He didn't care if he killed his own mother. His war against the Kurds is not a representation of Sunni Arabs in Iraq. Sunni Arabs have always been, even culturally, the most sympathetic to the Iraqi Kurds. Sunni Arabs in Iraq have always given the Kurdish people the nickname "children of Salah Al-Din". Iraqi Shias will never give such a nickname because Salah Al-Din is hated by Shias. Saddam was one person whose quest for power oversaw everything else. He didn't mind killing his own tribesmen, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have cared if he killed Kurds or Arabs or anyone. So let's not pretend that Sunni Iraqis are suddenly in "tension" with Kurds because of one man who only believed in himself and believed in nothing else. Saddam wasn't even a Baathist or Arab nationalist. He was a Saddamist. As for Kurds. I think the decision should go back to them. If they want their own country, let them have it. Afterall every ethnic group has the right of selfdetermination. So let them have their own country if that is what makes them happy and their hearts in peace. I dont want people to suffer. If they think theyll suffer less if Kurdistan becomes fully independent (instead of semi independent like today), let them. And inshallah they wage a jihad to liberate Kurdistan in eastern Turkey from the hands of Turkish genocidal nationalists.
  2. That's rich, coming from you. You see how Allah embarrasses you? Allah will embarrass you even more. Continue reading and you will see your loopholes. So you do not consider me a brother? Then what am I exactly? A non-brother? Non-Muslim? Haha, this is too funny. A socalled Shiite muslim doing takfir against his own brothers. Allah has Wahabified you, just to show you how hypocritical and pathetic and low you are. Unlike you, I do consider all Muslims as my brothers. But that doesn't mean I cannot criticize them or expose them of truth. As for politicians, 99.999% of politicians are dirty. For you to defend politicians over a humble Muslim who is thousands of miles away from holding power, that is a sign of bias and blindness. You are as blind as a bat and Allah will increase your blindness because you do not deserve to be enlightened. And next time, before you jump to stupid conclusions, ask me questions in detail. I never said all the mullahs know what's going on. If all of them did, they would've felt disgusted at their state of misery. And you want to know something else? Neither do all Israelis in power know what's going on. The more you understand politics, the more you know only a handful of sleazebags control things and control the destination of economies, nations and warfare. You misinterpret my comments to fit your agenda, how am I not surprised? But dare I say Allah uncovered your mask. In the other topic you make yourself mister nice guy, but your hypocrisy is so full that hell would freeze over. As for your Marja, when did I lash out at Shiites or at people's religious groups? You will find that even the most honest and decent and genuine religious groups in Muslim lands will side against their domestic political climate many times.
  3. Lol I don't think of myself like this. By the way I'm a follower of Sheikh Imran Hosein's teachings. Believe me I'm not the only person who believes in these things. There are tens of thousands of us and the number is rising. I have my own off shoot theories though. Never said I know the secrets of life but I will say I can at least read the political outlook of this region. This is not conspiracy or discovery or anything like that. This is just individual thinking. We all have to have it sometimes. A Muslim without a vision is lost. Just remember one thing. You wished that I burn in hell alongside that puppet. May god forgive you.
  4. Well brother I think you're a good man for your latest reply. I'll lighten up. I'm sorry if I'm moody sometimes, can't help it. :lol: I don't wish to answer your question tonight, I'm a bit tired right now from other issues so I hope you'll understand. My theories are not going to make me friends in this forum anyway, because I do believe in a dark world ruled by satan and I believe it encompasses all countries in the world, be it dajjal nations, gog and magog nations or even qarn al shaytan nations. I have my ideas in my head and not many people will even look twice at it. Inshallah I'll answer you tomorrow brother. And yes of course the Arabs have been behind good things, especially in liberties. There was a time when the arab world was more free than other worlds. Shame to see how backward it went. I mean think about it. We should be the ones who lead technology and science. We should be the ones sending astronauts to space and mastering science, playing with human genes, curing diseases, making remarkable inventions that would stride us to a type 1 civilization or possibly type 2 civilization. We should have the silicon valleys, the best universities, the new york financial center equivalents, etc. Should be us. The stupid mongols had to destroy the glory.
  5. I'm not trolling. Frankly I find it disgusting that my supposed brother in faith is accusing me of this. And you have the audacity to claim high morals when you're resorting to this? I have my theories, doesn't mean you have the right to slander me for having my own theories.
  6. Lol what? You think I support UBL? All of these people are fake, this is exactly my point.
  7. Who told you I don't care about morals? You're such a hypocrite for claiming I don't care about morals when you slander your brothers by accusing them of being trolls and by accusing them of being careless about morals. Add the very fact you didn't warn the other member of his nastiness but only focused on my reply to him. Preach your own words. Didn't you say you lost desire? I know what else you lost, you lost the point of argument and now making excuses for not answering any points. In that case I bid you the day and I'll gladly entertain others who are more willing to open their minds than those who are blinded by bias. Oh yeah and frankly my signature has the only inscriptions I care about. Bye bye.
  8. A few years down the road another study comes out and says the opposite. It's been that way forever.
  9. That is your loss, not mine. I couldn't care less if you lost desire to debate with me. Salam.
  10. What do you mean you can't believe this was me? Walid Shoebat is an idiot. I listen to him speak weekly on youtube for comic relief.
  11. You're still hurt about what I said about Arabization? You want to bring back something I spoke about many months ago? You poor thing roflmao! Persian nationalist? What a joke. I hate all forms of nationalism, don't smear me in any of it. Persians and Arabs are both pathetic. Yes, the Arab invasion of Iran was barbaric. It wasn't executed properly. I speak the truth and I take nobody's side. Im on my own side and that's all Im happy about. You are the one who needs to get lost. It amazes me how you guys claim to be shia of ahl al bayt this and ahl al bayt that, but in reality you're all biased towards your own agendas. What are you then? An Arab nationalist wannabe? By the way, why in the hell should I leave behind my hatred of Arabization? Of course I hate Arabization, it's the most unIslamic thing in the world. Do you even know what Arabization means? And why are you bringing back old issues like Bahrain and whatever? How does that prove that I'm a socalled Persian nationalist? Don't mix emotions with facts. When I say things in this forum, I say facts. When I used to say many months ago that most Arabs are originally non-Arab, that is a fact. When I say that many people got Arabized, which is wrong, that is a fact. Do you think the prophet wanted to spread Islam or wanted to colonize other people's lands and spread Arab imperialism? Do you think Islam mattered to the prophet or speaking Arabic language and wearing an Arabic robe? When Islam spread by the Ummuyads and later Abbasids, it was less concerned about Islam and more concerned about its Jahaliya ideologies, such as Arabization. And now you're defending it and asking me to leave my hatred of it? Habibi, I don't think you know me too well. I hate all forced assimilation. But again, what in the hell does this have to do with this topic? This topic is about Iran and a potential war, which I am almost certain wont happen because I already explained my reasons. I already explained that Israel is happy with the current situation. Politically analyzing things doesn't mean conspiracy. It's not a conspiracy to analyze Israel's political movements in the region. You people are naive. You people are being apologetic for your own biases. This has blinded most people in Islam and the world for that matter. Devote yourself only to god, take not a country's side or a sect's side or anybody's side but the side of truth and justice. And if you seek truth and justice, you'll get enlightened with all the facts in life. The fact that the Arab invasion stunk. The fact Iran, Israel and all Arab countries are in the same boat. The fact Muslims today are being biased for their own kind, but they don't mind believing in conspiracies if it's against the opposite party. That is hypocrisy.
  12. Israel does need enemies. It's better for its global image to fight a war of "self-defense" than a war of aggression. You need to be the one who thinks and becomes open minded. Your national bias is blinding you from the truth. A true Muslim will see things with an open eye and only devotes himself to god. You're devoting yourself to Iran's interests, which blinds you due to your bias. I don't care what people in the gulf say about Iranians. You assume I'm not a fan of magus, well guess what, I'm not anti-Iranian and neither am I a fan of the racist Arabs who use terms like "magus". Hezbollah will be washed aside when the moment comes. Israel's power can bring entities bigger than Hezbollah to their knees, much less Hezbollah.
  13. Two reasons: 1. Not everyone knows the truth. Many people actually believe the show that is being put on. 2. Israel would love it if it has enemies around itself. It'll give them an excuse to fight wars and manifest their expansionist agendas. It's doing the same thing right now with the newly emerging so called Islamist govts in Egypt and soon-to-be Syria.
  14. Hezbollah will die a slow and painful death if Syria goes to the wrong hands. I'm not going to believe in wishful thinking. Without Assad's regime in Syria, Hezbollah will be isolated. Iran will not be able to help either.
  15. The troll is the person who falsely accuses me of being a "deranged nationalist". If you think I'm going to just sit there and gladly accept it, then you're wrong. I'm not trying to act like a troll. I've been part of this forum around the same time you've been. A troll is someone who has nothing to lose. My opinions of the geopolitical situation in the middle east is based on my beliefs and how I look at things. Just because they don't sound nice to some people doesn't mean it's trolling. There is a huge bias around here. If a Sunni country is in the midst of these theories, it's okay. But when a Shia country is equally viewed in the same light, suddenly it's all wrong. Fact of the matter is all Muslim countries around Israel are in Israel's pockets and either directly or indirectly under Israel's control, including Iran.
  16. I don't think it's serious. Well your god must be different then, because in Islam that would never happen. That pretty much describes the Arabs. How else? By invasion, bloodshed, oppression and humiliation. Until the Iranians switched their egos on and kicked the Arabs out. Yeah pretty much. I'd like to think they pose themselves as Islamic governments because there's no way I'll ever consider the new governments genuinely Islamic. But that's my interpretation which wouldn't matter to you. All that matters to you is you should know that Islamism is now replacing Arabism. So much for all the people who wanted secular Egypt, an Egypt with a constitution that protects all people's rights, etc. Down the drain that dream goes. See I don't consider these new Islamic regimes emerging as genuine. But regardless of what I think (which people here are quick to call wild conspiracies), I do know one thing's for certain. These Islamic regimes will pose a threat on Israel's safety. And when that happens, Israel will want Iran to be her ally again. So Israel will encourage a new revolution in Iran where secularism eventually prevails and Iranian Islamism falls. The communists fell a long time ago anyway, so there's no threat of Iran turning communist anymore if it was to become secular. Most Iranians I know wouldn't put their feet inside Iran until Iran's mullah regime falls. They don't just want democratic freedom. They want the whole package, including social and economic. They wouldn't care too much about the legal consequences of going against the mullahs, since they're not in Iran in the first place. Most Iranians I know either live in Dubai, Kuwait, Doha, strangely I know a few in Malaysia as well. And of course there are the Iranians living in the west who I also know but not too well. Well if it wasn't for Israel or the west, these mullahs wouldn't be in power at all. Now like I said before, this is politics. It doesn't make you evil, it just makes you smart. Israelis and westerners would've been in big trouble if the shah was overthrown and replaced by a secular nationalist Iranian government. Because they would've easily, easily fallen into the hands of the soviets. And that would have taken oil prices sky high. So everyone thought the best thing for Iran is a conservative, religious, anti-communist government. So the mullahs fitted that requirement. Now it's over. Those days are long gone. Communism has fallen. There's no longer a threat. Iran doesn't have to be controlled by mullahs anymore. But it's still not time for them to fall. You'll know when it's time for Iran's mullah regime to fall, once Israel and the west reopens talks with Iran. So in reality, all these regimes owe Israel a favor for where they are, which is why they do not stand a chance to defeat Israel.
  17. Get lost. You want to smear me with nationalism and then ask me a question? Since when did I ever call myself a nationalist you buffoon? If you had cared enough to read my posts properly without acting like an emotional little child, you would realize that I'm against nationalism as I am against all isms in this world. As for Iran, Iran isn't very different than before. What is so demographically different between Iran pre-Islamically and post-Islamically? The only difference is most Iranians today claim their allegiance to Allah and a couple of thousand years ago it was to Ahura Mazda. Apart from that, they're pretty much the same people. Persians, Medians (Kurds), Azaris, you name it. Nothing's different. Same ethnic makeup more or less, just a different name to call out for when some of them pray to their so called gods. I say so called because most Iranians have never been religious anyway and know squat about religion. The fact Iran has hundreds of thousands of Jews is more than enough for there to be ties between Iran and Israel, albeit never taking global attention. Iran and Israel are on the same boat whether you like it or not. The mullahs would have never been in Iran if it wasn't for the west and Israel choosing them over the other post-revolution candidates, because they know the mullah ideology would not accept communism at that time. Whenever Israel wants Iranians to give their utmost support to Iran, they exercise all forms of international pressure on Iran, so that public support from Iranians would be sympathetic to the mullah regime. And that's all that Israel ever wanted. They wanted the mullahs to stay in power because they are the best type to control and the best candidate for keeping Iran dormant, which is exactly what Israel want. They don't want a non-dormant Iran, at least not for the time being.
  18. Egypt has lost itself to Salafis and Ikhwanis. This guy has guts to go out and say something bad about Saudia in these times.
  19. The likelihood of warfare is already unlikely, with or without Ron Paul. America isn't going to commit economic suicide for anybody's sake and Israel isn't going to hit Iran because Israel is happy with the current situation. Because they're being Muslim. Quite frankly I'm not that religious so I can appreciate western civilization and non-Islamic civilizations in general. The average anti-western person who's "into" Islam is most likely a hypocrite who doesn't mind invading countries (in the name of Islam) but minds when his country gets invaded, doesn't mind oppressing (non-Muslim) people's rights but minds when others oppress his people's rights, etc. Muslims for the most part are lost in the wilderness and a big fault is on their shoulders. Believe me if all of them were Sunni, they will still hate each other because it's in their cultural attitudes. Very similar. It's a common ground between Persians and Jews. It has always been, until Islam made its way to Iran and confused their people over the generations. Iran will never get nuclear power. It's a fiasco, the biggest in modern times. Iran will never come an inch close to getting nuclear weapons. If they were, they would've been hit a long time ago. Iran and Israel are happy with each other's situation. Israel is happy that Iran didn't turn nationalist secular in the 80s, otherwise it would've easily fallen to communist control and that would've been catastrophic on the oil in the Persian Gulf. They're happy with an isolationist, anti-communist, conservative Iran that they know poses no real danger to them. Iran are also happy because they know that deep down inside Israel is keen on keeping the mullahs in power since they are the "lesser of the alternative evil". Better the devil you know than the devil you don't. Consequently, Iran and Israel don't mind putting on a verbal show in front of the media. This strengthens both countries. Israelis will back their govt 100% and Iranians will back their govt 100%. It brings about the most stability for both countries. When the fake Arab spring calms down and stabilizes, Israelis will find themselves surrounded by Islamist regimes. That's a lot more dangerous to them than the previous/fallen Arab nationalist governments. Yes, Arabs have been enemies of Israel since the 40s, but most of them eventually found their way into the pockets of Israel and/or the west, including those nations which initially fought Israel. Regardless of any show they put on, Arab regimes have all been puppets toward Israel, including Assad's Syria. Only now when these Arab regimes expired and the west no longer needs them, that we would find some of them going against Israel as a sign of last desperation. But now that the Arab nationalist puppets of the west have fallen, they are unfortunately being replaced by newer puppets who take a different shape. This time it's Islamism, compared to Arabism of before. But ironically, it'll make Israel go in code red. Israel will then stop indirectly strengthening Iran's mullah regime. Their mission is over. They stopped Iran from turning communist. Now it's time for Iran to return as Israel's ally, especially when fake puppet Islamist governments in the post-revolution Arab countries pose their fake "threat" on Israel. That's politics. The strong nations remain strong if they act smart. And one of their acts is to control other countries. Doesn't necessarily mean they're evil this or evil that, but from a pragmatic point of view it is understandable that a country like Israel, with all its enemies around it, will always be one step ahead in the chess board. Israel controls all countries around it, either directly or indirectly. I'm not giving them credit more than they truly deserve. As for the Iranians, most Iranians that I know are anti-Islam, anti-Arab and anti-mullah. They want their country to become an Iranian nationalist-secularist country. They want to return to their old pre-Islamic ways. Even the Muslim Iranians that I know, who aren't as anti-Islamic as the others, would still rather see the same changes occur. Israel isn't going to play this alone. There are lots of Iranian lobbyists with Israel and trying to execute this to fruition. And you know something? It will happen. Not because Islam is weak but because all those regimes in the Islamic world today owe Israel a favor for being where they are. And this is why these regimes will fall like quick sand, because none of them are truly independent or genuine. If they were, Israel wouldn't exist today.
  20. The common love for Hussein is merely superficial and its biggest proof is the battle of Karbala. It's easy to claim common love as a uniting factor when things are easy. When the going gets tough and things are difficult, Imam Hussein is gladly thrown out of the equation and fighting resumes. And you only know people in their hard and difficult moments.
  21. I have no idea if Iranian-Americans support Ron Paul or not, but what I do know is they'll support any American politician who wants Iran's mullah regime to fall and get replaced by something secular and pro-western, without the use of warfare (and simply by other means). So if that's what Ron Paul represents then it's no wonder why/if many Iranian-Americans support him. All kinds of liberties, not just religious. The west is supposedly the best in economic, political and social liberties, and that's what is philosophically desired by most human beings on earth. Even the Muslim Iranians in America can agree to that. Better. They wont hit Iran unless they're certain it'll go 100% as planned. But they'll never hit Iran anyway. For the record, I'm not giving the Arabs excuse to "racially" hate Iranians. Arabs are naturally racist, otherwise they wouldn't call non-Arabs derogatory terms like "Ajam". Add that to the fact Iranians are "Aryans" and it's no surprise that Persians aren't fond of Arabs since they naturally hated the Arabs for being "savages" compared to them. So this begs the question why Iran is sucking up to Arab movements like Hamas and Hezbollah. The fact of the matter is the mullahs in Iran are trying their best to make a peaceful unity between Persians and Arabs, but it's failing, because even the mullahs's Arab allies (Hamas and Hezbollah) are secretly anti-Iranian and pan-Arabists. This is actually what's aggravating a lot of anti-mullah Iranians in America and the west. It pains them to see their country becoming friends with Arabs even though Arabs continue to show their anti-Persian racism. In short, Iranians and Arabs simply don't mix, no matter what Mullahs in Iran try to do and no matter what mullah-sympathizers in Lebanon and Palestine are doing. Deep down inside, no matter how hard they religiously try, Iranians and Arabs will always hate each other. Arabs will find the smallest of excuses to hate Iranians because they've hated them and were jealous of them for thousands of years. Iranians, on the other hand, will always hate Arabs because Iranians are "Aryans" and will always consider themselves superior to a bunch of "desert savages". Religion has tried to make them united but religion has failed. Plus the Arabs will always suspect Persians of being secretly friends with the Jews, and that makes them hate Persians even more. Their suspicions is because of history. Historically Persians and Jews were always friends. It will crumble like a sand castle, mark my words. The mullahs are weak, they don't stand a chance ruling a country unless they apply siege mentality on their people. Take the siege mentality out and they'll crumble. Become less aggressive toward the Iranians, let them know you're their friends and the mullahs will fall. Who will they use as scapegoats then? We all know the only thing keeping them up is the external aggression, which seems to be doing wonders for keeping the mullahs alive. It's very simple. The Israelis are applying pressure on Iran in order to keep Iran's mullah regime alive. When the 1979 revolution took place, the mullahs were in the backseat of the revolution. The revolution's front runners were the nationalists secularists. They wanted Iran to become a secular republic. This worried the westerners and Israelis. Israel did not want Iran to go in the hands of the soviet union, neither did Britain or America want that. They feared that if the Persians throw the shah out and become a secular republic, they might easily fall under soviet influence due to their border with the soviet union and their border with a communist-led Afghanistan. So they wanted to put a regime in Iran that is 100% anti-communist, even if it means they'll be anti-western and anti-Israeli as well. The best candidates for that? The mullahs. Now that the Arab spring is bringing in Salafi and Ikhwani governments in Egypt, Tunisia and others, this will cause future fear for Israelis. Israelis being surrounded by Arab countries that suddenly turned Islamic? Chaos for Israel. Israelis have been applying pressure on Iran in the diplomatic sense, which they calculatingly know will make the mullahs in Iran stronger. Because that's what Israel wants. It isn't time for Iran to go through a revolution when Israel has other countries in the region to take care of. Once the Arab spring settles and calms down, and once all these so called Islamist govts in the new Arab countries emerge, Israel will "remove" the pressure off Iran, thereby going easy on them and becoming less hostile. This less hostility will initiate a revolution inside Iran, once Iranians realize there will be no war and will focus on their internal problems instead. This will start a revolution, the mullahs will be kicked out, Iran becomes secular nationalist, ala India.
  22. Some will be against it because Iranians are the kind of people who stick together in tough times. Infact most Iranians will probably hate that their homeland is being attacked by something foreign. Iranians are very patriotic. On the other hand, many of those people might also quietly like it because it means there's a good chance the Islamic government falls and gets replaced by something secular or pro-western. Most Iranians want that contrary to the religious people here. The mullahs will regard them as traitors. The anti-Islamic Iranians will also look at Iranians in America unfavorably because, like I said, Iranians don't like getting hit by foreigners. It defies their egos. But, the anti-Islamic ones might suck it up even if they don't like it, because ultimately it means Iran will be ridden of the mullahs. So it'll be contradictory feelings. Lol come on. This will not happen. This isn't like Japan or WW2. I'm not Iranian but I hope there's no war. But I also hope this current Iranian regime falls because it caused too much trouble in the region and has involved too much of itself in the affairs of others. The Arabs don't like Iranians. This applies to majority of Arabs. When Iran meddles in the affair of Arab countries, it bothers many people and even the so called friends of Iran right now (e.g. Hamas and Hezbollah) have people within their circles who are anti-Persian. So Iran's govt is causing trouble for nothing. It will fall in the next ten years. Iran and Egypt are ideological opposites. When Egypt becomes more religious, Iran will become less religious.
  23. Everyone knows Israel will not bomb Iran. Both countries have connections with each other. Persians and Jews have had friendship ties for thousands of years since Cyrus. It's not going to change now. Israel and Iran are both putting one big show in front of an audience.
  24. This is an international forum. The least you could do is offer detailed info behind what he's saying.
  25. The Kurdish issue is complicated. On one hand, the Kurds want their rights too, so they'll protest against Assad. On another hand, the Kurds outside Syria (especially in Turkey) will support Assad's regime because the Turks are anti-Assad right now.
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