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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I dont think its problematic. When it comes to science, Jews are more sincere and honest about things than Arabs or Muslims for that matter by a million light years. Arabs cant even acknowledge that most muslim scientists in the golden age werent Arabs much less be trusted. But thats for another time... Im sure the finest universities around the world do not want to destroy their reputation by making false studies and concluding false information. I dont know whats so bad about the original semitic people being lightskinned and I dont know whats so wrong about Jews being originally lightskin
  2. Lanat: But you're missing something more obvious. The biggest component of worship is a person's inner belief. I know Saudis who go to mosque, pray 5 times a day, and yet they don't believe in god's existence. They think it's all fake. Yet they're bowing down, "praying" to him and yet they don't believe in him despite all the prayers and salutations. Belief is the most important aspect of worship. Mary is not a god, she is not a deity or something divine, just because a few people sang a few songs about her, prayed to her for intercession, etc. That doesn't make you creator of everything, c
  3. A true Sunni: Regarding the dna of Jews, I read about genetic studies which concluded that the Jewish people have almost identical haplogroup types to the native populations of the levant, such as the Lebanese people, Jordanians, Syrians, etc. So actually, the Jews didnt mix with Europeans as much as you like to believe. Theyre pretty much native mediterranean people, which explains their identical haplogroup types matching that of the other levantine populations. Which might also explain similar appearances between them. And yes, mediterranean people tend to be white. Biodiversity dictates
  4. macisaac: Don't you think it's cheap to use images of people praying to Mary in order to somehow prove that Christians worship her? That's pretty low and cheap coming from a Shia website which honors the imams just the same way as Catholics honor Mary. This is really surprising people. We're in a Shia forum and we are claiming that Catholics worship Mary just because they pray to her for intercession. I thought this sect of Islam is supposed to be more intellectual when it comes to making the differentiation between worship and intercession. You can apply that to anything, including Islam. Is
  5. Science has no classification for shooting stars. There's no such thing. A shooting star is what people back in the olden days believed in because they didn't know the difference between a star, comet, asteroid, meteorite, planet, etc. Except for the sun and moon, everything in the sky was a star - some of which were stationary and some of which moved by Allah's discretion (to chase demons, thus "shooting stars"). A lamp is also a source of light. Allah's idea of what gave light in the nightsky is contradictory to science. Planets reflect light, they do not emit light. But in the Quran, they a
  6. To the OP: I remember having these silly, nonsensical debates with Afro-centric nationalists many years ago: "Mohammad was black", "Arabs are originally black", "This guy and that guy were all black", etc. Disgusting. My biggest toothache is when somebody wants to plagiarize other people's history. Like the time Arab nationalists made claims about Saladin being Arab, even though he was Kurdish. Or the time Arab nationalists made claims about Ibn Sina being Arab, even though he was Persian. Don't steal or plagiarize other people's history. If you go to Saudi Arabia today and look at the real Ar
  7. And we have beautified the sky with lamps and have made them missiles for the demons. Ain't nothing about flames chasing them away. That's what some people said from the answers I searched for, in order to sidestep explaining the passage in the proper way. The lamps are the stars and they are also the missiles. It goes back to the old age mentality of stars being either stationary or "shooting stars". The disaster here is that I felt checkmated by the person who told me this passage.
  8. I rarely go to answering-christianity because you're right, it exaggerates many things to point it makes the Quran look like a science thesis from Berkeley. The article tried its best but it's again falling short, because shehab refers to shooting objects. Today, shooting objects are rocky material, not fiery material. Yet there it says fiery shehab. The tail of the comet is the one which makes it visible. I'll hand the author in trying to relate different passages together but again when it comes down to the lamps turning into missiles, he goes back to the same interpretations others have sa
  9. Wow, many replies. Didn't expect that. Well thanks to everyone for replying. I think my following four replies will answer most of the comments anyway because I've read them all and they more or less say the same thing. ========================================== Haydar Husayn: From my understanding, not all Catholics pray to Mary. Some do, some don't. Many simply prefer to pray directly to their God (the trinity). Any prayer toward Mary is simply a form of intercession, not worship. If this is shirk to us then we might as well close down the Shia sect because it means we're also mushrikeen fo
  10. http://quran.com/5/116 There are 2 problems I find with this above passage, no matter how many times I read it. 1. Christians never believed in the deity of Mary. I could be wrong but Christianity generally believes in one god who occupies three forms in order to interact with living beings. The first form of god is his original "fatherly" form which they interpret as omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. But god also takes human shape, in the form of Jesus, in order to interact with the world of his creation and the chosen people. And then there's the holy spirit which is god's presence in
  11. The problem I find is that the passage mentions lamps. "We have beautified the sky with lamps". That never referred to meteorites. Beautifying the sky with lamps inevitably refers to stars in the night sky. From the way one reads it, lamps in the sky are there to beautify the sky (act as light source) and remain fixed in their places, unless god wants to hurl one at demons in which case one of them will suddenly move and becomes a shooting star. A lamp is also a source of light. The problem is science didn't know the difference between meteorites and stars back then. They were basically the sa
  12. Hey Goku thanks for the effort but that still doesn't explain the extraordinary nature of that passage. In the Arabic text, lamps are stars, not separated from meteorites. And these stars can move and shoot around. So apparently there is no difference between the stars and the meteors. That difference only came later, through scientific understanding. But the passage itself makes no difference between the stars and meteors and also doesn't take into account why these objects move. They move for other reasons, which science is showing, not for chasing demons. And I don't think meteors detach fr
  13. Hello members of Shiachat. Been a long time. I have a question regarding this passage: http://quran.com/67/5 How can one explain this passage without looking bad in front of the scientific community? In Arabic, forget the beautified translation, it says that the lamps in the sky (basically the stars) are missiles intended at the demons. Honestly I never heard of this passage before. Yeah I know what you're thinking, I haven't read the whole Quran. So when somebody first mentioned this to me, I told him he was a liar. I didn't say that because I believe that Islam is true 100%. Frankly I don't
  14. That stupid Oglu can talk as much as he likes. How I wish Turkey make the mistake of entering Syria. They will be humiliated. They only know how to kill innocent farmers in Kurdistan, Gog-Magog scumbags. Not surprised Turkey and the west are together in this. Turkey Gog-Magog, west Dajjal, and the Arab countries that are with them are Qarn Al-Shaytan. The three evils together. Three stooge ideologies. But inshallah when Allah says enough and the time for Muhammad the Second arrives, these countries will bow down in fear of getting destroyed. And hopefully when he does come, I don't want him to
  15. Akritas, you're underestimating America's political hand and you're overestimating their concerns. Do you think America was ever concerned about Iraq becoming stable? That's the last thing they want to do. Who else was allowing Wahabi terrorists through Jordanian borders into the country? When Iraqi troops took over border control, they realized all the corruption that American soldiers were committed to for all these years. America wants an unstable Iraq. What better way to destabilize Iraq than to, a. Let Wahabi scumbags enter the Iraqi borders through Jordan and other countries to bomb them
  16. A smart woman who loves to question everything and anything.
  17. They are pretenders and weak. The Americans are giving them this bear-like image in the region. Whenever Turkey bows down to Washington's calls and acts like the mouth of Sauron, the Americans give them their treat by letting them invade Iraq. Americans don't mind that because they want the Kurds and Iraqis in general to rely on them all the time. And they also want Turkey to rely on them. Let's just say Turkey will cower away when real independent movements emerge.
  18. No it's not clear. I'm thinking this guy is the son of one of the big families. Doubt he's a prince but I'm open to the idea that he could be. But there's nothing in the video that can prove it.
  19. In respect of those who say Kurdistan won't get independence because it can't (e.g. Turkey will get in their way), I think they're wrong. But I will say Iraqi Kurdistan doesn't need to be a fully independent country, at least not for the time being. Iraqi Kurdistan is currently a semi-autonomous region. So it's almost like a country by itself, only it's under the Iraqi umbrella. I mean think about it. They have their own flag, their own anthem if I'm not mistaken, their own regional government, Kurdish language is official language of Iraqi Kurdistan region, etc. So they're technically a "cou
  20. I'm sorry Islam comes before me being Shia. And Islam doesn't teach us to be biased for our own kind. It teaches us to be free and open minded and to stand with justice and truth, even it goes against your own kind's interests. I suggest a second Muhammad comes from Makkah and destroys all Islamic countries today.
  21. Lol this is hilarious. I'm being paid by a government which I don't support? You're so illogical and stupid that it ain't funny anymore. Well... less funny. :lol: :lol: I don't need you to tell me what it is I do. Go ahead and pretend that the govt of Bahrain is paying me this and that roflmao. The government of Bahrain doesn't have enough money to keep its king floating, what do they want exactly with me? :lol: The reason I got help from Shiachat admins/mods many months ago was because you insulted my mother and father, you bloody fool. For a person who's into the Shia faith, you sure know ho
  22. I didn't watch the video but when you said squeaky voice I knew he was Egyptian. :lol:
  23. ======== Anyway to answer La'nat Ma Man's question. It was a rather general question. I don't know what La'nat really wanted me to answer. I think he wanted me to explain the Israeli-Iranian connection. Yes that's mostly historical and in modern times it only builds respect between the two countries. I think Israel and Iran respect each other, despite the media that blows things out of proportion. Needless to say this isn't the main reason why Israel isn't going to hit Iran or this isn't the reason why I said Iran is being directed to a certain path. It all goes back to external factors. In t
  24. Don't worry. It's not going to happen. American and Israel and the whole west isn't going into any more wars. That age is over. Iran doesn't need a war anyway. There are enough economic and social problems in Iran to cause a revolution and bring about a secular nationalist Iranian country, void of religiousness. Whoever's controlling global politics will direct attention away from Iran sooner or later, and once Iranians see that they have no enemies coming at them, things will change. Either by a revolution similar to 1979 (complete overthrow of one system and replacing it with another system)
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