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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله


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  1. salam. happy birthday to you

  2. some of his latom: íÇááå ÊäÝÊÍ ßÑÈáÇÁ æÇäÒæÑ ÃÈÇ ÚÈÏÇááå ÕÑÎÉ ÍíÏÑíÉ I appreciate it if u guys can help me
  3. Does any know where I can find 'em?
  4. wa'alaikum asalam.. I seached all over his site for those latmiyat: sarakhaton haidariya wa hussayna wa hussayna waladi ya nour 3ainey ya aba 3abdilah tenfete7 karbala wenzoor aba 3abdillah I didn't find none,thanks for ur help
  5. Hi ppl, Its my first post here and I'm beggining to like the place.. I had a question,I used to have a old latom tape written on it albahrani.. couple of his latmiyat: waladi ya nour 3ainey wa hussayna ya aba 3abdilah sarakhaton 7aydariya if anyone knows this person plz write back...I appreciate it
  6. It's not about the scarf anymore,It's about the face! :huh:
  7. well,I can't really judge it cuz it doesnt make sense :dry: ...I've was born in IRAQ and lived in IRAN,but i'll go with IRAQ :huh:
  8. watch news and u'll know,he wants to give them 100 billion for saddam's war effects and after a while he took back his words!....devil!?!? isn't he the one that that got rid of iraqi's nightmare "saddam"?
  9. true specially after he said he wants to donate 100billion to iran! :(
  10. ayatollah al sistani is a religious figuere! al 7akim is playin as a politician role in iraq now,so its his duty to perform things against his will otherwise he would have to leave the political section :)
  11. guys faces and doings don't mean alot! It's what the heart has inside!...what if he did shake hands,so!?
  12. Why?! Don't we wunna strengthen out relations with western countries?!?
  13. Please sumbit ur answer in the poll,thanks for participating!
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