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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Do you still have the link that you sent me some time ago-related to hell/paradise etc..... by mulla sadr (i think)?... n what about the question that i sent you did you break it? because i am struggling with it!.

    n sorry for the late reply....

  2. Taking the "Alcohol" example: If you told me to drink alcohol, surely I have to have a reason for drinking it. Therefore, making the decision mine. You were there yet you were not there. You were the way not the reason. Shaytan's arrogance was due to his knowledge. He decided. Meaning Shaytan had no one to blame at or even share his actions with. The matter was not to provide verses indicating shaytan's actions but the cause of shaytan and human's action. You were the one proving shaytan's eternal damnation in hell. So, what was the point of you posting that verse when it never indicated
  3. ^ You still did not answer the question.
  4. You are NOT you. Becasue you don't have an answer for your question ^. When you have the answer, thn you are YOU.
  5. How about " No one should take others burden". and who misled shaytan? Where does it say eternal?
  6. condensed idea.... 1- The opposite of 'Iman' = Kufr 1.1 The opposite of 'Shukr' = Kufr Meaning-Ingratitude is the essence of Kufr. "Kafir literally means "one who conceals the truth". Know, how can they ^ emerge? My question is, how can a person conceal the truth, while knowing that He will be in loss for eternal? I doubt anyone can. Except a person who doesn't know what is the " truth". Therefore, making him not a kaffir. You cover when you know what to cover, but how can one cover when they don't know what to cover? Firstly, What is your definition of ' rational understanding'? Secondly,
  7. i doubt anyone would really hide the truth if they knew it. They would be a hypocrite infront of you but when they are alone they have no optiion but to accept it.
  8. Well it basically means that some will be judged on their day of judgement and offered paradise while there will still be some individuals who will be going through the test (this world). Because God’s knowledge is infinite. Do correct me.. God's knowledge confirms that the individuals will choose their actions. I doubt that would be a great answer while conversing with a non-believer.
  9. If the creation is merely a reflection of God's knowledge, then observing the creations indicates God's limits. Meaning, if God's knowledge is not limited, then surely He has to create all those creatures that are in His Knowledge otherwise it will be injustice. But it will be injustice. How? like this: If Firown and another person called Sifrown both deserve Hell, and creating one and not the other is injustice, because one has experienced the pleasure of this world. So, basically it means they both have to be created, and If God creates all those creatures that are in His mind which if i
  10. eThErEaL- How can one conceal the truth? How does it work?
  11. In my opinion, I believe the question goes back to “Does god have free will"? - Ok.... do correct me. But why have you already concluded that Good is "what ever submits to Him"? I think the matter here is how does god "decide" what is good or holy? (Yes it might sound blasphemes and childish) but does He select them arbitrarily, is there a reason behind it? Object A and B are there and God decides A to be holy, but on what reason? I might be wrong but if the case of justices were to be presented, wouldn't accepting one and rejecting the other be seen as an act of injustice even if the issu
  12. Peace be upon you all. In this thread i would be providing the summary of the dialogue of Socrates with Euthyphro. The dialogue between Socrates and Euthyphro turns on the question: Is what is holy holy just because the gods approve of it, or do the gods approve of what is holy because it is holy? The gist of Socrates' argument is that if the holy were holy simply on account of the gods approving of it, holiness would be an arbitrary matter. It would simply be up to the gods to decide. But then the gods would not really be able to love the holy. The gods must love the holy because it is hol
  13. Thank you for you replies for i would be reading it deeply.... Hopefully after i am done i shall ask some questions. And Carlos let me confirm the basic meaning of "Tawator": By tawatur is meant the multiplicity of the sources of a certain report that leads to certitude in the listener that the report is indeed true. One's knowledge of the existence of distant countries and towns and such historical figures as Cyrus or Napolean may be said to be based on the tawatur of reports that one hears about them. So also is one's knowledge of the contemporary events not witnessed by him. do correct me!.
  14. Asalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters... (Sorry if this question has been asked before.) My question is regarding with the authenticity of the Quran and hadeeths. I believe this two are connected with each other.. Quran cannot be literally understood without hadeeth. And how can you confirm the authenticity of a "hadeeth" without reaching to conclusion that the cycle goes on till infinite. Basically my whole question is that how can you confirm a hadeeth?. let me elaborate it. Scenario (1) Hadeeth (1)- Is "Sahih" - Narrator is truthful. How do you know that? Because the historian confirms it.
  15. Person A misguided Person B...right?^ Person A should only get the weight of misguiding himself, not the weight of Person B because Person B decided his answer. There should not be any extra weight on Person A. For that would be being punished for the foolishness of someone else. I understand where you are coming from. But it is evil when it is misused, but for the sake of "majority" let us prohibit it. Doesn't make sense. After all the main danger that " Majority" of people will "accidentally" endanger others is this new technologies "Vehicles". Shouldn't that be banned as well. Innocents w
  16. Asalamu Alaikum everyone. There are some questions. Answer as many as you can. For I would like to see which angle do you approach to answer.. 1) Allah says in the Quran:” Whoever goes aright, for his own soul does he go aright; and whoever goes astray, to its detriment only does he go astray: nor can the bearer of a burden bear the burden of another, nor do We chastise until We raise a messenger.” 17:15 And yet Allah said in the previous chapter: “That they may bear their burdens entirely on the day of resurrection and also of the burdens of those whom they lead astray without knowledge; now
  17. repent before it is too late. Indeed soccer is everything. Pregnant Woman: " darling, can you hear it he kicks". ( ref to the kid) Father: Obviously we will be a soccer player. and than what happens, people live the truth (Soccer) and follow the falsehood. We never heard a pregnant woman saying " he throws or he bats" Oh!. i think he will be a cricket player.
  18. Do you know where is this incident written in ? which book?
  19. When you choice Islam, it came with rules and regulations. And no.1 was pray salat on time. It was an obligatory action, not a mustahab action If they are low what can you do? The truth is they take Islam lightly know they will be judged so Would you. So what is coming in between your nafila prayers and your God? your fear of others? I don't know your position. But when they are learned people around you keep your mouth close unless they ask you or they say something wrong. pray you Nafila prays alone that would test you, because it will make you question yourself " Do I really pray to
  20. Since your post was on First April i thought you were tryin to fool me. To tell you the truth there was a Zilzaal in the heavens for a sec, you angered my hoor-el-3in ,seriously i didn't know jealousy existed in the heavens.
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