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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam

    1) http://escholarship.bc.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1016&context=james_morris

    2) The question you asked is not so fresh in my mind. so what exactly did you ask?

    take care


  2. Do you still have the link that you sent me some time ago-related to hell/paradise etc..... by mulla sadr (i think)?... n what about the question that i sent you did you break it? because i am struggling with it!.

    n sorry for the late reply....

  3. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  4. Many Many Happy Returns Of the Day.

    May Allah Bless you !

    Have a Blast....Enjoy !

  5. fa fa una shim tabil utup oilir hakim jabrium yapi

  6. do you have the link to the thread we had our discussion?


  7. still have your question in mind... its tough.

  8. Taking the "Alcohol" example: If you told me to drink alcohol, surely I have to have a reason for drinking it. Therefore, making the decision mine. You were there yet you were not there. You were the way not the reason. Shaytan's arrogance was due to his knowledge. He decided. Meaning Shaytan had no one to blame at or even share his actions with. The matter was not to provide verses indicating shaytan's actions but the cause of shaytan and human's action. You were the one proving shaytan's eternal damnation in hell. So, what was the point of you posting that verse when it never indicated
  9. ^ You still did not answer the question.
  10. You are NOT you. Becasue you don't have an answer for your question ^. When you have the answer, thn you are YOU.
  11. How about " No one should take others burden". and who misled shaytan? Where does it say eternal?
  12. condensed idea.... 1- The opposite of 'Iman' = Kufr 1.1 The opposite of 'Shukr' = Kufr Meaning-Ingratitude is the essence of Kufr. "Kafir literally means "one who conceals the truth". Know, how can they ^ emerge? My question is, how can a person conceal the truth, while knowing that He will be in loss for eternal? I doubt anyone can. Except a person who doesn't know what is the " truth". Therefore, making him not a kaffir. You cover when you know what to cover, but how can one cover when they don't know what to cover? Firstly, What is your definition of ' rational understanding'? Secondly,
  13. i doubt anyone would really hide the truth if they knew it. They would be a hypocrite infront of you but when they are alone they have no optiion but to accept it.
  14. Well it basically means that some will be judged on their day of judgement and offered paradise while there will still be some individuals who will be going through the test (this world). Because God’s knowledge is infinite. Do correct me.. God's knowledge confirms that the individuals will choose their actions. I doubt that would be a great answer while conversing with a non-believer.
  15. If the creation is merely a reflection of God's knowledge, then observing the creations indicates God's limits. Meaning, if God's knowledge is not limited, then surely He has to create all those creatures that are in His Knowledge otherwise it will be injustice. But it will be injustice. How? like this: If Firown and another person called Sifrown both deserve Hell, and creating one and not the other is injustice, because one has experienced the pleasure of this world. So, basically it means they both have to be created, and If God creates all those creatures that are in His mind which if i
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