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  1. well u need some justifications for the father of the cat. so there are ur excuses........all refutes..makes no sense [MOD NOTE: PLEASE AVOID UNNECESSARY QUOTING, ESPECIALLY OF LONG C&P ITEMS. EDITED TO REMOVE UNNECESSARY QUOTE OF LENGTHY POST]
  2. maybe seeing lustfully in picture or movie is allowed as opposed to real life?? jus wontering :huh:
  3. RasoolAllah has the blood of Abulahab in him.......wat makes RasoolAllah this?? Imam Jaffer has the blood of Abubakar in him.........see the simmilatity??
  4. silly i mean how do u know this mohammad Taqi is the same as our nith imam and again it still doesnt acknowledge caliphate
  5. only if U want to emulate...if u dont want to u are not BOUND...thas wat i say..and thas the point of the thread
  6. u are just being jealous of my map krapht :!!!:
  7. but its not fun :D :Hijabi:
  8. i got this after 3-4 reading and after that I was ROFL ROFL ROFL :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: good one sis
  9. wat is halal kissing :unsure:
  10. there was nothing wrong with the blood of abubakr...he had a noble lineage....his character was disgusting....rather i shud say sorry his character was not so bad either cept the fact that he denied Ali's right of Khialfah.......he was a pious man but ruined his piousness just by one sin. Prophet (sa) had the blood of Abu lahab......wat does that make Rasool Allah? Imam Jaffer (as) had the blood of Abubakar......i see simmilarity here :!!!:
  11. 1.there is no such thing as Islamic dress code (only modesty is) 2.Islam came to Arabia first thats why Prophet(sa) and companions used to dress the way ppl of that time used to dress....Prophet(sa) didnot bring a new islamic dress...he used to wear the same dress as kuffar of that time..robe etc 3.So if u are in america u shud dress the way they dress(ofcourse modesty shud be practiced) 4.Dresses reflect the geography of a place. u cant wear a cotton robe in North Pole. 5.Imam Mahdi(as) will were the dress according to the conditions of the place where ever he live. This is a stupid thread :squeez:
  12. yes the medetranian coast of the midle east :!!!:
  13. why americans are soo concerned about israel and jews?? watch urself first
  14. i always join in not even join in but change the direction of fight towards myself and in the end both of them are fighting against me :!!!:
  15. wat are u trying to say here exactly?? :unsure: that shiism is derived from gnostism? if yes, u are nutts :!!!:
  16. there are more islamabadis there i guess?? change if u want its a free country after all
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