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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. "She is accused of blasphemy, instigating violence, illegally acquiring property, insulting the country's dress code and encouraging young people to commit corruption." = fashion blogger (?) "one tweet sarcastically suggesting she should have indulged in less incendiary pursuits, such as embezzlement and murder." looool
  2. Actually, she did not fly. https://www.independent.co.United Kingdom/environment/climate-change/greta-thunberg-new-york-yacht-climate-change-boat-a9083026.html
  3. The police report states that she was threatened. http://torontopolice.on.ca/newsreleases/44190
  4. There was no blaming of a school of thought. don’t know how you come up with this.
  5. I disagree. It is important for the Shia community to know about this and not to hide it, in case there are people out there who have been afraid to come forward and need help. The OP is posting this on a Shia forum not on a general forum.
  6. One of the charges is threatening her life which is also very serious. I agree that one should not be tried in the media but also, for charges to actually be laid in Canada they evidence would have to be very solid. I have worked in cases where it is seems obvious that there is an abuse situation and there is a disclosure made but one person's testimony is not enough as it comes to he-said she-said situation. The prosecutor needs solid evidence. Probably recorded communications of some kind. It is way too late to try and hide this. CBC is not the National Enquirer and does not post stuff with which they could be charged with liable.. If he is guilty of this, there are probably other victims and they should not be discouraged from coming forward with the thought of protecting the greater good of the community as it is very much doing the opposite. It is really hard to come forward for victims as they have to go through lots of disbelief and personal attacks. If he is innocent, let him be cleared and not left as a memory of someone running for the airport.
  7. I have thought of that before. These people were forcibly kidnapped and sold to traders and not just for the American slave market. Seems more than obvious but is usually not addressed. Why do some idolize their African roots when they were so seriously betrayed by their kinsmen?
  8. Agreed. This is a bit of an overreach! but I agree that you cannot build a strong community tainted with blind ignorance and bigotry. Something we do need to be aware of so as not to inadvertently perpetuate an archaic style of demean and diminish as a (flawed) means of establishing ourselves, and as you say, with the potential to go backwards.
  9. If someone publicly stated a broad, judgemental and prejudicial, negative stereotype about Muslims, we would quickly condemn it as Islamophobia. What is it called when someone writes a post stating a broad, judgemental and prejudicial, negative stereotype about non-Muslims?
  10. Kashmir escalation: Pakistan 'shoots down two Indian jets' https://www.bbc.com/news/world-Asia-47383634
  11. I can see the purpose of this tax if the country has a government sponsored health care system. Smokers "tax" the health care system big time.
  12. She WAS a 15 year old girl - she is now a hardened fanatic, with great connections, who stated she was totally OK with the inhumanities committed by ISIS. Despite struggling in the last few months and losing her children, and having just given birth in a camp, she still has the cold superior arrogance of those who gave themselves the right to completely destroy the lives, livelihoods and homes of all those who did not share their beliefs. Think for a moment with what she she agrees. A lot of this took place in her Raqqa community while she played house and then participated or promoted in these horrors in ways she has no intention of sharing. I feel sorry for their kids too. I also feel sorry for the thousands of kids that witnessed horrors many of us cannot even watch on screen from the safety of our Western home, for the little girls who were beaten and repeatedly raped while calling out for their murdered fathers, and of course for the many orphans who managed to find enough food and shelter to survive and whose lives will remain uncertain. I don't think we should be cherry picking which children deserve help more, based on the acts of their parents. I did not sense any true remorse from either of them. They both were pretty clear that they only wanted to come back for what the state could do for them. There was not one word about what they could do for others. Not one. When you have people in such a compromised position still bolstered and strengthened by their murderous ideology, how strong do you think they will be once fed, and housed in a secure situation? They are both a huge threat. I am not in favour of using innocent lives as a therapy mat to determine if they will or will not reconnect with what are now, since their "diaspora", global connections. These people are fanatics. The ONLY reason they want to return is that they want to be taken care of and will tap any resource to get it. To willingly put innocent lives in danger to gamble with what these two will do, puts the lives of many at great risk, including children.
  13. I can see these women pushing hard for the Madonna image with the toddlers and newborns, but these are hard core, globally connected ISIS fanatics who would still be there if they had not been pushed out. And they have no intention of changing. One was advocating fairly recently over social media very strongly for domestic terrorism in the US by driving cars and trucks into crowds to splatter as much blood as possible, and the other went to rallies by Anjem Choudary with her father from the age of 13. She said she had a great time in Raqqa living the sweet life and has no regrets, just that she was forced from her home. Unfortunately, the many many victims just outside her front steps did not share her sunshine and rainbows - and she said she was fine with that. And to say they are not a friend to Shia is an understatement. They should stay where they are and have the authorities there deal with them.. that is where they committed these atrocities. If they go to their home countries for a trial, it would be impossible to address crimes committed in another and they will be released to the general population. They would require extensive supervision. Twenty-four hour supervision would be incredibly expensive (3 teams each day for 8 hour shifts) and would be inadequate.
  14. We also need to address the intentions of reporting "the truth". Sometimes there is no need to say anything as it serves no purpose. Claiming to speak "the truth" which consequently hurts someone unnecessarily is not part of the ethics of "the truth". At the worst, it can be an excuse to be gratuitously cruel.
  15. I read that only prison personnel were allowed in the death chamber and that there were prison personnel who were clergy, but the clergy did not include an Imam. It made sense to me as prison personnel are presumably trained for this and would be able to be held accountable if they did or said anything that would cause problems or interfere with the process. However, I do not see why he would not be allowed in the viewing room as the prisoners can make requests.
  16. Thanks. Sadly, this is not new or unique. In Pakistan, many "servants" (slaves would be a closer term than employee) are mistreated if not by blatant physical abuse but by constant degradation by those who feel they are superior human beings to the lowly ones washing their dishes and cleaning up their personal mess. The biggest inhumanity is that is so common place and accepted that it is not even something that is considered worthy of remarking about let alone actually doing something to address it. There are no shortage of excuses are made to retain the status quo.
  17. Not a high, but dizziness from nicotine's effect on your brain chemistry and from carbon monoxide which causes a lack of oxygen.
  18. Imam Muhammad Baqir (‘a) has stated: A woman came to the Prophet (S) and said, ‘O Messenger of Allah! What are the rights of men upon their wives?’ He replied, ‘She must obey him and not be disobedient. She must not give charity from his house without his permission. She must not perform voluntary fasts without his permission. She must not deny him her body, even if she is on the back of a camel. And she must not exit her home without his permission. https://www.al-islam.org/sv/node/34874 You are agreeing to this when you marry, so how could it be reason for a divorce?
  19. Then don't introduce pseudo genetic justifications.
  20. 2% - 5% is considered statistically significant in most case studies. 20% is huge. Also epigenetics comes into play. The expression (phenotype) of genes can vary between twins. That is, a gene can have multiple phenotypes. Any difference, can be explained with very little genetic difference (and in this case, as I said, it is significant); but ultimately it is the phenotypic expression that clearly shows the differences.
  21. Good brainstorming! I wonder if it was helpful as alcohol may make you feel warmer, but alcohol actually lowers the core temperature of your body. It also used to be thought to be healthy to serve pregnant women stout (kind of drink) in the UK to "boost their blood" (iron?).
  22. Identical twins start out the same but there are genetic changes as they go through life and they do not end up identical (not usually a huge difference but can be up to 20%). Their genomes are only identical at birth.
  23. I think this is the most salient part of the article: After years of steadily climbing upwards, life expectancy in the United States has been dropping in recent years, prompting health researchers to blame the trio of alcohol, suicide and drugs. In 2012 alone, 3.3 million people around the world died due to “harmful” consumption of alcohol, according to the World Health Organization. In Russia, so many men died of alcohol-related causes starting in the 1980s that the country has a recognized demographic of women unable to find husbands. Alcohol abusers get cancer more often, they destroy their organs and they injure themselves more often. In Canada, impaired driving remains the leading cause of criminal death. Roll all of this together and it is an extremely mainstream medical opinion that heavy drinking is always bad. It is not just the impact on personal health which is a huge topic. Alcohol use leads to impulsive, extremely poor decision making. It ruins the lives of not just the drinker, but their families and anyone they come across when under the influence. It only takes one drink to impair judgement. I don't know how you can quantify the impact but I don't think there is any situation where alcohol causes the outcome to be better.
  24. Using the same line of thought, a practising Christian could refuse service to a Muslim due to the possibility of polygamy as they would think of more than one wife as adultery, a major sin. Covering your face can be seen as having something to hide and are thereby the person seen as potentially unlawful, or perhaps serving a covered woman is viewed as supporting the oppression of women. It is a slippery slope. The behaviour of judgement and legal exclusion will be repeated, merely the specifics of the circumstances will change.
  25. Perspective means to look at the bigger picture and to also look at others' way of viewing things. You are stuck in a muddy puddle of a large beautiful field. It would be very enlightening for you to spend more time listening and learning.
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